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Is this the time I will quit?

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  • Is this the time I will quit?

    marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief

    I'm totally new to this forum guys. 34 year old guy whose been smoking since I was 12. I make that 22 years of this shite. This website has really amazed me with the similarities I've discovered with other people wanting to quit.

    I'm hoping I can get some support in this journey that I will shortly be beginning. I have not quit yet but have been thinking about it for a long time. I managed 7 days weed free about a month ago, and then relapsed. Prior to that I managed to quit weed and tobacco for 2.5 years a few years back, but that sadly also ended in a total relapse. However from them two years I learnt so much. I Remeber very well the sweaty nights and nightmare, loss of appetite, mood issues etc etc. I also clearly Remeber the benefits I experienced during those two years and after a period of time weed just seemed a part of my distant past, it did not even bother me if anyone smoked around me. I was well and truly out of the net, but me being me, 2 years later one day got passed a rocky hashish spliff by a work colleague which I foolishly accepted and had one of the most immense and intense buzz ever. The only problem was I was hooked again and now I've been back in the shitty stoner cycle of life for 3/4 years again now after my 2 year break.

    One thing I also learnt from giving up apart from the withdrawal symptoms and list of benefits, I started to drink more alcohol. 3/4 pints of lager every night and before long I was sneaking in the odd light cigg with my pint of lager. This would normally be a ultra light silk cut. I then would not smoke at all during the day whilst sober but smoke silk cuts with beer. So this time I must Remeber not to jump to beer when I quit the weed.

    After 20 years of smoking the shit, every weed that I buy just seems to not get me stoned unless I put ina ridiculous amount. At the same time something in the back of my head tells me it's time you it cos shot ain't doing nothing for now. Well, let me correct that, besides messing up my family life.

    I hope I get some responses of support as I can really do with the help to get out of this mess. I did try to go it alone about a month th ago but relapsed on the seventh day, the dreaded Sunday evening lol

    Looking forward to some reponses. I do hope I get some
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    Hey Boris,

    Welcome! I can so relate to what you wrote. I smoked for almost 30 years and like you needed more and more to get stoned. It had taken over my life and controlled my thoughts and decisions. Giving up was the hardest thing I've ever done but so very worth it. It wasn't easy I failed and relapsed so many, many times but eventually succeeded. It's been 176 days since I quit and I can't tell you how much better life is now.

    The night sweats, lack of sleep and bad dreams are all a distant memory now, hang in there and give it a go. My addiction was all consuming, brekkie cones and then all day and night. Smoking an ounce every two weeks. If I can do it then you can too.

    This forum was the key in my quitting to be able to share my thoughts and get support from others who know exactly what your going through. Thinking of you and your struggle and sending you positive vibes. :}


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      marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
      Dont be hard on yourself on not being able to quit once and for all on your first try. Like Michelle said, there can be a few relapses... which basically means "dont give up"

      Don't quit trying to quit. And keep the though of cleaning up in your mind at all times.. even if you haven't really started it.
      Who knows.. third time's a charm?


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