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Thoughts please

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  • Thoughts please

    marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
    I am 37 & have started smoking pot 2 years ago. Here over the last several weeks my pot use has gotten heavier to where I feel tired & irritable the next day. So last week I smoked pot like 5-6 days in a row, then went 2-3 days with not smoking anything. I just started back smoking 2 days ago. The last 2 nights I have had smoked, quite a bit to being high as a kite, I have been tired & irritable during the day, easily agitated or frustrated at someone or something. Is my irritability related to my pot use? I think it is a contributor of it. Is this a sign of substance abuse, addiction, or dependence?

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    And I’m wondering if it is withdrawal symptoms I have if I skip days of smoking pot & then starting back up smoking it?


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      Hi Parrotlady,

      I think that your irritability could definitely be related to your cannabis use. It has a pretty intense effect on your brain, so I think it is understandable to expect that you would get some kind of hangover from it.

      I definitely found that when I would skip days or smoke once every few days, or once or twice a week, that I would get a hangover, and not feel very good the next day. I also found that I had nightmares on those nights, or the nights following and I got super high when I would smoke. It was awful. And it sounds about right.

      It seemed to have less effect if I was smoking every evening, or regularly. I guess that my tolerance would build up and I would be less prone to the dramatic peaks and troughs in my brain and moods etc.

      Obviously smoking regularly comes with its own set of problems though.

      Hope that helps some.



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        Yes I can echo what Alice has said, when I smoked less frequently I was burnt the next day, my enthusiasm and patience was also negatively affected. I've smoked pretty heavily before this quit, and I've most definitely been going through withdrawals. Now I'm on day 20 and I'm much more clearer and more patient, I sleep better, get up earlier I have more energy and I'm just more motivated in general. I've also made some really drastic and important decisions recently that will affect my entire life, and I'm not sure if I would have if I was sedated. But I think you questioning Marijuana's effect on you is a real good thing.


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          marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
          thanks Alice and Kasper for your responses


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