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  • 07-14-2019, 08:32 AM
    They Thisisme,
    Welcome back! You wrote that post a week or so ago now. How are you going now?
    Stress and pot withdrawal/addiction can be a bit of a chicken or the egg situation, as the pot can make things more stressful, so you smoke more pot and get more stressed. Withdrawal is also a big chemical change in your body, so it will have some physical, emotional and cognitive effects.
    My advice to you would be to overall work on how to deal with stress in your life. This work will not be lost if and when you give up weed, and it will make it easier to give up cannabis when you do attempt to do this again.
    I think I mentioned in a couple of posts possibly seeing a counsellor or psychologist. Is this an option for you? I think it might really help with learning how to deal with stress and stressful situations.
    Alice :-)
  • 07-05-2019, 10:46 AM
    No need to be embarassed! I remember 2 years ago i was clean 3 months..then my father passed away and i went back to daily use. Luckily i havent had to deal with a huge amount of stress lately and that helps. Eventually we have to find ways of coping that dont involve pot though. Maybe if you let the members here know whats causing you stress they can help. Take care and good luck.
  • 07-04-2019, 06:35 PM
    Update for anyone whoís interested. I did fall off the wagon and went back to daily smoking for a few months as things in my life became so massively stressful, Iíve had a damn lot of stress in life since late February itís why Iíve also been away from here along with the fact I was embarrassed that I caved in.
    Iím finally getting things back in order bit by bit in my life (still a very long way to go) and also have knocked weed on the head again but Iím only a few days in.
    Iím not gonna make any big statements like Iíve quit for good (even though I would like to) because as Iíve found out itís not easy at all.
  • 03-06-2019, 02:29 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by Thisisme373 View Post
    Hello everyone, I ainít been great to be honest Iíve had some bad stress, I was 3 months and 3 weeks clean but I did smoke with my friend the last two days, I was that down and stressed that I gave in to the temptation so now I have to start again. If Iím honest I donít feel massively guilty as Iíve had a really crap month and needed some relief.
    The main thing is not to give up, if there was a breakdown - nothing terrible, but henceforth try to prevent it. Honestly, I will say it on my own, then you start looking for shitty in every day in order to return to the old habit. And so more and more often, and then imperceptibly you are again in it. Therefore, do not allow your addiction and your distorted habit to be conscious of controlling you, be stronger than this and you will definitely succeed!
  • 02-27-2019, 09:21 PM
    hi Thisisme,
    Sorry to hear you have been feeling stressed, and had a crappy month. In my experience it can be hard to come back from one or two smokes after quitting.

    It also sounds like you could really use some help in coping with stress and uncomfortable thoughts and feelings. Would you consider finding a psychologist that you could see locally? The ability to weather these storms and to remain moving forward towards your values would be greatly enhanced by getting some outside help.

    Quitting cannabis is one of the best first steps you can take for your mental health as it provides the foundation that everything else can grow from. However, it sounds like you are struggling to manage some of the challenges of the real world, and I would really encourage you to consider working on these coping skills at the same time, so that you find a place in the world where you feel happy and successful.

    Alice :-)
  • 02-27-2019, 04:02 PM
    Hello everyone, I ainít been great to be honest Iíve had some bad stress, I was 3 months and 3 weeks clean but I did smoke with my friend the last two days, I was that down and stressed that I gave in to the temptation so now I have to start again. If Iím honest I donít feel massively guilty as Iíve had a really crap month and needed some relief.
  • 02-17-2019, 11:48 PM
    Hi Thisisme,
    I guess 'luck' is like that. You can't force it to happen. But you are doing all the right things and one the biggest skills I think we can learn is that of persistence, or the ability to keep trying, to keep picking yourself up, dusting yourself off and giving it another go. It has helped me a lot in my career.
    I feel like you have had some good breaks so far, two job interviews in as many weeks and one that you actually got. I guess it will take a little patience to find the right job for you, where you are the right fit for them, but if you keep going I know you will find that sweet spot.

    I would really encourage you to try one of those mindfulness apps. Especially if you feel 'burnt out, tired and stressed'. It may take a few weeks, but it will really help you a great deal.

    What are your plans for the week? Got any more jobs you are looking at? Or just looking for others?
  • 02-15-2019, 06:28 PM
    Hi Alice thank you for the reply.
    By getting a break I mean getting a chance, like a chance at a decent job where I will feel comfortable and things go well for once.
    Iím gonna be honest I know absolutely nothing about meditation, I might try one of those apps, I definitely need to try something, I feel so burnt out, so tired, so stressed.
  • 02-15-2019, 04:21 PM
    hey Thisisme,
    Sorry you didn't get the job. I really do feel like it is 'for the best' as 40 hour weeks would probably be a bit of a stress on you at the moment.

    I hear that you are feeling run down and stressed out. In terms of feeling run down, I am wondering how your diet is? Do you eat quite a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables? What have you been eating lately? Stress can also make us feel tired. If you are having trouble sleeping, I would suggest maybe some dense protein before bed. I find that a boiled egg on toast can really help me to get to sleep, especially if I am stressing. It is perfectly normal for our minds to race a bit sometimes. I haven't read the article, yet, but apparently this is a thing, so you are not alone!

    I also hear that you are at your wits end, and feel like you need a break. By 'break' do you mean a rest, or do you mean some kind of 'chance'? If you need rest, then please rest. I understand that you are having difficulty with these thoughts that are crowding out your mind and stressing you out. As uncomfortable as they are, you can learn to not pay attention to them. They are just thoughts, not commands and they can't 'hurt' you. Have you ever tried doing mindfulness meditation? It can be very relaxing and can also help you to not let your thoughts bother you. The 'Smiling Mind' app is a great one. The speaker has an Australian accent, but it is free. Alternatively the Headspace app is also good (from the UK), but after 10 sessions you need to pay.

    These kinds of mental skills are like muscles and the more we exercise the easier it will get. We can rewire our brains and we can learn to think differently, but it does take a little effort, focus and repitition in the beginning.

    Please feel that you can always come here to vent or to share your feelings. Don't bottle this up and keep it to yourself. We are here for you!!

    Alice :-) xx
  • 02-15-2019, 09:29 AM
    So I didnít get the job, probably for the best as there was too many lies it was all a mess. Iíve just felt so run down the last few weeks, the last two nights Iíve really struggled to get to sleep due to stressing, Iíve even thought once or twice that I canít take all this anymore, I feel like I just need a break in life.
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