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If you wish to Use then Use, Your Body Your Choice, You're NOT a Criminal and I wish you well!

My Choice is to be Drug Rehabilitated for 15 years because I Chose to be free from its Control on me!
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3rd day sober off pot..

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  • 3rd day sober off pot..

    marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief

    Today is my 3rd day sober from smoking pot for 14 years.

    I was smoking every single day from the moment I got home from work till I went to bed and of course all day on the weekends. Ever since losing my job in December I have been smoking every day from 6am to 1am...smoking about a half ounce ever two weeks or so..

    I needed to detox because pot started to turn on me..panic attacks, I started to sound like a old man when I cough and I started letting myself and my life go..

    SO WHY DO I MISS IT SO MUCH?? Don't get me wrong, I feel so much better, physically, but mentally I am in bad shape..I can't sleep, I think about getting high all the time..

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    3rd day sober off pot..


    I'm new here and figured this would be a good place to get some support..

    I have been smoking pot everyday for about 14 years now and ever since losing my job, every day has turned into all day and all night.. Wound up smoking about a half ounce every two weeks..

    I feel good physically but mentally I am not doing to well..

    All I think about is getting high, not getting high..I am not sleeping too well and just dont feel like I'll ever find happiness in anything again..I hope these feelings will pass...


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      Hi PinkSabbath76 welcome to the forum.

      I hope you don’t mind but I moved both your posts onto the same thread. Pot can cause anxiety and paranoia, especially the new high THC low CBD the drug which so many people smoke these days, I know it did for me, I have suffered panic attacks as a result of it too.

      The first few weeks will be the hardest, but don’t worry these feelings will pass, they won’t last forever, most people after the first month feel a lot better. You will find happiness again, but it will take your brain a little while to readjust and learn how to be happy without artificial stimulus.

      Take care and please keep us posted on how it goes.
      Cannabis Rehab Admin

      If you wish to Use then Use, Your Body Your Choice, You're NOT a Criminal and I wish you well!

      My Choice is to be Drug Rehabilitated for 15 years because I Chose to be free from its Control on me!


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        Pinksabbath, you are not alone! Read my thread. Today is my 8th day sober! YOU DONT NEED IT. Its going to take some time but you will be better with out in the long run. STAY STRONG


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          Sorry about the double post..I was a little manic yesterday and thought that my first post got lost..

          Thanks for the kind really helps to know that this addiction is real..most people would just shrug me off but being here is a huge help

          s42 congrats on your 8th day sober! and you telling me I don't need it brought tears to my eyes..I needed to hear that..thank you..

          I guess today is a little better..I do realize that the cravings dont last all day and come and go in a matter in hours, I think I can deal with that...

          Today is day 4..yesterday was real tough but if I got though yesterday, I think I can do today too..


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            We are going through the exact same thing. The post you made in my thread is exactly how I feel, it was like you took the words right out of my mouth! I was dealing with the EXACT same situation regarding the panics attacks, they are the worst. I would have to go outside and walk around the block a couple of times to try and calm down. It will get easier day by day I promise you that. The self empowerment feels great and thats really what keeps me going each day. If you ever need to talk my Email to my blackberry is [email protected] , PLEASE feel free to email me whenever you would like. Stay strong


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              yous hav made the right choice

              i'm at the end of my third week off th pot and feel much better dudes- b4 i stopped i was smokn a quarter every day and a half and my head was well messed up-i stayed in and smoked and let th world go on past-if ur happy wi that kind of lifestyle then smoke is for u-but u people are obviously a bit like me-we want more outa life-

              smokn pot can stop ur life-kill ur interests-make u not care-waste ur dreams-
              i know ur doin the right thing-i also know its hard-those people blowen it in ur face aint freinds-freinds should respect ur decisions-not ridicule them-

              my dreams have come back-my interest in life is returning-things are mostly better-instead of panic attacks or anything like that i get into uncontrollable dark moods of despair-but they r hapnin less too-i do get angry internally over the stupidest things but that'll change for the better too-

              ur lives will come back so lomg as u know it fu'ckd u up and that u need to stop in order to function fully-be carefull-wen u stop smokn u feel better-then cause u feel better u decide to smoke again and then ur back to square one-i'm sure we'v all done that on many occasions-i know i have!

              u'll feel better cause ur not smoken-SO KEEP NOT SMOKN DUDES and get more outa life


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                wow that's an acheivement ...sick with it pal


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                  Day 6 Sober

                  Today is day 6 and I have to say it's been a roller coaster of emotions.

                  This weekend was ok.. I was FINE on Saturday..felt real good, nice and positive...then Sunday was sooo crabby, crying at anything and thinking these really horrible thoughts about people I love dying and stuff like that...

                  I do notice that all my emotions are so peaked right now.. when I get happy I am really happy, but when I'm sad, boy do I get sad...It's kinda nice in a way feeling like a human being again and it def is getting easier to deal with everything..

                  I did TONS of work in my yard and house this weekend and I KNOW I wouldn't have been able to get half of what I did done if I was stoned..

                  I am sleeping a little bit better but the dreams are soo least I am not having nightmares anymore...

                  Point is..things are getting better and the days are longer, in a real good way, and more fulfilling...getting alot more done


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                    good stuff!

                    excellent dude-i'm glad-stick at it-ther will b times wen u think "this si too much" ur emotions'll settle and u will feel better-and ut right-wen ur stoned u do nought!


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                      3days and I'm doing it. Have a daughter on the way and its time to get my life back. FOR THE BETTER ME!!!. People say its not addictive..I say, "ever try to stop" lol. Its time to grow up now more than ever. I wish now I listened to my brother and never started. Lost a lot of time.Lost a lot of Money. Lost my health and gave up my hobbies. All for the green stuff. Not worth it honestly.


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                        marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
                        hi WeCanDoIt,

                        You really can do it, I know that you can and it sounds like you have great reasons for wanting to quit. I have been quit for about 15 months now and life is a lot better than when I was smoking.

                        Wishing you all the best of luck. Posting and reading on the forum might really help you to keep the right mindset.



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