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23 days into withdrawal

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  • 23 days into withdrawal

    marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
    Hey, I figured I'd tell my story and ask a few questions. So I'm 23 days into my withdrawal. I quit smoking almost 2 months ago but here is what happened:

    I had been exclusively vaping kingpen oil for over two years. Im sure you all know that it's like 90%+ or at least it says so on the box.. which means I was smoking strong stuff. Every day at night and all weekend. I had become very lazy and fat (im obese) and didn't want to live that life anymore so I quit. I had absolutely no idea that I would get such crazy intense withdrawals from weed. People these days say its completely harmless and I really believed them. Weed's not THAT bad but I really overdid it.

    Around 2 days after I stopped cold turkey I had a small panic attack on the train ride home from work. I had never experienced anything like that before in my life so I didn't know what was going on. The next day I went to urgent care and they brushed it off and gave me some baloney about vertigo. The next day on my way to work I had an even worse panic attack, it was so bad that when I arrived at work (still in panic mode) my coworkers urged me to go to the emergency room. They took an EKG and a chest x-ray and said I was fine. I took a vacation week to try and figure out what was wrong. For the next few nights I had more panic attacks, and after several more ER visits, they finally admitted me to the hospital. I wore a heart monitor and stayed there for 2 days riddled with panic and insomnia. The next day I had another panic attack and they were there to monitor it. After talking with the doctors and being honest about everything, they determined I was going through Marijuana withdrawal. They prescribed me Marinol (dronabinol) with a tapering off plan to ween my body off of the the over the next month. I was 11 days into withdrawal at that point and desperate so I took it.

    What followed were several miserable weeks. Marinol is just oral thc, and I continued to have withdrawal symptoms the entire time I took it. It was terrible because the drug also made me high at the same time. It stopped the panic attacks but I would just feel sick to my stomach, exhausted anxious and terrible as the day progressed. When the medication ended I realized that I probably should not have even taken it at all. All it did was prolong the inevitable. The only way to rid yourself of the drug is to stop using it all together. So I've used all my sick and vacation time the last 23 days and have gone cold turkey.

    The first 2 weeks were absolute torture. No panic attacks (I suspect my ignorant response to the anxiety the first time may have worsened it and caused the panic attacks to happen) but just waves and waves of anxiety. All day long. So much anxiety that come the evening when it died down, I'd feel like I got hit by a truck, just feel awful. Insomnia, depression and obsession about every ache and pain.

    By week 3 the Insomnia went away and the anxiety had lessened A LITTLE but I started to have heart pain. I could feel my heart. It didn't beat fast, or feel like it was pounding, but there would be an occasional brief pain in the heart. Not the chest. It was driving me crazy thinking I have heart problems. I just didn't feel right. I'd get the occasional fever that would disappear come nighttime

    A few days ago I had to get bloodwork done. I had been feeling a little bit better by this time. My doctor told me to not eat for 24 hours, so i didn't. I had a headache towards the end of the night but otherwise it was a OK day. The next day I went to give blood and could finally eat. That day was great. I big massive improvement. Best day I've had in a while, but the last few days I've been feeling like im going backwards instead of forwards. Anxiety is coming back in waves again and heart pain slowly coming back.

    I know that THC is stored in fat cells and that because I'm obese it is going to take me a very long time to rid my body of all the THC. My question is, during that 24 hour fast, wasn't my body consuming the fat cells and could that reintroduction of THC from the fat have hurt my withdrawal progress? Also, am I going to be having these intense withdrawal symptoms the entire time I have the THC in my fat cells, even if it takes 6 months to flush it out? I can't function, and the thought of not being able to function for months and months is terrifying. I have to go back to work in a few days and I'm not ready. I dont think I can handle it.

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    4 weeks finally

    Even though no one has responded to my story yet, I figured I'd keep updating it in case any newcomers stumble on it and are going through something similar. I hope it helps someone.

    I am 4 weeks into withdrawal, but I have exhausted all my sick and personal time. I have been back to work for 3 days now. Things have been crazy since the Corona Virus. I don't mean to bring it up but I'm just doing so for context. Work has been a ghost town so I guess that's a good thing for me. Since im now back at work while still experiencing withdrawal symptoms, I'll take any good new I can get. I am still experiencing wave after wave of anxiety and feeling ill from it as the day progresses. It has gotten better than it was the first few weeks. I couldn't function. Now I can barely function but I have to just tough through it. I suspect I will feel better each week and that it will be a slow slow process, but maybe I'll feel normal again in another month. I can't wait. I feel like im slowly losing my mind from being sick for so long. A lot of people talk about how much they crave it... I never ever EVER want to smoke again. I want my life back.
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      Hi Nerdturd

      Sorry you are having a tough time. It sounds like a terrible ordeal!
      Much of it does sound like withdrawal symptoms. It's good you had yourself checked out though to rule out anything else.
      Withdrawal can be really tough. It's different for everybody. It will take a while but you will feel better. For me it was very gradual. I didn't wake up one day and feel all better.
      Try to find things to distract your mind from your symptoms. And look for some ways to deal with the anxiety attacks.

