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If you wish to Use then Use, Your Body Your Choice, You're NOT a Criminal and I wish you well!

My Choice is to be Drug Rehabilitated for 15 years because I Chose to be free from its Control on me!
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i think im addicted to cannabis and its driving me

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  • i think im addicted to cannabis and its driving me

    marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
    im a 20 year old female with my whole life ahead of me.. im do modelling part time and i have a great job and lots of its not affecting my way of life..just mentally..
    i have been smokin the drug for 3/4 years..everyday..i can smoke alot..normally just an 8th its only at night that i smoke it sometimes on the way to work and it doesnt affect my work either ..its fine when ive got it..i have a great sleep and i wake up fine the next day and it relax's me and makes all my problems go away.. then for instance like now..i havent got any and im goin mad..i feel like pullin my hair out and im shaking and im so stressed and cant stop cryin i feel like im goin mad when i aint got any and i hate it..i wish i cud b normal and go sleep without but i so stressed rite now and i cant calm myself down..all i need is a spliff and ill be back to normal this cant be right....i dont know what to do..please help and advise me what to do...

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    Your so used 2 smokin it that your body is shocked when it doesnt get it. Go through the detox and u will come out the other side a better person. It might be hard but u will b wrking towards a life where u dont need it 2 b happy, like u were before u ever tried it


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      Hi welcome to the forum.

      It sounds like you are dependent on weed, it certainly seems to effect you significantly when you don’t smoke it. If I were you and this will take some discipline, I would quit by gradually reducing the amount I smoked over a six to eight week period, until I was smoking very little, then I would quit completely, I think this way you will find it allot less stressful.

      Now this won’t necessarily be easy and like I say it will take some discipline, but if you can stick to it, you will probably find it the easier option. The only other option is quit cold turkey which I think is harder, but may be more suitable for some.

      Also are the any reasons why you are smoking weed? There are not always other than the fact that people just like to get high, but sometimes there are and if so they will need to be addressed.

      You may want to check out our How to detox smoking marijuana post.

      Like I say it won’t necessarily be easy, but it’s usually worth it and anytime you want to get something off your chest we are here to listen.

      Take care and please keep us posted on what you decide to do and how it is going.
      Cannabis Rehab Admin

      If you wish to Use then Use, Your Body Your Choice, You're NOT a Criminal and I wish you well!

      My Choice is to be Drug Rehabilitated for 15 years because I Chose to be free from its Control on me!


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        I am the same, I am a complete mess when I don’t have any. But I refuse to let it have this power over me. I will beat it, I will smoke less and less every day and then I will quit. We can do it!

        Good luck 20 year old female, you can do it too.


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          Good luck 20 year old female we are all with you.


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            marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
            wat u hav 2 do is stop-

            of course ther are many options open to u-here's one of them-

            keep smokn and drive ur head bonkers-always make sure u have enough smoke and wen ur down to an eighth get another quarter and blast ureslf into oblivion-be afraid to go out the door to the shop or (horror") into town and shops like debenhams-nightmare material-the lightin they use is not for stoners!

            avoid meetn old friends cause they'r th people who'll see how u'v changed-be happy one minute or crazy the nxt with ur family and friends-admittedly wen u smoke dope u hav less worries-have i enuff gear papers nice bong etc-life is less complicated but also a lot less intersting-trust me if u keep smokn ur head will be well messed up- pray 4 rain so u can float thro the outside world coverd in ur coat and ur hood up and dont let any1 get thro-stoners dont like the sun-

            look urself in the mirror-imaginr ur time's up on earth-r u the person u wantd to be?

            i'm not

            so i'm quitting pot too-ur 20 i startd smoken the year b4 u wer born and like many things its good at the start-not wen it gets 2 much-then its a nightmare-

            one thing i aint seen much of is the concept of a smokaholic-i'm one-most people who use sight r too-u are-if we drank as much and as often as we smoked we'd be alcoholics-i know-i used to be one-i made a decision one time that one of my bad habits had to go-so luckily i jackd the drink-i'v since learnd that we'r made for no bad habits-a bad habit repeatd will get u down-soonr or latr-bad habits can b handled better wen ur young-as u get older and ur body aint as strong thats wen it gets u-

            u'r doin the right thing dude-hang in ther-any long term smokers who say they dont have a problem with it are tryn to persuade u and themselves that its okay-it aint-fix ur problem and u'll be as right as fresh sweet april rain


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