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today is 50 days free of pot still having issuse Please help????????

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  • today is 50 days free of pot still having issuse Please help????????

    marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
    Hello all and thank you for having me. Well I smoked heavily for 22 years im on day 50 been to Dr all they did was give me pills witch I think just made things harder.I quite weed because it started doing the opposite effect to me and I have 2 small children anxiety,depression and sleep where the hard part the anxiety still haunts me I still get the mild shacks not sure if the shacks are from the meds im coming off but no more meds for me just going to ride it out. Some days I fell awesome others not so good I eat good drink lots of water no caffeine and Gatorade been eating healthier and running and reading a lot more was see if the anxiety is normal at this state? But I hate this stuff for how its made me fell its like it hits me in waves just would like to know if its the detox or what please help?

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    Hi Dave,

    Sorry to hear you are going through all this. It really does suck!

    I think the long and the short of it is 50 days is a really great start, but you will need more time. People talk about benchmarks of 3, 6 and 12 months when they progressively notice benefits. So you have a ways to go.

    I quit on January 1 after 20 years of moderate but frequent smoking. The last half of last year things were changing with weed for me. I was getting stupider, more apathetic, lazier, withdrawn, etc. It culminated in November and December with anxiety and insomnia. So I quit. It's been a real struggle. But I am feeling much better--not perfect, but so much better than where I was.

    Exercise has been a really big help. As well as a group called Marijuana Anonymous--they have a great free app for the download. And this forum! Tons of info on here. I've been taking one or two supplements for anxiety which have helped and actually stopped taking them a week or two ago.

    My experience has been (and still is a bit) a roller coaster. Like you say, some days are better than others. More than once in the past 4 months I feel like I've turned the corner with a symptom and then BAM, the symptom returns and/or another one pops up. Many people on here say the same thing so I think what you're experiencing is normal.

    But it is getting better and better so hang in there buddy!

    Let us know how you are doing, ok?
    All the best,


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      witch one or two supplements where you taking and thanks for your input


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        Hi Dave,

        I was taking L-Theanine, an amino acid that has a calming effect. I've read some people take it with coffee to sort of balance out the jitters from the caffeine.

        I was also taking Gabatone Active (K-39) made by Apex Energetics. My traditional medicine practitioner suggested this and I have to say, it really helped me. I saw it on Amazon for, like, double the price of what she charged me, but if that were my only way to get it I probably would (knowing how it helped). I had measured low on GABA and this has ingredients that support/promote GABA production by your body. I took it for a good 6 weeks. I stopped a few weeks ago because it began to make me a bit drowsier than it had been. Some people take it at night to help sleep. I was taking it twice a day. Check it out.

        I am also taking a complete vitamin B complex every day.

        Hope this helps. Otherwise, how are you doing?
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          marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
          hello there day 77

          hello ok im power through beside the Dr gave me Kalatpin and it was a nightmare to come off horrible withdrawal anyway doing ok still get butterflys in my stomach dos this go away? and still having trouble sleeping with alittle anxity. This is one of the hardest thing I ever done some days r good some days not so good exercise has done wonders it helps greatly stay away from head pills they just make things worst. I found reading is great never read before this church has helped it sounds crazy I never went before but it has. Surround your self with good people makes things a little easier one day at a time it will get better just be positive.


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