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cold turkey, constant second thoughts... coffee and marijuana

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  • cold turkey, constant second thoughts... coffee and marijuana

    marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
    Hello friends -- This is my first post on this site. About 1 month ago, I quit both coffee and marijuana. I had been a regular user of both for 5+ years, those habits cemented once my daughter was born and I was struggling with being a new parent. I was convinced these substances gave me "energy" to push through various monotonous tasks. I'd use both daily. I was a cannabis user for a bit longer. I always knew caffeine was a problem for me -- I'd drink one soda or one cup of coffee and I couldn't sleep right for two days. The cannabis was less problematic, I'd just feel brain fog after the high. Eventually, I started smoking / vaping so much that I never really felt the "come down" from the cannabis high.

    I think the thing I liked about cannabis was that I didn't feel a lot of side effects... I'd smoke and feel high, and then gently I'd feel a bring-down back to reality. This was when I was a casual smoker 5-10 years ago... once I got into the groove, I was smoking all day, every day. I worked in creative fields and I'd feel like I was a bad-ass artist who was always living on the edge. Pot helped with creativity at times... I'd feel like I could smoke it and "slip in" to whatever creative thing I had to do. Alcohol left me with headaches and hangovers. And caffeine was great for a short burst of energy, but I'd be wired unable to sleep and headaches a few days later. As I said, eventually I'd solve the caffeine side effects by just doing it every day...

    Tied to all this... I married the wrong person, and I'm currently struggling with ending a contentious divorce and living in a new city (her hometown) where I don't know anyone. I'm not sure I would have made any of these choices if I weren't on pot. I look back and I used to say she was the one who got me into it. I think that's true to a degree... her attitudes toward pot pulled towards attitudes I never would have found for myself. But I accept responsibility for my own choices.

    I live alone now (except for when my daughter is with me) and that aloneness is where I found the strength and space to quit. As I said, I think my coffee and marijuana habits were tied together... at the time I quit, I was starting each day with some combination of the two and at the end, I wouldn't feel good from them, just kind of normal and maybe even a little sick / foggy headed... I didn't that "good coffee focus" nor that "fun good m.j. high" -- just kind of continued the dance with anxiety and productivity.

    I pulled the plug on the weed first. I tried many other times to give it up, but I'd always relapse or not follow through. As long as I had weed in the drawer, I'd smoke it, and if I ran out, I'd be so overcome with anxiety about what would happen if I didn't have weed around -- this is a codependency habit I picked up from my ex, who would flip the f*ck out if I didn't keep a constant supply, though she would never "ask" me for it directly. At the time I was quitting, I traveled for a week with my daughter to visit my parents, and for the first time in a while I didn't travel with weed. My folks don't support or understand pot use, they've never even tried it... they are a product of another generation. Of course, my folks had coffee around and I drank that every day. The trip was good, but rather than feeling rested I just felt exhausted and anxious.

    When I got back to my place, of course I still had a little bit of weed left. After a week away from my daily habit, I smoked some pot. Going back did not feel good or helpful. I felt "stoned" and out of it, not lucid or creative. So I smoked the rest of the weed I had, and said "that's it, I'm going to quit this... at least for the next two months"

    I resolved not to go back to buy more pot, and I would also give up coffee.

    That not going back to buy more pot has been difficult, but it's what made it actually work. Going to buy pot takes a solid hour or two, and it costs a lot of money -- if you can convince yourself it's not worth the trouble to go buy more, chances are you can trick yourself into not smoking pot. About 1 week after I quit, I felt so low and terrible that I finally just said "that's it, I feel so horrible that I'm going to the store to buy more." I got some cash and started driving. The traffic was horrible. I took that as a sign that I shouldn't be doing this, and I turned back to go home. Then, when I was almost home, I second guessed it, and said to myself "you made a decision, just follow through on it... go buy that pot, you ass" So, I turned back again. Drove another way, traffic was still bad. I then interpreted that as a second sign that I really should go home and stick with the quitting. Or at least go back when the traffic wasn't so bad. I went home. Cried. Exhausted. Took a nap for 2+ hours.

    Over the next few weeks, I'd have several days like that... feeling very sad, horrible, no motivation. Instead of going to buy more pot, I'd tell myself that it's not worth the effort, that I shouldn't be trying to go out and buy pot when I felt so terrible, but I let myself take a nap. A few times, I reached for the coffee (next best thing, right?) but I would talk myself out of actually brewing that and take a nap. The sleep always helped. Put off the decision to use for a few hours at least. Hours turn into days, days into weeks.

    Now here it is a month later. I'm still struggling with just about everything -- but I do feel better about most things. I'm thinking clearer in some ways, but lots of brain fog. I can tell that physically I feel much better. My voice is not fried from constantly smoking; the pasty skin, bloating, bags under my eyes are all getting better. The extra sleep has helped with the feelings of exhaustion -- but I never feel as good as I did after a cup of coffee.

    Lots of strange dreams, but nothing too wild. Lots of stuff related to my divorce and still suffering through long-term unemployment... pot and coffee always helped me get around these things in the past, but they also contributed to the factors that got me in both messes.

    As I said, I told myself I'd "detox" for two months, and I'm only about 1 month through. What kept me from going to buy more weed today has been my furiously typing this stupid post. Thanks for reading -- but goddamn it, everything feels so f*cking stupid and pointless and I'd really like to just smoke a bowl and slip back in to some creative flow. Unfortunately, I've learned from experience that it doesn't work like that. Better off working through the stupid and pointless sh*t, because on the other side of that is the real detoxed "me." Not the pretend me that feels good because I just had a hit of something that ignores some part of reality as I experience it.

    I'm fully open to using both coffee and/or pot after I complete two months of detox, but I don't really think I want to. Sometimes of course, I want to use sooner. I'm trying to find ways to get around those urges.

    I read somewhere that it takes a full 90 DAYS for your brain to really start recovering from addition or long-term drug use. That's 3 months. *sigh*

    If were to give advice to anyone reading this: Sometimes life sucks. You will get through it better if you aren't using.

    Trouble is, I don't really want to follow this advice. Or at least, part of me doesn't. I'm going to take a walk and try to get my mind off that part.
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