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If you wish to Use then Use, Your Body Your Choice, You're NOT a Criminal and I wish you well!

My Choice is to be Drug Rehabilitated for 15 years because I Chose to be free from its Control on me!
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long term quit challenges and temptations

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  • long term quit challenges and temptations

    marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
    Hey all!
    I hope your quit is going well. I have been quit for almost exactly four years, and mostly, I am happy, clear, balanced and stimulated.
    Sometimes something can happen to rock my quit at its foundation though, and this is happening to me today.

    Last night I went out with two friends to a 'reggae boat cruise'. I must say I didn't really think about the proximity to weed at this event before I went (???!!??). I was just thinking about the music and the cruise around Melbourne's bay. I even considered not going at all because I had a very upset stomach, but something inside urged me to go and it turned out my friend had diarrhoea pills, so I didn't have to worry about that at all!

    When we turned up at the boat, the sweet smell of weed was in abundance. 'Ah yes' I thought, 'A reggae cruise... of course'. It didn't bother me, although it did smell quite nice. During the night both of my friends smoked on joints that one of my friends had brought with them, and each time (maybe about four times), I declined the offer to smoke weed. At the time I figured that it would not be a case of 'just one smoke'. I thought that I would more likely get back into the spiral of weed use, having been addicted only four years ago. So, I declined. Everyone on the boat was stoned pretty much (except for maybe the captain).

    It didn't bother me at the time. I enjoyed myself on the cruise, and I loved those moments of enjoying with all my senses the lights on the water, out on the deck, with great music in the background. I also knew that I would more likely become paranoid and socially completely shut down if I did smoke, so I was glad not to.

    It is just the upshot on the afternoon/evening of the next day. I know that it is hitting me late, but by Sunday afternoon, my brain is crying out for the loose, cut, unbalanced feeling that comes after a night smoking, and all the receptors in my brain are protesting my calm, balanced, lack of an edge afternoon. It is a bit tough right now I have to say!
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    not requiring a solution

    I really don't have anywhere else to go to let off steam. I don't even have a psychologist at the moment.
    It really does feel like some of the receptors in my brain have opened (or want to open), and this is why I am feeling so irritable this evening.
    I can feel them in my brain like a headache.
    They want to open. They are poised to let the rush of THC and dopamine in.
    I am not going to try and solve the problem. I am just writing here, because I think it will help to acknowledge the uncomfortable feelings.


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      The best explanation I can come up with is that the passive smoking has given my brain receptors something to cry about.
      Either that, or the psychological effect of being around so much weed has activated the cannabis receptors in my brain.
      I shudder to think what would have been the effect if I had smoked. They are strong and irritable little f***ers (those receptors).

      Tonight, I decided to get out of the house and go for a walk. And that was a particularly lovely thing to do. It definitely made me feel a lot better - until I got home again and was faced with my apartment.

      I have no intention of giving these receptors what they want (obviously). But I am going to ride the wave and do what I can to get through it. I just have to get to the other side. Maybe I will feel so much better tomorrow after a good nights sleep.

      Good luck all. Fight on!


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        Hey Alice,

        Great to hear from you again and well done on not caving in and smoking on the boat cruise, that took amazing will power! It is indeed an interesting one as to whether the passive smoking effect was just enough to tickle your THC craving receptors or if it's just psychological, who knows maybe a little of both?

        Hang in there and thanks again for the update, also feel free to vent here anytime you feel. You are always welcome.
        Cannabis Rehab Admin

        If you wish to Use then Use, Your Body Your Choice, You're NOT a Criminal and I wish you well!

        My Choice is to be Drug Rehabilitated for 15 years because I Chose to be free from its Control on me!


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          Thanks so much Cannabis Rehab Admin!
          You are too kind :-) I appreciate it.

          It is definitely curious. . . physical or psychological?!
          As crappy as I feel at the moment, and as surprising as it is to be feeling so crap, I am sure that when I get to the other side of this I will be even better than I was before it started. That is the way neural rewiring works I think!?

          It is definitely good to visit again :-)
          I hope all is well in your world!
          :-) Alice :-)


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            Wow Alice that must have been tough! Ive pretty much stopped hanging out with people who smoke. And i dont go to parties anymore because I know weed will be there. And its just awkward to be around people smoking while you keep declining. But im glad you were able to enjoy the cruise. Ive never been on a cruise. Sounds amazing.


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              marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
              Hey Alice!

              You helped me in my early days quitting. In August I will be 2 years sober. I’m super proud of myself, but it’s been an incredibly hard journey. I too faced the same situation the other week. My friend had bought over a bud to another friends home. He pulled it out and I sniffed it. It was super hard to sit there and decline. I also felt the same way the next day, I wanted to be on the couch feeling faded and stoned. A lot of people don’t understand that for us, weed is a weapon of mass destruction.

              It’s times like these that test us, but I think we get a little bit stronger every time we say no. Well done and congrats on nearly 4 years!


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