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Coming to terms with not enjoying weed.

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  • Coming to terms with not enjoying weed.

    marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
    Hey folks,
    I'm 19, been smoking fairly regularly for the past ~4 years, almost every day for the past 6-12 months. My partner and I both realised it was having a negative influence on our lives, and decided to quit. I had been free of weed for the past ~5 days, however I chose to smoke with a mate of mine about 2&1/2 hours ago, and I think I'm coming to terms with the fact I don't actually enjoy being high, I don't necessarily find it 'uncomfortable', but I just don't like it. I don't like feeling scattered, I don't like the subtle anxiety it makes me feel for days after, I don't like that it can so easily blind me to my own life, my environment, and the people around me. I'm certain if I hadn't have smoked, I'd be so much more concise in my wording, I've probably messed up somewhere in saying this but it speaks for itself. I feel like I've taken a step back from myself and I'm looking at the experience in a more 'meta' way than I ever had prior.
    I'm almost certain at this point that my goal is to get my body and my mind on the same page, I feel as though the only 'benefit' to smoking, is resetting my ability to eat/sleep/shit. I also feel as though my most commonly used pathways in my brain are that of; pulling out a bong, being stoned. I know though that if I wait it out, my body will recalibrate, I'll form new neural pathways, I will have my life back like it felt like I was getting to 3 hours ago.
    During the days that I wasn't smoking, I was volunteering at a local op shop for a couple, going to the sauna/pool the past 3 days, sorting myself out. My partner and I both working together (I feel like I kind of dogged him, but what's done is done). I've learnt from this experience that I prefer that life, I want it so much more than I want to smoke.

    The following is a log I've kept in my phone from the days I wasn't smoking:
    My last smoke was on the 31st of January.
    On the 1st, I got significantly irritated by petty problems, my urge to smoke weed has seemingly gone. I think heavily about the question when asked, but firmly stick with a 'no'. When I think about having to repeat these withdrawals, I lose interest in smoking.
    On the 2nd, today, I'm feeling clearer in my head than usual, I feel confidence. I'm on my way to meet the manager of [redacted, the OP shop], I plan to keep myself busy by doing this twice a week.
    So far today (1pm about), I've felt little in the way or irritation. I had very vivid chaotic dreams last night, nothing unpleasant, just complicated and strange. I think my body is trying to learn emotions I've been missing out on, in my sleep.
    It's worth noting I feel as though eventually I'd like to limit myself to only smoking on weekends, but at this stage, so I don't feel obligated to smoke on a certain date, I'm quitting indefinitely.
    I feel as though I'm getting much better at identifying nicotine urges from THC urges. I've definitely been smoking more tobacco, eventually I'd like to quit.
    4pm, 2nd. I've noticed my appetite is ****ed, I feel significantly hungry, almost to the point of pain, my partner and I managed to both eat a Banana. For me the theory of the banana was unappealing, but in practice, I actually enjoyed it. My partner said the opposite.
    We both went used a sauna the same day, in an attempt to 'sweat out the habit', it was interesting because we got in the pool afterwards and felt '****ed', significantly stoned despite not smoking any, it was like the water wasn't even there.

    Thanks for reading this if you did, hope someone gets something out of this. I'll post here at some point to update how my partner and I have been

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    Hi TC,

    If I might just say that for someone of 19 years, you have incredible insight. I hope that you build on this great awareness of how cannabis is affecting you, and come back and read your post and build on it. Because I think that when you succeed it will be amazing to see how far you have come.

    I got a lot out of your post (I think a lot of people will), and it reminded me of some of the thought processes that I went through when I was trying to quit - the knowing that I didn't want this in my life, and then just putting the pieces in place to quit for good.

    I hope that your quit continues, or that you keep at it and try again. It is so great that you and your partner are doing this together. I am sending my very best wishes for your success.



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      marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
      Cheers for the reply, Alice. Your support's appreciated!
      My partner and I are still going strong, he hasn't smoked since the start of the month, and I haven't smoked since the time mentioned in my first post. I also actually read Allen Carr's EASYWAY and haven't smoked any tobacco since (6am on the 8th), and some of the information in that book I've managed to apply to weed too, which is helpful, I'd definitely recommend it.
      My whole body's feeling much cleaner/healthier, I'm starting to feel tired and hungry around the times that I should, my ability to run is returning and I'm planning on going for a skate today.
      Looking forward to the days to come more so than I have in a long time.

      Anyone reading this who wants to quit smoking weed, you can do it, and eventually, your body will start to thank you every day~


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