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If you wish to Use then Use, Your Body Your Choice, You're NOT a Criminal and I wish you well!

My Choice is to be Drug Rehabilitated for 15 years because I Chose to be free from its Control on me!
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need help / guidance repairing myself after heavy long-term smoking.

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  • need help / guidance repairing myself after heavy long-term smoking.

    marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
    Hello everyone. I am new to this forum & have read other posts / threads extensively, but I would really like some help and to see other peoples opinions, as from what I've learned, the "damages" of marijuana use vary on a case-by-case basis.
    anyways, I started smoking pot at around 15 years old. I am only 20 now. At 15 i smoked around once a week, at 16 i started smoking maybe 2-3 times a week, at 17-18 I smoked everyday 1-3 times a day, and at 19 I started smoking around 6-10 times a day for around 8 months (I started feeling like i was "losing" myself towards the end). I forgot what it was like to be sober. I destroyed all my relationships and opportunities just for highs. after that, i quit for 6 months and started smoking again. Within the 6 months, I started 2 businesses successfully, became self-employed, and started taking massive action towards my personal development and success. One thing i did realize is that even after i quit, i carried a series of thought processes, feelings(anxiety mainly), and habits from when i used to smoke. I had trouble staying productive, focusing, etc. I know i did an extreme amount of work in the 6 months (as i became depressed and learned that being busy is the best cure since you don't think about it when your truly "busy").

    once my businesses somewhat "took off" I also heavily (very, very heavily overworked myself). the entire time, I felt like I was at a disadvantage and never took breaks. I would drink 3-4 coffees a day, sleep a maximum of 6 hours, and work 16 hours a day MINIMUM. (mind you, both were internet businesses, so i was sitting down In my home office ALL DAY, i would even have 8 bottles of water and the set snacks and what i would eat in my office so i would not have to get up)I shit you not, I gave up everything i use to do in my leisure time. I stopped watching shows and playing games to read, study, watch webinars etc. I felt as i was doing something very good for myself and my education but the way i was doing was harmful to myself. I started biting every single fingernail uncontrollably until they bled, (continuously, every day) and couldn't stop even when it could. I would have looping thoughts and start to feel lost. Im a very structured person and started to plan my day, keep several lists, etc, and it all worked out until i started overworking myself, where i would just "task-hop", not finish anything, linger on everything, and get nothing done.

    This might sound extremely stupid but my mind was moving so fast i could not see the damages i was doing to myself, and when i got cues i thought nothing of them but just to work harder. Anyways, my businesses started to fall apart when i started to see this and i started getting waves of depression, similar to when i was smoking 6-10 times a day and thinking smoking more would help. The depression really didn't help my performance and i felt extremely demotivated, I stopped fulfilling orders and executing services to the point where people (2) filed lawsuits against me for not "delivering as promised".

    It was nothing big as i had cleared close to 6 figures within those 6 months. i don't like to speak numbers but I'm not thinking twice about it now because id like everyone to know that the amount of money i made & my successes was nowhere near close to impacting me as much as marijuana did. Sure, i got the things i wanted, helped my family, & was looked up to but as i tell everyone, whats in your mind (habits, thought process, emotions, etc)always outweighs whats on the table (material items, belongings, etc). anyways, when things started going "downward", i started smoking again. I didn't know what to do. before that, i tried everything, from meditation to exercise to being "busy" again which really meant doing anything to get my mind off things. I have smoked and still currently smoke since then, but not much at all. its not the same, i know it harmed me, but i do like it. i also still carry these habits of wellbeing (i read/write an hour a day, exercise, meditate, eat very healthy, do 1 thing that makes me uncomfortable, and a few other things on a daily basis).

