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  • 07-05-2019, 11:29 AM
    25 year ex user
    Thanks Alice, yes I agree, The 'challenge' of giving up hasn't been the 'wanting' to smoke, more the challenge of learning to live, cope, and deal with life without weed! As well as my exercise regime and yoga, I am having some talk therapy once per week, I ramble on for an hour and this is exposing all my issues, so I can deal with them, or put more accurately let go of them, with guidance from a trained councillor, I feel like I am progressing and growing as a human being. I won't lie and say its easy, but it's so worth it, as I might have lived the rest of my life in a stoned haze and never dealt with these issues that sit in your subconscious bringing you down slightly. The last month has been a struggle with mother being ill, but we've had some positive news today, and she isn't as ill as we thought and 'should' make a full recovery albeit a slow one. My health was an issue too as the ermmmm constipation was killing me, but amending my diet has seem to have solved this and seems to have lifted my mood somewhat too, sleeping at night has also become easier and I feel more awake and in the moment, slightly more social too, and less anxious, some days are better than others but at least I do have good days now! so I will be at 3 months clean in 2 weeks, and I think i'm over the worst, and feel quite positive, but I wont let my guard down as I know it can take a while for everything to stabilize, my sights are set at 6 months as the next milestone.
  • 07-04-2019, 08:18 AM
    Hey 25,
    How are things going for you now?
    Good to hear that you are hanging in there. It sounds like you are being quite practical/resourceful/wise about some of the challenges that can crop up in the first few months.
    Sorry to hear that your mother is unwell. It must be hard for you. But I bet you are able to deal with this a hell of a lot better than you would if you were still smoking?! It may not feel like that right now, but I feel sure you are more emotionally balanced without cannabis.
    As you suggest, all of these issues is an opportunity to grow as a person. That is the biggest benefit of being over three years cannabis free. I have grown so much as a person in these three years. It would not have been possible if I was sucking down that weed.
    Hope things continue to improve.
    Cheers :-)
  • 06-26-2019, 05:07 PM
    25 year ex user
    Its been so Long Eroica over 25 years, but I'm fairly sure the answer is yes, and is probably one of the reasons why i continued using for so long, but yes your right I hope it bad at the moment due to my body/brain re-adjusting to not being bombarded with THC. And thing will get better, I am addressing my diet and I'm sure that will help, I exercise heaps so there is no issue there, i think its just a matter of time till things start to get better, but I'm prepared for a long wait, 25 years of abuse will mean its not going to change overnight, So I keep going, eating healthily, surfing, yoga, swimming, work, talk therapy and try to meditate and think positive. Things could be lot worse
    One day at a time....
  • 06-24-2019, 08:04 PM
    Hi 25 year ex user. Congrats on going this far. Sorry about your depression and your family members illness. Did you suffer from depression before you started smoking. Im asking because maybe youre still in PAWS. Im sure youll get better soon. Ive put on a little weight too. I think cannabis raises the metabolism. I think once our bodies get used to being without it it will be easier to lose weight.
  • 06-24-2019, 06:34 PM
    25 year ex user
    Been away for a week or so and haven't posted for a while, but I'm still going and still 'clean'! This 2nd/3rd month has been harder on my mental health, I think I have rediscovered the reason why I enjoyed getting high so much, I'm most certainly suffering a bit with depression and my metabolism has slowed to a crawl, I'm trying to eat a lot better/healthier to get things moving, but it isn't working! I'm also putting on weight quickly, even though I'm exercising loads! Its getting me down and is like a vicious circle! If only I could have the weight loss others have experienced! I've also had a family member fall very ill, and this is the first time i've had to deal with this, but haven't consumed so must take some positives from that!
    One day at a time.....
  • 06-15-2019, 01:52 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by UK guy View Post
    Hi heavy user 25 years

    I saw your post and i immediately related to it. I have written two posts on here as this site has been invaluable for me. Like you, I smoked for over 25 years; all of my adult life. I am a similar age. I found quitting weed the most difficult time of my life. Mostly due to the length of time it took me to feel better and ride the waves of PAWS. JWCs posts have helped me a lot. Thank you John for your help in helping others. We all need this reassurance. I will back up what John says. It does and will get better. I had anxiety, loss of appetite, insomnia, weight loss, irritability, and more. It was only after a year that I started to feel normal again. I quit in April 2018. So 14 months now and I am now starting to feel like I did when I was a child. Don't give up keep going keep going. Quitting is the best thing you could ever do. The reward is beautiful but you will need to be patient and believe in yourself. It will be tough but the good days eventually outnumber the bad and you will see the improvement each week and month. Keep fit and eat well. Avoid alcohol and junk food. Drink plenty of water.
    Hi UK Guy,

    I am very pleased that my posts helped you out!

