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Just a quick note in regards to the moderation of the group. Sometimes if I am a bit short on time or if we get a lot of posts at once I may have to just skim the overall gist of the posts rather than reading them word for word before I approve them, also we all have a different perspective as to what is acceptable and thus there may sometimes be the odd post that gets through that you may feel is inappropriate. And while this doesn’t seem to happen very often if there is anything that anybody reads and feels is inappropriate then please feel free to either shoot me a PM or use the contact form to let me know and I will always be happy to take another look at it.

Please keep in mind however that a post does have to be quite bad or harmful to the group as a whole for us to delete it, I don’t like to be too heavy handed with that kind of moderation and try to reserve it for only when it is absolutely necessarily as generally I like people to be able to have their say and most things can be ironed out with dialogue and often we can all learn from it, that said if you feel something is inappropriate like I say please feel free to let me know and I will be happy to take another look.

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Day 29.

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  • Day 29.

    marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
    It’s been a rollercoaster to say the least and it doesn’t seem like the end is in sight. Day 29 of cold turkey after smoking at least 2g’s a day for 5 years, considerably more for the months leading up to quitting, and although the last week I’ve had periods of feeling much better today has been up there with the worse days. The hot flushes of day 4-8 are back and my stomach is worse than ever. I couldn’t drink anymore water if i tried and I am doing everything by the book to beat this. I can’t even make it to works the moment but lucky for me I’m my own boss so it only impacts me. My head has had a pressure feeling in my face, eyes, temples and top of the head for at least 5 days straight now.

    Are these symptoms normal to have at this stage. I don’t have many mental symptoms apart from the odd anxiety stint. I can sleep like a baby at night and I have no urge whatsoever to smoke, I couldn’t think of anything worse after the hell it has put me through these 29 days.

    How long can I expect this to go on for and does everything I have mentioned sound normal? I’m struggling to find any story with these symptoms at this stage and I’m starting to worry. Thanks in advance


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    It takes a while

    Congrats on the 29 days! That's great. Also, you seem to have the right mindset too as far as not even wanting to smoke anymore. We do not share the same symptoms but I will tell you this:

    I'm 116 days into it and today I'm having a really bad day. I feel like crap. Anxiety running rampant. At this point I'm having more good days than bad but every week or two I go through a several day stint where I feel like crap. Sometimes even like I did at the beginning. This is all a time game. I'm sorry but I think it will probably take months for you to feel normal again. That's not to say, though, that you won't start to feel better overall sooner than that. It will just probably be slower than you'd like. Everyone is different


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      Day. 30.

      Thanks for the reply nerdturd, encouraging words and I do hope I recover sooner than you have. Do you mind me asking your smoking history? Would be good for comparison, 116 days is awesome and I wish you full recovery as soon as possible. Felt a lot better today it seems like with every bad day at the moment follows a good day which is positive! I have also noticed stress is a big big big factor. A stressful day or an argument usually follows a day of hell!



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        Link to my thread


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          Same boat, same symptoms: day 55

          Hey man. Yeh, I had that facial pressure weird feeling in the eyes thing at pretty much exactly the same timeframe. I think One day I blew my nose and a load of thick gunk came out of a sinus. Possible it was clearing but I really can’t say for sure.

          Like nerd I’ve been having the ups and downs. A few days I’m good, most days I’m ok (70-80%) and every now and then I feel like utter crap and stay in bed for two days. But Ive not had any sub-50% myself days in a couple of weeks now and as I feel like there’s a general trend upwards I’m just about keeping my positivity.

          I’d so love to know what causes the up and down days. I had some theories but at this point I just don’t have a clue. I think sugar is bad, and so is not eating for a long period, but maybe not. Any thoughts guys?


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            marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief

            Hey man, thanks for the reply it literally just felt a release of relief knowing someone has the same symptoms as me as I’d still found nothing. I’ve started to be able to eat things that aren’t completely plain now and it’s going down well. As for what causes it I’ve noticed stress the day or night before really enhances it and as well dehydration! I’ve been drinking dyralyte before bed and it’s helping massively as it goes to work on your body over night. But as you said there’s still some days where there’s no logical answer to why! Let me know if you figure anything out as it seems I’m literally just following your footsteps



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