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Just a quick note in regards to the moderation of the group. Sometimes if I am a bit short on time or if we get a lot of posts at once I may have to just skim the overall gist of the posts rather than reading them word for word before I approve them, also we all have a different perspective as to what is acceptable and thus there may sometimes be the odd post that gets through that you may feel is inappropriate. And while this doesn’t seem to happen very often if there is anything that anybody reads and feels is inappropriate then please feel free to either shoot me a PM or use the contact form to let me know and I will always be happy to take another look at it.

Please keep in mind however that a post does have to be quite bad or harmful to the group as a whole for us to delete it, I don’t like to be too heavy handed with that kind of moderation and try to reserve it for only when it is absolutely necessarily as generally I like people to be able to have their say and most things can be ironed out with dialogue and often we can all learn from it, that said if you feel something is inappropriate like I say please feel free to let me know and I will be happy to take another look.

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If you wish to Use then Use, Your Body Your Choice, You're NOT a Criminal and I wish you well!

My Choice is to be Drug Rehabilitated for 15 years because I Chose to be free from its Control on me!
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the dangers of smoking pot

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  • the dangers of smoking pot

    marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
    this is my story,smoked pot everyday for 5 years then gave up then about four days later i had a drug induced pycosis,it took nearly 12 months of medaication to get me back to normal and countles vists to a mental health hospitial to get me through this nightmare,and they say pot does not do anything to you,never ever touching this evil drug agian,

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    The dangers of smoking pot

    Hi brissy boy welcome to the forum.

    That’s pretty heavy stuff, cannabis did serious damage to my mental health too. I am glad to hear you are feeling better, it can take some time though and even now years later I am still not the person I was before I used, still I am allot better than I was.

    Thanks for your contribution.

    Take care
    Cannabis Rehab Admin

    If you wish to Use then Use, Your Body Your Choice, You're NOT a Criminal and I wish you well!

    My Choice is to be Drug Rehabilitated for 15 years because I Chose to be free from its Control on me!


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      thanks for the welcome,yeah it is preety heavy stuff,its been hard to deal with for a while know but iam getting through it,see pot affects poeple in differn't ways when i smoke it i go through the phycosis poeple way smoke it for years and they could be alright not for me thats why every one is differen't,thanks for a great rehab group we need more of this to help poeple through the hard times


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        im only 15. :s

        im 15 years old, and in grade 10.
        and im addicted
        i skip school to get stoned, get stoned before school and after school.
        and when i dont smoke it i go off i need to have it every day.
        i know this sounds ****ing stupid but its true i am just realising how bad it actually is and i keep saying im going to cut down and go to school, but it just happens.
        ill sit there and smoke until its all gone and still want more.
        i got 200 dollars for christmas and spent it all on pot in about 3 days.
        got 100 of my nan for a phone and spent it on pot.
        when i get money for something ill just go knock it off and buy pot with it.
        its ****ed up. im stoned right now on a school night.

        peace out xx


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          An epiphany

          Unfortunately, I am having an experience with loosing who I am do to Marijuana. It's terrifying. I have struggled here and there through out my life. I never thought I would be one to become "addicted" to this drug I have come to adore, only because I needed to feel something of a real kind of happiness. Not the artificial one that I put on everyday, I had people that were counting on me to keep the sanity around. Yet, everyday, its the same thing, like a routine!

          ( in this space there was a one hour pause, I was thinking)

          I have realized that all I want, is to be free again. I have decided now would be the day I would give it up and work towards getting back my spirit. I want to be in control again, to be a leader I know I am suppose to be. It's not going to be easy, I can feel it already, but I must be strong. This was my first step, I had to get it out to someone so who doesn't already know me, google brought me to this page, so I chose to write here. Thank you for reading this. I know it was suppose to be the dangers of pot smoking, I planned on talking about the dangers, but did not plan to have an epiphany.


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            Hey, glad to hear your feeling better. Do you feel back to "normal" now? after the 12 months of med's? also what med's were you taking? and did you find they made a big difference?

            Just curious on how come you went to a mental hospital? what made you go there?

            Glad to hear you have gotten better though... and Stay Strong!


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              Is cannabis really that bad for everyone if vapourised and only smoked in the evening not all through the day? Im not trying to big marijuana up but this is a rehab group for people who have a problem with it and I dont know if Ive got a problem with it. Addiction is a problematic term, I drink 3-4 cups of coffee a day and probably wouldnt want to abstain from doing that so am I addicted to it or do I just enjoy it. It seems a lot of people have a problem with cannabis because it is illegal and therefore bad. I think the problem is that it IS illegal and therefore you never know what is in what your buying, how strong it is etc. Thanks for listening


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                It’s a fair point about the vaporizer thing, if allot more people used this method cannabis would be allot less harmful for the lungs, however the reality is that the vast majority of people don’t and even if you vaporize you may be saving your lungs, but it’s still going to have the same effect on your brain, which can significantly vary from person to person.

                Some of the problems associated with cannabis may be a result of it been illegal, although many of the problems allot of people experience, are the results of the effect of the drug it’s self, regardless of its legal status. Although I have often thought that it might be a good idea to legalise the lower THC, higher CBD stuff, in the hope people chose this over the higher THC lower CBD strains, to find out why this matters read this post, but allot of people would still probably go for the illegal high THC stuff, because it has more of a kick.

                Maybe your dope use isn’t a problem, we are not saying that everybody who uses dope has a problem with it, or will experience problems to the extent that some do, but just like any other drug some do and as you say that’s who is for.
                Cannabis Rehab Admin

                If you wish to Use then Use, Your Body Your Choice, You're NOT a Criminal and I wish you well!

                My Choice is to be Drug Rehabilitated for 15 years because I Chose to be free from its Control on me!


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                  marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief

                  okay. so I've been smoking pot nearly everyday for about 7 months now.
                  and off and on before that.
                  early august 2008 I was smoking with my friend and I got STONED. the next day I felt like I was in a daze and didn't think anything of it because of how high I was the night before.
                  it felt like I was still high but in a questionable sort of way.
                  I felt the same way for weeks after that and my friend kept telling me I was perm-a-fried.
                  I figured it was just an after affect of the pot and everyone goes through it. I couldn't ever tell weather or not I was sober or blind. I had to think back to the last time I smoked to figure out if it was the drug or just my mind playing tricks on me.

                  I started smoking everyday in september. recently I stopped for about a week and felt the same. I had to question if I was smoking in my sleep or something.
                  ahhh. is there such thing as being Perm-a-fried???


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