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My first attempt at quitting. Let's see how this goes..

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  • My first attempt at quitting. Let's see how this goes..

    marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
    I am quitting because I am not happy with my current life situation. I am 26(m) and still live at parents house, have had social anxiety pretty much my whole life so no friends other than close family, barely make any money, don't get out much. I have been smoking almost every day ever since I was 17. There were a few times in the past I remember where I didn't have any and so I was forced to 'quit' for however long it took to get more(anywhere between a few days and 2-3 weeks at most). This will be the very first time that I am deciding to quit through my own power though and not just because I ran dry.

    The past few weeks I have been trying to get to the root cause of my social anxiety and a big part of it for me is my low self-esteem and lack of confidence. One of the biggest reasons of this is never having a 'real' job. I have worked with my father(and still do) in construction and it does pay good, but work isn't always guaranteed and there are many days off. I want to have a full time job with a set schedule and a paycheck to look forward to at the end of every week or 2. Then I would actually feel like I am allowed to get out and enjoy the world more instead of being cooped up most of the time at home.

    I realize now that I wasted so much time being unproductive just smoking and playing video games throughout most of my life. I actually want to advance in life and someday get my own place to live and then maybe I can even start thinking of having a family. So many jobs require drug testing, so instead of thinking "oh I will just find a job that doesn't require one" and greatly limiting my options, I want to succeed so badly that I am willing to stop smoking through my own will.

    I appreciate any advice or anybody's similar story. Thanks for listening .

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    I'm right there with you. I've quit before, but always for a reason. Now I'm trying to find the will to do it for myself. It's controlling my life. I've been working from home for 7 years, and been smoking for 12. My social anxiety is getting worse and worse with every year that passes. I will go out of my way to not leave my house, sometimes not leaving for weeks.
    A few years ago I started volunteering and it has helped to give me purpose but I've let myself slip and I'm not doing as much as I used to. I've never stopped smoking either. I want to dedicate myself back to the things that matter, not hiding out in my room smoking.
    Financially even I'm putting myself in the hole keeping this habit. Spending more and more... up to several hundred a week sometimes.
    I have no motivation, and I'm so severely depressed that I can't manage to pull myself up most days. I mean I work from home for chirst sakes... and even still I'm not doing my job everyday. I'm throwing my life away and I have a family, house, and dogs that depend on me.
    I find the overwhelming weight on my shoulders to be too much and the only way to escape is smoking. I don't know how I'm going to quit. I've tried a few days here and there, and I start having severe anxiety melt downs. Crying uncontrollably, irritable, and even more depressed. I've started reading "The Secret Addiction" to try to help me come up with a plan.
    I'm rambling.... the best advice I have for you is find something else you love doing and entrench yourself in it. It has to be something out of your normal routine. No more video games, you have to get up and out to explore something new.
    The Pom Lady
    Just trying my best to push forward and take back my life.


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      Hi TakingControl,

      My story is not exactly the same as yours, but I have struggled with social anxiety. It was one of the reasons why I quit, and it has got a lot better since I did. A LOT better. The other things that I notice is that I can see a goal and actually see how to get there. I used to think in this really staccato way when I was smoking weed. I felt like my thoughts and feelings were ALL OVER THE PLACE, but since I quit and got through the withdrawals, I feel like my mind thinks in straight lines. I am better at work, I am better at school. I am just better.

      If I get blue, I don't feel overwhelmed with it, like when I was smoking. I feel like I can get depressed but still keep my head above the water line, whereas before I would sink into the depths of despair.

      Life is definitely better without weed, but you have to get through the initial withdrawal symptoms, and that can be tricky. It is so worth it though. Keep posting! It will help you to get through cravings and to develop your mindset.

      And good luck! I hope you can do this :-)



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        Thanks Alice!

        I'm considering today day 1, since yesterday I had 1 hit(before I posted my OP). It's been about 20 hours since then. At first I was thinking about tapering off, but I don't want to waste time with that. The sooner I get clean and get a job the better, no screwing around, so I'm going cold turkey. So far I haven't really had any negative withdrawal symptoms, but I know tonight will be a tough one for getting sleep. That's the hardest part for me since I value my sleep so much. I know I will get hot flashes and be sweating, etc.. tonight, but I want to change so badly that I'm willing to go through it.


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          Thanks Pomlady! Good luck with your situation as well. I know you can do it. It's all about mindset.

          Today is day 2 for me. Now over 48 hours since my last hit. I never thought I would say this, but I actually feel so excited finally taking back control of my life. I don't worry about the negatives and focus on the positives. I have so much energy and feel excited about my future now instead of worrying about it. In the past, the times where I ran out for a week or 2 felt like a living hell, but that was when I didn't want to quit, but was forced to quit for a while until I got more. But damn, this time it feels so good quitting because I actually want to quit this time. Now I can actually feel happy at more times and not just when I'm high. It's kind of hard to explain, but I feel so much more free now. So many more options in my future are open to me. Felt so good talking to people not just being in a rush to get home to toke up, but actually being able to enjoy every moment being sober. I know everyone's situation is different, but what worked for me was just focusing on all the positives of this new lifestyle and talking to people about my plans also helped. Don't think about it, just do it. Don't wait till you run out, then it feels forced, but rather quit because you want to quit to improve yourself.


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            Day 21 update:

            It has been 3 whole weeks since I smoked anything. Honestly, it's not as bad as I thought it might be. Yeah my life situation still sucks and I realize I have a long way to go to create a successful future for myself, but now I don't just smoke everyday to forget about that. I think the biggest driving force for me is proving to myself that I do have the willpower to change my bad habits. Instead of being stuck thinking of how bad I screwed up in the past, everyday now I keep thinking of what I will do in the future to improve my life. These thoughts are so strong to me, that I don't have any cravings at all of smoking anymore. I think so much more clearly now. No more paranoia.

            My next bad habit I will overcome will be my lack of work ethic. I want to obtain a real scheduled job and then eventually go to college once I save up enough, or part time job and college at same time. I'm thinking of taking computer science at my local community college which may not be as good as a big university, but it will be affordable and close and thus realistic. In the mean time I have been spending at least an hour or two each day self learning programming and game development. I have spent time learning game development in the past because it is a passion of mine, but always gave up to do things that were more fun in the moment. But now it's time to sacrifice some present fun in order to obtain future fun.

            Life is too short to waste it away just bull shitting around like I have done my entire life. I encourage anyone in a similar situation to keep moving forward and don't look back. As shitty as things may be at the current moment, don't let that discourage you. I feel the harder something is to do in life, the more rewarding it will be when you accomplish it.


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              marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
              Congratulations TakingControl, three weeks is awesome. You already sound more clear headed and it sounds like you are already getting some benefits from your quit. I think that studying is a GREAT idea! It is always helpful to have structure in your life and studying will give you structure. My life improved out of sight when I started working and studying.

              Don't be too hard on yourself about your work ethic, is understandable that you are a bit non plussed about work at the moment. You are still withdrawing and making big changes in your life. Great, positive changes that take time to get used to, so my advice would be to concentrate on positive things in your life and thinking about 'what is one small thing I can do today to get me closer to my goal'.

              I am so happy for you!! And I am so proud of you!!

              Congrats! Keep up the good work :-)

              Alice :-)


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