    what really hurt though, is that, when i quit, i was kind of unaware of the "damages". When my businesses took off i started planning goals ahead, thinking about how i would help my mom retire and buy her a house, how i would retire by 45 with $XM, how i wanted to build stuff to change the world, foundations and charities to help everyone. I had some really good in me, i even told everyone of all my long-term goals because of how sure i was i was going to achieve them. by the way, No, i didn't start writing all these crazy goals just because of my business successes. prior to any successes or even starting the businesses, i made a conscious decision to get involved in business, as my dad is and i look up to him. Like i said, i gave everything up for education, learning, and anything that would help me reach my goals. I stopped seeing all my friends as they where all pot smokers. I tossed 10 glass pieces like nothing knowing that the cues are what kept me coming back. I told my "connect" and all others to **** off just so i would harm my relationship with them & they wouldn't sell to me. I didn't quit because i could, i quit because i forced myself to, and i was tired of how i felt. i realized i smoked because i felt empty, but smoking only really made me emptier.

    i remember one day going to my office, (i didn't do this on the daily anymore ) looking at my goal and vision board, realizing i might never be able to achieve what i always wanted, and just sitting in my tears for hours. i would look at everything i had bought for my office (3 of the newest macs, multiple monitors, phones, wholesale packs of sticky notes, a horseshoe desk, around 10 boards, and hundreds (and i mean hundreds) of books and just cry more. I didn't know how to feel and i still don't. I don't know what to do. note, after around when i started growing up, it took a lot to cry. I had lost a lot of friends, family, and things but nothing ever hit me hard enough to cry, not even a tear or watery eyes. but this, i felt like crying was an understatement. i felt like... i started to feel like what i lived for is what i couldn't do, and it made me want to kill myself.

    anyways, like i said, I'm still here, still focused on learning and developing myself, but not currently working on a business as i feel like i need to fix myself up. but i don't know how.

    I feel like I have very light/minor Psychosis and experienced a bit of depersonalization. I would really like to know how to overcome it and cure it, if i even can. i feel like over time i somewhat lost my identity and what made me, "me" & its what hurt me the most. I am somewhat happy as i am making progression, but i always look back on what i had built & felt like if i never went through what i did, i could've had x10 as much success. sure, i made a decent amount of cash, but no amount of money can buy sanity or peace of mind.

    I also feel as i cannot have peace of mind without weed, I'm not exactly why. as i said, I currently smoke every now and then,

    but this, this is my real dilemma, and i want you all to please hear me out and (attempt) to guide me.
    i feel like I'm stuck in a paradox. One where if i quit, I feel i will experience the same things, but if i keep smoking, i might harm myself long term.

    Is it bad that i am currently smoking maybe 2-3 times a week? I honestly feel better overall, but sometimes i feel as if i shouldn't. but the fear of experiencing what i did when i quit gets to me.
    I feel much more sane smoking in what i guess you can call a limited manner (currently), than when i quit, which is another little paradox considering the way i was when i quit was induced by long-term marijuana abuse. I kind of feel as if i am addicted, but even if i am, i know my self-discipline outweighs it, and i can delay it as much as i need if i really am busy. I do get cravings, but they are completely controllable. Its really just my fear of experiencing what i did.

    What do you guys think i should do?

    also, I would like to note that I travel a lot, this year (I've been smoking a bit as i stated, usually 2-3 times a week at home) I've taken around 10 flights, and i started realizing that i have absolutely no craving or desire to smoke when i am traveling (and it is all vacation, relaxing, etc. not business trips or anything). I even thought of it kind of deeply on my last trip, and started asking myself if i would smoke if bud magically popped up infront of me and i could, and i was very neutral about it. Why?

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    marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
    Hi and welcome to the rehab group,

    Maybe you feel neutral because you don't really want it anymore? Maybe not deep down if you get what I mean. My advice would be to have a trial brake and if you don't like life without it then hey you can always go back, oh by the way the amino acid acetyl l-carnitine is good for healing the brain and l theanine great for anxiety. I hope things improve for you.

    All the best,
    Cannabis Rehab Admin

    If you wish to Use then Use, Your Body Your Choice, You're NOT a Criminal and I wish you well!

    My Choice is to be Drug Rehabilitated for 15 years because I Chose to be free from its Control on me!


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