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  1. Greetings,
    I check the board by looking to see if there are envelopes and haven't seen any all week.
    So, I went to moderation tools this AM and realized there are none listed under forum actions.
    Am I missing something? I don't want to appear to be a moron, lol... but I just want to make sure I'm not missing any posts that need to be moderated.
  2. Hi,
    I have to sign in every time I go on... Can that be remedied?

    I hope your doing good, everything ok?
  3. Greetings
    Hoping everything is doing good... Is it?
    Everything here is alright.... 11:15 pm here... gonna get so sleep. Tomorrow I'm off to fire island seashore in a town called Ocean Beach for a day or 2. That's the barrier island south of long Island,Ny. Gonna take a ferry there in the am...I will have my ipad so I'll be checking the board every so often.
  4. Re: Did my trip alter reality?


    Does he really expect someone to say his vomit is a symbol or prophecy ?

    Seems like he's still on a trip, destination unknown...

    Poor guy...It's not really funny, but honestly, laughter was my reaction.
  5. Re: Zat ****,
    Curious, did u delete his last two posts. I decided to leave them for you because I was ready to tell him off.
  6. from shipsia...

    Ads c very close friend of mine tried to substitute his MJ addiction with "Legal Weed" (i.e. Spice) and ended up horribly addicted to it, far worse than any addiction he has experienced with MJ in the past. Most of the newer blenontain a chemical called AM-2201 which is still largely legal worldwide (although some states in Australia have banned it, etc.) and it is LITERALLY like crack.

    I actually admin a support forum dedicated to beating addiction to these "legal" alternatives to MJ - as they appear to be becoming a real problem. Am I allowed to post the link to that forum here?
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