    This whole process of journaling the experience is so rewarding in many ways. Reading through the posts for information in the beginning was reassuring that what I was going through was typical and temporary--a life saver at the time.
    Then writing about my experience and all the things I was trying out to alleviate the symptoms had its own, sort of, cathartic benefit. And kept my mind distracted.
    And now it feels quite rewarding that that process has helped someone else to navigate the withdrawal journey.

    I am at a year and a half cannais free and feeling pretty darn good. It sounds like you are doing well too.

    All the best!
  • 06-12-2019, 09:54 PM
    Wow two months is great! Congratulations! You should treat yourself to something nice.
  • 06-11-2019, 09:00 AM
    25 year ex user
    So well into 7 weeks since I last consumed, actually 8 weeks tomorrow and 2 months on Monday I've been thinking how much this forum has helped as it reminds me when and why I stopped getting high, Things really were easy in the first month but have become harder this second month! Not the urge to get high again, as who would want crippling anxiety and stress, but more the realization that there may be some damage and remembering the reasons why I started, and If I'm honest its my mental health and well being that has become harder to cope with. Its a journey and I'm learning and researching everyday, and realizing this has affected many many people after quitting any kind of addictive behavior.
    I have some counselling arranged to try to help, but the depression I have had all my life seems to have gotten a touch worse lately, It may be due to my Mother being ill and now she is in hospital, so I'm making the 6 hour journey to go stay with her for a while tomorrow morning after I sort out my yard and get things in order, and Yoga tonight for some extra strength, physically and mentally, as I'm not sure when I will be back and what I'm going to have to deal with other the next few days! The weird dreams have finally become not so weird, but I still wake up very often and don't seem to be getting proper rest.
    Anyway note to self:
    One day at a time .....
  • 06-01-2019, 06:50 AM
    Hey 25,
    Congrats on 6 weeks. This is the point that things are 'supposed' to get better, and apart from the three-month itch, you are well on your way to being clear of this shiz. With regard to your mental faculties, I definitely remember a period of going backward before I noticed that my cognitive skills got way better.

    I would also let you know that I still find talking difficult at times, 3.25 years in. I do think that cannabis does some damage to our brains and this is what we notice when we are clear and straight. The good news comes in the form of one word 'neuroplasticity'. No matter what damage cannabis has done to our minds, we can learn to build new neural networks and develop new skills.

    You seem like the sort of person who is keen to better yourself through health and exercise. I would say that your spelling/speaking challenges may require the same kind of application. The more you practice these skills the better you will get at them.

    I have been socially anxious ever since early adulthood, and I think that some of my challenges with speaking comes from childhood. However, I am streets ahead of where I was at 25. Your symptoms may be a temporary symptom of your withdrawal and will get better with time, or you might need to do some work to rebuild your neural network. Whatever the case, you have essentially stopped doing the damage and you are in a much better position to rebuild.

    Let us know how you go.
  • 05-31-2019, 11:15 AM
    25 year ex user
    Day 42? (I've lost count) yesterday was 6 weeks without consuming! And I can honestly say my head has been up my A*** this week, I'm having trouble spitting the right words out, basic spelling and talking is becoming harder, as are a lot of my mental functions, and my general mood is low. I am assuming this is a delayed reaction/PAWS or just my brain/body detoxing, I'm drinking 2 litres + of water per day and am like a tap, in one end, out the other. Has anyone else experienced this negative effect after 6 weeks? As I said in the last post the first month was one of positivity, even though the physical symptoms were a bit of a hard time, mentally I was quite happy! This week has been a kick in the proverbial plums! I have no want to consume anymore, but it does feel rather scary to think that after this length of time symptoms or problems associated with my long term use are getting worse not better!
    Anyway suns out, and waves will be good tomorrow, no swimming today as its a planned rest day for me......
    One day at a time.....
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