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Partner going cold turkey don’t know what to do

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  • Partner going cold turkey don’t know what to do

    marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
    Hi all so as title says, it’s been nearly 8 days since he smoked bud smoked it for over 30yr . Smoked it all day and evening till bed time. He’s decided to go cold turkey for himself and kids youngest 4. We didn’t even know there was going to be withdrawals as bad. He’s been scaring me with symptoms of Headache (pressure) pressure in eye being sick, off balance feeling like when he stands he’s going to faint like he has sea legs I had to carry him out of the bath because he went all dizzy. He has fatigue can’t get out of bed. Sweats it’s like a hot flash comes over him and he’s sick with it, is this all normal I’m just feeling overwhelmed and anxious myself and alone none of my family no he used to smoke it. Just looking for people to talk to and for advice thank you 😊

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    Hi Louie47,

    I plan on replying with a proper response to this tomorrow as I’m just in the middle of going to sleep with my eyelids closing (which has been nigh on impossible some nights lately), and I want to make the most of this window where it feels like I may sleep! I’ll reply in the morning :-)

    All the best!


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      Thank you 😊


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        Apologies for the late reply - had a bit of a home emergency!

        Everything you have described there is normal, ESPECIALLY given the long term daily use. How is he doing? Has he managed to stay away from it still?

        I have to say, going cold turkey is possibly the hardest way of doing it and it takes an incredible amount of fortitude and will power.

        His body is going through the first phase currently where he has huge internal conflict going on, brain telling him he should be smoking and deliberately going out of it's way to make him uncomfortable in an attempt to sway him. Once he gets through this first phase (first couple of weeks but in his case with long term use maybe 3 weeks?), the symptoms will start to ease off and some lesser effects will replace them (crazy dreams and a few other bits).

        The sweats will continue for a while likely as his body expels the 'toxins' it's trying to get rid of - but if it's been nearly 10 days since he stopped now, the worst of it should be ending very soon. Hang in there!

        P.S - make sure that he is getting plenty potassium and sodium because he'll be losing a hell of a lot of that due to the sweats - bananas, salty crisps can really help, and make sure he stays as hydrated as possible :-)


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          Thank you

          Is bad headaches part of it he’s been really really suffering with bad headaches and fatigue. Appreciate your replies and advise


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            marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
            Cold tukey

            I'm going cold tukey too after many heavy use years. No fun at all. Headaches, dizzy, unbalanced,night sweats, insomnia,anger totally weird stuff I never get.

            Withdrawls from weed are very real and perhaps more intense if you consumed lots of potent pot for years.
            Take care & best of luck.


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