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  1. Thanks bro! Yea man. Well maybe in due time we can have a forum meet up and all us ex stoners can go on a little vacay. LOL. Just a thought.

    but anyhow, keep strong to you as well. I know were gonna beat this! I think all the difficult parts are already in the bag. Its just down hill from now, but not yet smooth sailing.
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    yo dude thats great you had a good weekend! it sounds like you packed a lot into your weekend - me too - i thought it was amazing i could pack so many different things into one weekend. WOuldn't have done that if was still a stoner! well done you! proud of you! wish i stayed over in the states so you could teach me some of your dance moves, would love to dance hip hop

    Keep strong

  3. Hey whats up!

    Oh man.. this past weekend was AMAZING! AHHHHHHHHH.. i'll put in a good post on my thread for everyone to see.
    Today is day 28! so 4 weeks for me.. your right, i'm not far behind.

    Sounds like your doing great yourself! Keep it up. Im excited to see how we will be on our 9th and 8th week!

    as for people smoking infront of me etc, I don't mind at all anymore either. My will power has never been so strong.. I will never smoke again! hahah
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    Hey Tufflluck

    hows it going? 5 weeks today for me, you are not far behind my friend! How did your brother's wedding go? good i hope? I had a great weekend catching up with old friends and had the willpower to stay strong even when people smoking around me - my friends were dead supportive - i was around someone smoking weed for the first time since i quit and they all went outside, one by one, to smoke it - so i didn't feel left out or feel like i was missing out anyway just a short message to see how you doing.

    Take care

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    Hi Tuffluck,

    I deactivated facebook over a year ago because i was sick of staring at my screen and doing nothing, facebook is evil lol.
    I live near Liverpool in the UK. Its nice, there a heck of a lot of weed here tho.

    I am on day ten now what day are you on? It does get easier, last time i was feeling angry and emotional, this time i feel emotional but luckily i have not had much anger..... yet.
    I am really struggling with the boredom, i am just watching documentaries all day long waiting for something to happen, i have been going on bike rides tho to try and keep fit.
    I'm so glad that I am not smoking tho even though i am having bad night sweats and vivid dreams, they are worth it.

    You say hurry up day 60 but thats when i relapsed, so just be careful always keep your guard up.

    Anyway good luck and keep in touch

  6. Hey cath..

    its going uhhh.. decent I suppose. I am feeling very emotional at the moment, I broke into tears while writing a paper for anthropology. But its good that I am getting my emotions back. I too feel that time is dragging a bit but what bothers me is that I am doing not much with it.

    I work from home but I have not been putting in much time and its commission based. and all my school work is getting done last minute... and there really is a lot of stuff I could do but I choose to be lazy and its not a good feeling.

    Economy does suck right now but I hope you can find a summer job.

    Im from atlanta, ga btw, where are you from?

    This is tough! bahhhh.. day 8 almost over.. why can't it be like day 60 already lol..

    oh and I just deactivated my facebook account so I don't sit on the comp and stare into the net all day lol.
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    Hey Tuffluck,
    How is it going? Do you find it hard now that you have broke up for the summer? I'm finding that the time is dragging a bit, I'm trying to find things to do, but I want to avoid all my friends who smoke, and those who don't are at work. I'm doing a lot of reading, and trying to keep myself busy. I was just wondering are you experiencing a similar problem with us having so much free time on our hands. I'm looking for a summer job, but they are hard to find in the current economic situation.
    let me know xx
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