      Hang in there! It is a process.
      It's great that you are not craving using it. I didn't either and felt really glad that I didn't have that struggle.

      All the best
      Regular excercise helped me alot.


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        Nearly 5 weeks now

        I'm currently almost 5 weeks into my withdrawal. Being obese, I still can't wrap my head around the fact that I will still feel all of this Anxiety for several months due to the amount of fat with thc stored away in my body. It's so discouraging to have think about and accept as fact. I do feel better and more able to cope with the anxiety now, however it's causing me more physical discomfort than it did before.

        I have been getting heart pain. Not overwhelming, but annoying. It momentary bursts of pain in my heart and sometimes my shoulder. They only last a second, but they happen 20 or 30 times a day. More frequently towards the evening or when at rest. I feel better when im on the move. I saw the cardiologist this week. I have a slightly irregular heartbeat and my heart skips beats too. I did the whole treadmill thing. He said that although odd, he thinks its the anxiety. My performance on the treadmill didn't show any heart strain. He said that I should be ok and to come back if it gets worse.

        I have also been the only employee on my shift going into work. I live in NYC, the epicenter of Covid-19. Everyone else has been staying home on self quarantine, using their sick and vacation time. Me? I used all of mine up last month for my drug withdrawal. My immune system is shot from all the anxiety for sure and im putting myself at risk everyday by going into work and taking the subway. People are dying left and right and the streets are empty. It's not helping the anxiety. All of this as I continue to withdrawal from weed.

        I am scared for my life. I really really regret the situation I've put myself in. I swear to god, if I make it through this I'm going to use what I've learned and gone through to help others who are going through it. I can't get better quick enough!


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          It's going to be OK

          Hey bro. I have basically had word for word the same issues. Hospital brushed it off as panic attacks and reading this forum has made me realise what it is.

          I quit in September, ended up in hospital for a wk in November, then started smoking again and all my symptoms went away.

          I then quit again and exactly the same thing is happening so I can only really conclude it's the weed.

          You/ we'll get through this but it's going to take time.

          Try and exercise, drink all the water you can get you hands on and don't smoke vapes with nicotine. It may take 3,4 months maybe even longer but it will be good. Just gotta ride the storm I reckon.

          Head up, chin up chest out. Try and breathe.


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            Thank you Unregistered. Yeah I haven't smoked anything since January. No alcohol. Not even a cigarette. Nothing. I've also not had any caffine at all. No soda, nothing even remotely unhealthy. I am doing the right thing. Its just been tough. Compounded by the plague.
            I feel as if my body is so weakened that it'd kill me for sure. Obese, anxiety induced high blood pressure, weakened immune system. I don't know, I'm just scared for my life


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              I'm trying to lay off the pipe, as they say, too. I feel like my lungs need some rest. But I haven't quit altogether yet.


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                42 days in, no end in sight

                It's very hard to remain positive when there seems to be no end in sight to my suffering. I don't want to be so dramatic about it, lol, but I'm just having a rough time. It's day 42 for me now.

                I just don't feel good most of the time. Crazy waves of anxiety all day long. Literally all day every day. They make me feel ill after a while. Now I feel like I'm hungover or something. I almost feel like I could pass out sometimes. I have to sit down and try to relax. It's scary.

                How could it still be this bad 42 days in?!?! I can't wrap my head around it. I'll have a sore throat for a few hours then gone. A headache one day, then gone. Phlegm like crazy one morning then completely gone by the time I get to work. I'll feel fine, then anxious, like really ill then fine then anxious then like death. Diarrhea almost every day...How can anyone deal with this?!?!

                Id really love to hear from anyone who's had a similar experience. Please
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                  Hey Nerdturd

                  I was just catching up reading about your journey. Good grief! It sounds like you really are going through tough times!

                  You haven't posted in a while--are you ok? I can't imagine what it must be like to be in NYC right now.

                  As I mentioned in my earlier post, my symptoms disappeared gradually. Some days I would feel pretty good and think it was over and then, bam! some other symptom would crop up. It really was a roller coaster. As I recall, I think I felt better around 3-4 months. Not all better, just better. Many of the uncomfortable symtoms went away by then but my insomnia was still there, which I think was related to anxiety in some way. I never had panic attacks, but rather a low level anxiety. My sleep cycle was totally off. I would be awake until 4 or 5 a.m but would sleep from then until around 10. I am lucky to work afteroon/evenings. Honestly, it took just about 2 years for that to correct itself. Since this past January my sleep has been better. I don't want to discourage you at all, but just to let you know that some of the stuff could last a while. Again, I felt better gradually. I did not feel like crap for 2 years. You are really early in your quit journey.

                  But, you can do it and you will feel better!!
                  Check out Marijuana Anonymous online. I'm sure they aren't having in person meetings but I think there are some online. It helped me quite a bit.

                  Stay safe and take care of yourself.


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                    Please keep posting

                    Keep writing about your process bro.I am in similar situation.Good know someone struggles same as me.As you said, every day all the time.


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                      Update day 58

                      Thanks for checking in John and Unregistered.

