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  1. Yes to the Crying

    I started reducing the number of hits, from 7ish hit per high down to 1. Around 5 hits per high my body started to withdrawn and detox. I was getting high every 2-3 hrs, totaling 5-7 highs per day. I...
  2. I lost 45 lbs the first month after quitting.

    Yep I lost 45 lbs the first month after quitting.

    So I smoked to help with massive inflammation from a neck injury which it help greatly-miracle. Once I decided to quit I knew I had to continue...
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    You are doing great

    I'm 2.5 months in. This week has been anxiety breathing filled. But I just keep reminding myself it's part of the withdrawal.

    I've noticed coffee or coke will trigger my symptoms. So I quit coffee...
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    You got it OP. All of your symptoms are normal

    I'm 2.5 month sober. All of your symptoms are normal. My brain is finally clearing. Anxiety is something that still comes and goes, usually a couple days at a time, then good for a week or two. I was...
  5. Day 7: Getting there

    Day by day, symptoms are easing.

    Lots of water, reading a book is helping through the day. Anxiety is highest in the morning and bed time. But it's less and less as time goes on.

    This will not...
  6. I'm a cryer now

    Yes to the crying. I'm at day 7 and I'm cried at least 50 times in the past week. I'd just tear up or knot in my throat. It should pass. I'm not too worried. I never cried before. My symptoms are...
  7. Day 6: I stopped the caffeine all together...

    Day 6:

    I stopped the caffeine all together today, it made the withdrawals much better.

    My symptoms:
    -A little dizzy
    -Face is flush
    -when I woke I felt hungover
    -not much appetite for...
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    Same here to the high BP withdrawal symptoms

    My bp shot up when I quit to 150/80, then 1 minute later it would read 107/65. I'm currently at day 6, but those symptoms are much less intense now. For me it was my body wanting weed back.

  9. I need words of encouragement please. 8 months of use, and Now CLEAN (5days)

    5 days clean. Total of 8 months use. Months 1-5 were tinctures 4x a day. Month 6 was smoking 5-6 times a day with 6 tokes each high. Then month 7 I tapered down to 4 then to 3 drags about 4x-3x a...
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