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  1. Hey there Eroica

    Sorry for the delay. I saw this message a week and a half or so ago. I saw it when I was finishing up and in a rush to get out the door. I'm not visiting the site with as much frequency as before. But I do read through the posts periodically.
    I am doing better thanks. It's been a year and seven months since I last used cannabis. I read posts like yours and am very glad to be where I am. It really sucked last year. And I would say even in the last week my sleep has improved. Hopefully it will last.
    I am sorry you are feeling so bad and dealing with this shit. It will get better but will take some time. As you say at the end of your posts, One day at a time.
  2. Hello my friend. How are you doing. I dont see anybody posting much on the site. It's been very slow.
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