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    Hi Thisisme and John - I'm sorry to hear you...

    Hi Thisisme and John - I'm sorry to hear you going through such troubles, but I think it's evidence of how much detoxing you might need to go through. I had all the same symptoms, and with much of...
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    Hi Thisisme373 - I can relate. My first week I...

    Hi Thisisme373 -
    I can relate. My first week I was counting the minutes, hoping to feel better. The symptoms seemed unbearable. But looking over some of your previous threads, I see you've...
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    Day 125, but who's counting?

    Who's counting? I am!
    To Cliff and others - as someone who smoked consistently for nearly 25 years and is now in their mid/late 40s, this journey to sobriety is a rough one. Add a pandemic (and a...
  4. Sticky: thank you John

    Thank you, John, for your words. Your journey towards long term sobriety (2 1/2 years!) is an inspiration. My smoking timeline is similar to yours and being able to walk in the foot steps of others...
  5. Sticky: distract yourself

    Hi Lifechanger - Thank you for your kind words. There's nothing wrong with distractions during these tense times while overcoming this addiction. Use them. Distract yourself in any healthy way you...
  6. Sticky: Me too

    Hi all, but especially LifeChanger -
    I'm heading into the third month of sobriety myself, and your withdrawal symptoms, or more accurately, the reasoning behind quitting, resonated with me. I had...
  7. I am here and I am listening

    Thanks to both unregistered and Jake for responding - On day 75 and going strong and stronger going. Still have rough patches, but no longer rough days. Weekly therapy has helped, continued...
  8. 8 weeks sober after 20+ years of smoking

    I'm new to this forum, and am currently on Day 57 of sobriety. I christened myself "gateway loiterer" because the common myth was that marijuana was a "gateway drug" that would lead to harder drugs....
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