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8 weeks sober after 20+ years of smoking

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  • 8 weeks sober after 20+ years of smoking

    marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
    I'm new to this forum, and am currently on Day 57 of sobriety. I christened myself "gateway loiterer" because the common myth was that marijuana was a "gateway drug" that would lead to harder drugs. Not for me. For the last 20 odd years, I had been a habitual smoker and been perfectly fine with keeping weed as my crutch of choice, while I watched others progress to harder things. I was a high functioning smoker for many years, probably because I never smoked too much (maybe a quarter to a half an ounce per week), but I did smoke every day.
    Now I'm in my mid 40s, and after a few life altering events, some good some bad (new baby, loss of job) I've been forced to reassess my life and lifestyle, which is why I quit cold turkey nearly two months ago.
    I had only quit pot once before for this long, while traipsing across Europe ten years ago with my wife. It was much easier then, because I was preoccupied with traveling, and IT WAS EUROPE!
    But now, I am presently unemployed, mostly sequestered to our NYC apartment due to the Corona virus, and am juggling being a first time father to a baby at a time where many friends my age are becoming empty nesters.
    Over the years, I knew I had two options: to quit entirely at some point or to embrace myself as an old "stoner geezer" that I was destined to become if continuing. But since the baby came along (a surprise!), and since losing my job (not so much a surprise, but not due to job performance, was downsized) I've taken a step back and decided now was the time to let the green go. Possibly worst timing to do so, but in the back of my head I think possibly the best.
    Nonetheless, I am having a really hard time of it mentally, and have wisely sought therapy for the first time. I also took up meditation two years ago before thoughts of quitting, but both that and the therapy have been helping me through some pretty dark periods.
    Anyone else out there a loooooong time user, even if was more recreationally rather than habitually, that can offer advice?
    I stumbled upon this forum a few days ago, and found other testimonials both inspiring and touching. I wasn't going to share mine, but seeing the amount of candor and acceptance here, I've decided to reach out and tell a bit of my story. It's refreshing to see I'm not alone.

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    So thankful all of you guys and gals exist. Currently in the midst of a 16 year habit, which has been a daily thing in the main.

    If there was ever a time to prove how strong you CAN be, now is that time. Congratulations on the baby and I'm sorry to hear about the job. Hopefully it all works out for the best. Great effort on the quitting!!

    Moving from being a willing addict to an unwilling addict and feeling entirely alone in my quest to start the quit. Noone in my life knows the hold it actually has on me because I play it off as something I enjoy and can handle.

    It's terrifying looking into the abyss of quitting, and I cannot express how helpful it is to find a community of open people who are expressing many things I think and feel myself.


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      I'm 31 years old and been smoking weed for nearly 18 years off my life, started off fairly young. All my friends and some family smoke it. I often think I need to distance myself from people but when I do that I have to much time know I will have to much time to keep thinking it over and over! I'm on my 7th day and it's starting to rely over and over in my head. I've got a 2 year old girl and I want to be the best dad I can too her. I stumbled across this site and it seems to help hearing people in the same position as I thought it was me that's having a hard time. I hope I can get to where you are months down the line and still be off it. People say it's not addiction it's all in your head, but aint that an addiction. Hope you stay strong brother!


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        marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
        I am here and I am listening

        Thanks to both unregistered and Jake for responding - On day 75 and going strong and stronger going. Still have rough patches, but no longer rough days. Weekly therapy has helped, continued unemployment has not, but have to take the good with the bad. I find it helps to focus on the good things that quitting has provided. A big one for me is a more genuine relationship with my little daughter. Although I'm cautious to say I quit for her (I wouldn't put that burden on anyone), she was a motivator. But really, I quit for myself. I couldn't step behind the green curtain anymore and live life numb. As much as the worst days or times being me down, I'm feeling them sober and that's something I'm proud of (so far! 75 days and going...) Stay strong out there. I'm reading the posts on these forums and I am cheering you on!


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