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Weed smoking 10 years daily trying to quit

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  • Weed smoking 10 years daily trying to quit

    marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
    I have smoked every single day, average 10 joints a day for 10 years since I was 18, now I'm 28 and after trying lots of times to give up in the past never getting past more than 3/4 days of quitting. I've have decided that I can do this now, after sobering up on the alcohol (also been drinking 10 years straight) I have realised how much impact it has had on my body having very heavy lungs, and the main reason behind quitting is the effect this is having on my mouth, smoking 10 years has left me with serious gum disease, looking at a decision of quitting or losing all my teeth within the next year. its still not an easy decision for me, I've been in positions in my life where I've used my last £10 to get green instead of eating/[aying bills, missed family funerals for sneaking away, lost touch with all my family, financial its cost me roughly 10k a year for 10 years so 100k on green. I've begged and borrowed to make sure I always have a piece on me and yet still this is going to be very hard I've been there many times get through 3/4 of sweaty withdrawals and then cave in because the addiction gets to great. if anyone out there has any advise to help me stop id be very grateful. lets hope I can do it this time

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    The truth

    I would say the most important thing for you right now is to accept that this is going to be very hard. The withdrawal maybe even seem unbearable at times, but if you ever want your life back, you're going to have to just go through it. There are no shortcuts. I know this is not very encouraging but its the truth.

    You can do it. Trust me. Whatever withdrawal symptoms you start to have, know that we all here have gone through them as well. I am currently 46 days in. A piece of advice I can give you right off the bat is that you will probably start to become obsessed that something is wrong with you. Heart problems, diabetes etc. Don't panic, and try to realize that it is all just part of the withdrawal. You are NOT having a heart attack. A quick trip to the doctor will confirm this if you seriously don't feel well, visit one of course. I will check back again and try to help you or try to answer any questions you have.

    Best of luck! You can do it


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      What helped me in the first few days was just to go hour by hour. If a craving seems unbearable, just think "i can go another hour/day without it right?" Once you say "no" to your craving, it becomes easier. Your body just kind of accepts it and your craving dissipates.


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        quiting smoking weed

        So i was a advid smoker smoking about a gram a day for a while now i have quit a total of 5 times and let me tell you there is no drug out there is gunna make you feel love like god and his only son jesus who died for all our sins. To go on about my story ive had bad withdrawals in past vomiting stomach pains all of thy above recently ive study up on cbd which has helped speed up my recovery process i recommend getting broad spectrum no thc just cbd will help anyone with the withdrawl symptoms god bless all feel free to ask me any questions much love to all and let's all beat this addiction together.


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          marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
          Quitting smoking weed

          I would def recommend cbd for withdrawal symptoms helped me dramatically speed up my recovery and god bless 🙏 to all! All we need is gods love and his only son jesus love !


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