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Withdrawls + anxiety + helpp

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  • Withdrawls + anxiety + helpp

    marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
    My name is jay 25 150lbs

    Hello it's been almost 3 weeks since I've stopped smoking weed and I've been having unusual symptoms over the last few days.

    I started smoking weed because I felt like it helped me cope with some of my mental issues and normal to day life. I'd smoke 3/4 joints after I finished work (after 7pm) i had been smoking everyday for close to 5 years and tried to quit a few times in between but I'd always go back after a few weeks.

    Now that were in quarantine I'd thought it would be the perfect time to quit as the withdrawls wont effect my day to day life while working and I could fight through them knowing I dont have to go to work.
    The first week was difficult as I had really bad insomnia and was extremely irritable plus I'd have a fever that would come and go for a day. my anxiety was causing my heart rate to shoot up which really got me scared. I contacted my doctor and he had prescribed me some pills to cope with my heart rate, these worked really well and I started to lay off them after a week.
    During the same time I had alot of phlegm come up and a tightness in my throat which was similar to a sore throat but I didnt have a cough.I also had extreme sweats at night forcing me to drink alot of water throughout the day and night around 2.5l.

    My diet has drastically changed aswell as I was training before this and consuming alot of calories but stopping weed had contributed to my loss of appetite plus being in quarantine limited me getting enough food everyday. I still have these sweats and a little insomnia but now I have new symptoms such as diarrhea in the morning and gasses in my stomach every time I eat. My throat has been sore ever since quitting and I still have alot phlegm that I need to spit out.

    Sometimes I have hoarseness in my voice and have to clear it out. I dont know what's the cause for this and I am a little worried.

    I spoke to my doctor and not being able to see him in person is really difficult. He prescribed my anti biotic as he thought I may have an infection due to the extreme phlegm I spit out.

    I was wondering if anyone knew what the cause for my stomach gasses and diarrhea was. Could it be the anxiety and my diet change causing this or do I have a bigger problem. Plus the tightness in my chest and sharp little pains in my lungs now and again.

    Has anyone been through the same situation or have a clearer understanding of this?

    Every comment would be appreciated

    Thank you for your time

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    Oh believe you me

    I understand. I am 56 days into withdrawal and I've had almost all of your symptoms at one time or another. For the first week I had bad insomnia. It eventually cleared up. I have also had diarrhea ever since I quit. Some days only a little, some days pretty bad. I had sweaty feet and palms for the first few weeks. Loss of appetite. Lost 30lbs so far (I'm obese). I have also had crazy bouts of heart palpitations. Like little jolts in my heart like my body is trying to get its natural rhythm back. Ive had fevers that last only half a day. Crazy non stop anxiety that is finally letting up A LITTLE. I'd say you've gone through the roughest part already. First 3 or 4 weeks. It will slowly.. ..SLOWLY start to get better. Im nearly 2 months in and I feel a lot better. Like Maybe 70%. You'll get through this. There is no cheating, you just have to man up and ride the storm. You can do it. Trust me


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      marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
      Hi jayjay

      Your symptoms seem to match a lot of what people have written on here over the years.

      There are cannabinoid receptors in our digestive tracts so cannabis affects this region of our bodies. So often it is involved in withdrawal symptoms.
      All such crazy stuff!

      Hang in there and I hope you feel better!



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