my potless week 4 just started for me and it feels good-

i was on a quarter per day n a half wen i stoppd-i was fu'ckd up on it-recluse, keepn people at a distance, always worried about life, goin nower-

recently i'v started to laugh again and it feels so good-i watched weird al's "bob" it was so funny dudes-i laughed and laughed-it was so weird after all this time-i'v also got my sense of humour back-it was long gone for so long- at times i think about the past and it gets so emotional-i fill up with tears and cry to myself-this is essential for me to keep healin-but th dark times are less and ther is hope-

i feel much better now and know the journey back to me aint over yet-but i cant say it enuff-things do get better-

i'm still stayen away fro smokers for now-but thats ok-i dont want that temptation too close-

i want u to know-i mean people wi a problem with pot-i'm the same as u-ther is a way out-u can feel better again-i hope u find it-

ufortunately th only way to get better is to stop smokn pot and take ur oil-