                      Today is day 58. I have been feeling OK the past few days. Still anxious, and still some chest pains and heart skips/palpitations but less. I've been a lot more physically active lately. I started taking the express bus to work instead of the train because the extreme homeless problem with the subway. Absolutely packed with homeless people and our gutless coward of a Mayor won't do anything about it, lest he be perceived as insensitive to the homeless. The walk to the express bus plus the walk from the express bus stop to work combined is about a mile and a half. Three extra miles a day is a good first step.

                      I have been having a little trouble sometimes with my appetite. It comes and goes. I'm obese so I was used to eating a lot, but now that I eat like a rabbit I can't even finish my meal without feeling full. I count this as a positive thing. I have been pretty much having the same symptoms I had before but just maybe half as intense. I am hoping it will continue to drop but I am also preparing myself for the strong possibility of PAWS.

                      One thing did happen, though. I have been talking to a social worker. Therapy. When my symptoms were worse, she recommended I take an SSRI to help with the killer anxiety. I was always resistant to the idea. She went ahead and asked the doctor to write me a script for something. Im NYC all the doctors in major medical centers have been moved to the hospital to help with covid. So the doctor that was left at the office wrote me a script for EFFEXOR. This doctor has never met me before, never spoken to me or knows what I look like. Thats a pretty extreme medication to put someone on. On top of that, it had some of the worst withdrawals I've ever read about. I will not be taking it


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                        Glad you are feeling a bit better and glad you are aware of PAWS.

                        Also, positive things with eating less and doing a bit more excercise. And, good for you for NOT taking the Effexor. I toyed with the idea of asking my doc for an anti depressant for a year and a half. I am really glad I didn't. Maybe would have helped in some ways, but there are side effects, and yes, withdrawal can be tough I hear.

                        Sounds like you are on a good track!


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                          Thank you nerdturd

                          Thanks for sharing, I am on day 15 and have been suffering but nowhere near as bad as yourself. Stay strong and well done.

                          What is PAWS?


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                            71 days

                            I've felt OK the last 10 days. Not good, but better. Only very minor anxiety. The past day or two, though, I've noticed a spike in my anxiety and today I'm staring to feel the bouts of illness I was having a few weeks ago. I'll be fine, then feel a little anxious and then physically ill afterwards, like light headed, dizzy and maybe a little bit hungover. Then it goes away after a minute. Then 20 minutes later rinse and repeat. All day long. It is either less intense this time around or I'm just so used to feeling like trash all the time that it doesn't bother me as much. I suspect that this cycle will go on for a long time. The time where I feel good becoming longer each cycle, and the anxiety and illness feeling less each time until one day it just doesnt happen anymore. My brain chemistry is trying to find its natural balance. Ive already accepted that this is my life now and that it may be for a long time, months....a year.... Whatever. Just got to get through it


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                              marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
                              Hey man. Hope you are doing better.

                              Day 26 here and very, very similar symptoms. Wanted to let you know I’m going through this too as it helps so much knowing we’re not alone, and figured I’d share some of what I’ve felt and learnt.

                              I’ve been researching this a lot and nearest I can figure, every system in our bodies affected by THC is resetting. This includes the bit of the brain that deals with body temperature and immune response, digestion, sleep etc etc. The body has to learn how to do it all again, hence random blocked nose, chills, sore throat, insomnia, weird gut.

                              Like you im slowly getting better. It seems to come in cycles, where I feel great or ok for a day or so and then a bad couple of days. But each cycle seems to be slightly less bad.

                              The only one that freaked me out badly was my raised heart rate and tight breathing (though that has been tapering down too). I think this could be body/brain adjusting again, but for me I can’t help feeling this is nearly all gut related. I found something called roemheld syndrome where gas in the gut puts pressure on the heart and lungs giving that tight feeling. When I get myself to burp I feel everything release a little/lot.

                              Not a medical doctor but I’m starting to get the feeling that the way my days go are determined by my diet. Some of this may be wrong but I’ll just get it out there in case it helps you or anyone else:

                              - long periods without eating seem to make things worse. Small meals very regularly.
                              - peppermint tea and ginger tea to calm stomach
                              - if this is due to slowed gut motility it means carbs fermenting in gut cause bloating, so avoid sugar and broccoli, fruit etc.
                              - don’t eat close to sleeping
                              - work out which foods work for you - munching on thin strips of bacon saved me. (Someone else said oatmeal, but I’ve not tried it.) Keep it simple and bland.
                              - be careful with antacids. They help, but I figure they don’t help digestion, so I try to go for milk where I can and only take a little of the antacids before bed.
                              - no fizzy drinks, caffeine and tobacco is apparently bad (but I’m not giving that up too ffs - only thing keeping me sane: that said, I’ve cut down a lot and that seemed to help).

                              If I think of anything else I’ll post and if you have any advice I’d be grateful to hear it. What are panic attacks like? Have I been having those? I just felt my heart rate increase and breathing tighten, and then I got worried about that, but I wasn’t really panicked generally (though I’m generally quite calm). I have had the occasional sense of despair when I felt most crappy.

                              Hope all is well. Sounds like we are both past the worst of it. It only gets better from here!


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