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Joint pains after quitting Marijuana

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  • Joint pains after quitting Marijuana

    marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief

    I stopped smoking tobacco 2 month ago. I stopped smoking weed a month ago. I had all common withdrawal effects like sweating, nightmares , lack of sleep... Everything what was expected.
    On the other hand, a week ago I started feeling pain in my elbows. Now, the pain in my knees and elbows is unbearable. Also, I have pain in the rest of the joints as well. I barely can do any physical activity, go to work. Prior to that I was very physically active person, had no joint problems.

    Is there anyone who experience joint pains after giving up Marijuana ? Or is it not related to it ? Cuz there is not much info about it online.

    Thank you very much.

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    Hi there dw,

    I would really encourage you to go to your doctor. It seems like an unusual symptom and I think it would be a good idea to get to the bottom of what might be causing it.

    If anyone else has experience with this, please chime in.



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      As Alice said, visit a doctor. This is unusual.

      Maybe it was you limiting on physical activities since quitting, if that's what youre saying?
      I've had experience where my carpal tunnel syndrome returned heavily recently and I noticed a lot more back pain. My doctor suggested that marihuana has 'numbed' the pain before and that's why I didn't notice it as much, but it still was there before and it's relateble to my lifestyle (working at a computer).


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        I had very sore shoulders for the first few weeks. The pain went across the back of my neck. But it went away. I did read somewhere of at least one other person experiencing this. But geez, if it doesn't go away, by all means visit your doctor. Let us know how it is going for you.


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          Me too!

          I’m having the same problem. I’m afraid that it might be an underlying problem that I had been inadvertently treating with marijuana. Remember, marijuana is an anti-inflammatory drug. I quite gluten which helped A LOT, then started taking vitamins and glucosamine, but alas, I must go see a doctor and you should too.


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            Cannabis definitely has medicinal aspects to it. But it has other aspects as well that can be tough. My shouldner/neck pain only lasted a week or so. My physiological symptoms are gone and have been for a while now. Just the lingering psychological stuff now.

            I had quit gluten for about 6 weeks. I have some gluten now but not as much as before. I also took glucosamine for about 3 months.

            Good luck with your jouney!


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              Sore joints after quiting

              This happens to me every single time I quit weed. It always goes away after a while.


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                I’ve had the opposite, fewer tension headaches, less neck pain. Smoked every day all day for 12 years and was afraid to quit but wish I had sooner. Feeling great aside from the creepy dreams


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                  Originally posted by Unregistered View Post
                  I’ve had the opposite, fewer tension headaches, less neck pain. Smoked every day all day for 12 years and was afraid to quit but wish I had sooner. Feeling great aside from the creepy dreams
                  Yes, I used to be sort of tension headache-y when I was smoking cannabis, especially in the later years. And felt crappy overall. All that is gone now :-)


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                    Significant Increase of Pain

                    I also experienced a significant increase in pain from when I had began using CBD Oils internally, as a massage therapist I did not slowdown my activity levels, but increased them instead, but after quitting I was in so much more pain than when I began using the Texas legal CBD Oils.
                    At the time I quit, I could find several articles stating it caused Headaches and Stiffness. Which, has since been removed, from what I have found or not found, in this case. But, for me this is the case and also in the case of two clients I had who I attempted to help for close to a year. They had more scarred tissue and tightness than I had seen or “felt” in my practice EVER, being in Texas I do not have many clients who use dope regularly, but they were passing through at the times they came.


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                      Hello, I am newto this forum, but what you described sounds exactly what I am going through I guilt weed and alcohol back in December. Saw my Dr in January and mentioned the situation to him, but the pain was only in knees and hip then. Now it's elbows, knuckles, ankles. Wondering if you ever found out the cause of yours.


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                        Shoulder pain knees pain Back pain

                        Dear i am from pakistan i quitted marijauna since 7 days felt all symptoms along with back pain knee pain and shoulder pain


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                          Yes. Happens to me too!

                          It has happened to me every time I've quit. It starts in the 4th week after quit. Mine is much more intense in the knees, so intense that one of my knees always swells up! besides the knees, I do have uneasy dry flue-like feelings in my other joints, shoulders, backbones, etc. but from my past experiences, I know that it will go away. I also found out it's an issue that seemingly doesn't happen to everyone or not many people talk about it. But I can assure you it's definitely something related to the weed.


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                            marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
                            Increased joint paid after quitting weed

                            Hey friends,
                            As someone who has smoked for the past 10+ years pretty much every day, and also has attempted to quit multiple times. Currently I feel pretty good after 5 days with little to no weed. Being in the military prior to this, I had injured my lower back somewhat. Now that I think about it, I had pretty severe back pains up until the day I got out. I was however 45 lbs heavier than I am now.

                            So there are two variables for my lower back pain, too heavy and smoking weed. Before I got out my back pain was severe. The moment I got out of the military I resumed my life as a pothead. And now that I think about it, my back pain was much less severe when I got out and started smoking.

                            Every single time I quit marijuana, after a couple days or a week, my back pain is unbearable and I am unable sleep without waking up like 10 times per night.

                            What I think is happening to you, even though this response is like 4 years late lol. I think you have some underlying issues that went unnoticed for a long while because the weed was medicating you to feel less pain. Marijuana actually activates the opioid pain receptors. So when you stop smoking or taking THC, the body is left to deal with pain by itself. Since you were used to not feeling pain since you were high, now that you don’t smoke, the pain has nowhere to hide.


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