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Anyone that has quit weed & cigarettes and not gain a bunch of weight?

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  • Anyone that has quit weed & cigarettes and not gain a bunch of weight?

    marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
    Hello everyone
    I am on day one of my quit date for weed and day 9 for quitting cigarettes.
    Quitting marijuana has been a real tough struggle harder then nicotine..for me it has.

    This is my third attempt in two weeks with weed and I am so ready to be done with this rotten addiction.I need me and my life back.

    Gaining a bunch weight is real fear of mine and a big trigger.
    I can make peace with ganing five pounds.
    But I don't want to pack on a bunch of weight...weight that took me awhile to loose so to gain it all back is a horrible thought and I know some weight gain is better the smoking.

    I read posts of people putting on a bunch of weight with good diet and exercise ...this is what has me scared.
    I want to replace my addictions with exercise and eat well.
    Am I going to gain a bunch of weight even with doing this.
    That is super discouraging and a big trigger.
    Any success stories of being clean with out a bunch of weight gain ?
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    Hi Dee,

    Hopefully someone can fill you in on a success story of being clean with a bunch of weight gain. I found that I put on less weight giving up cannabis than I did giving up cigarettes. From what I have heard and experienced myself cannabis withdrawal often does not make you want to eat more, and in some cases quite the opposite, where people lose their appetite.

    If you put some strategies in place to maintain your current weight, I think it is completely doable. Nine days quit from cigarettes is not very long, and it is going to be challenging to deal with the withdrawal from nicotine and cannabis at the same time.

    Most health professionals say that a bit of weight gain is worth the benefits of quitting smoking, and that you can lose the weight later.

    If you have good diet and exercise to maintain your weight there is no reason why you would put on weight. The benefits from quitting cigarettes and cannabis would far outweigh the negative of some weight gain.

    In my opinion this is always going to be an issue. Are you really planning to smoke for the rest of your life? It seems to me that it is better to get the benefits of being a non smoker.

    If you find quitting both cigarettes and cannabis AND replacing addictions with eating well and exercise is too hard, I hope that you will lower your expectations, tackle one thing at a time and succeed long term.

    Good luck!


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      Over eating or snacking is not a problem during my detoxing I have zero appetite.
      And as I said I am okay with putting on a few pounds if that's what happens five or six pouns or a little more even.
      I think it is reasonable to want to be clean and have a healthy body weight can't we have both or does it have to be one or the other ?
      I am ready and more then done with cigarettes I have no desk whatsoever to want to pick a cigarette and that's with my husbands cigarettes sitting on the table in front of me the entire now ten days and I still have no desk to light up a cigarette.

      Weed has been a lot more difficult but i am more then ready to be done with it but I need to address my triggers.
      And the one trigger is becoming over weight again a cpl pounds okay I am fine with that but to have a double chin and none of your clothes fit I sure don't want to see that happening after finally loosing a bunch which is a big a accomplishment and do t want all that to go down the drain.

      I won't over do it especially the first few days of detoxing from marijuana exercise that is but definitely want to keep moving.

      I want to be clean from cigarettes and weed and have a healthy body weight.

      Anyone bout there that has managed to have both ?



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        Eating right now day two is real challenge.I have no appetite whatsoever p.
        It's all I can do to choke down some yogurt or something super light for breakfast with out gagging.


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          Hang in there! It will get better.

          Rice and other benign foods, such as water crackers or cereal can be good for nausea. I am sure you will find others!
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            i gained weight

            went cold turkey with tobacco and weed just over a year ago after smoking daily for 15 years. i gained double my weight, idk wtf happened to me, but now its so hard to lose, sometimes i wish i didnt stop smoking and i'd still be skinny. its so hard to lose weight now it really sucks, before i was depressed because i smoked and wanted to get healthy, so i quit and pile on weight now im depressed because im fat lol


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              marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
              I'm on day 42 without cannabis and 56 without cigarettes. I wore the patch for 2 weeks before I quit weed and it upset my stomach so I didnt eat much. When I quit weed I had a ton of manic energy, so i was jogging and exercising a lot. I actually lost 30lbs shortly after quitting. Now that my energy levels are getting back to normal I've seen 20lbs packed back on. I'm just trying to be mindful of what I eat and diet it off in a healthy way. Now that I'm not battling the munchies all the time i expect my weight will normalize and stop fluctuating so much. A big thing for me was sugary drinks. Hard to maintain good weight while drinking multiple cans of coke and iced tea everyday. If you arent sure how to exercise check out the nike training app. It's free now but used to be a monthly subscription service, so it feels like a premium app.


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