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Thread: Do your emotions ever return?

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    Default Do your emotions ever return?

    Hey guys,great forum.I`ve smoked the demon the drug for roughly 15 years and over that time went from well ajusted and happy to my present state which I describe as "emotionaly flatlined".I don`t feel happy,sad,angry,depressed or anything at all.It`s like nobody is home and I`m looking in from the outside.It really sucks and I`ve (stupidly) only recently made the connection to my former favorite past time,being the drug of course.I KNOW the drug has done this to me because the start time roughly coinsides with the beginning of my problems and smoking always made the symptoms a little better for about an hour or so.Have been to every doctor/specialist under the sun and they all say it`s just in my head lol.It`s been exactly one week today cold turkey and no change so my question is this:is the damage permanent?Would "brain foods" like ginkbo and fish oil help?

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    Personally I think the experiences of those recovering from been messed up by weed, can vary significantly, some like the poor sods for whom it may trigger schizophrenia may be like it for the rest of their lives, others may recover to some extent, I would put myself in this bracket I have recovered to some extent, but I am not the same as I was, it has left me with lasting damage and others after a while may be pretty much ok. That’s the thing when it comes to your mind been messed up, I don’t think you can predict for certain how it’s going to turn out, some people with messed up minds recover others don’t. I think if the drug is messing up your mind then the most important thing you can do is to stop as soon as possible.

    What you are describing sounds a bit like dissociative depersonalization disorder, this is something that has been linked to marijuana use, in fact numerous people on CannabisRehab.org have made similar complaints. I would say it’s left me a bit like that too, a bit of a num shell. For more info on dissociative disorder check out this post.

    I think the brain supplements may be a good idea, I have tried them and I think they have helped and I think certain nutritional supplements can increase your chances of recovery. I take nero natural memory, it’s the most complete all in one supplement for the brain I have found and like I say I think they have helped.

    Anyway on a more optimistic note many people do recover to a significant extent, but to give yourself the best possible chance you have to abstain from whatever it was that was causing the damage, make sure you give your body the best nutrition possible and give it time, if you do that then I think there is a good chance you will recover to some significant extent.

    I know it sucks, just give it some time mate. Take care, thanks for sharing and please keep us posted on how it goes.
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    If you wish to Use then Use, Your Body Your Choice, You're NOT a Criminal and I wish you well!

    My Choice is to be Drug Rehabilitated for 13 years because I Chose to be free from its Control on me!

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    Thank you for the reply.I would love to hear the experiences of others as well, and will keep you updated.

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    the green isle of ireland-green cause of all the feckin rain-thanks atlantic!


    cold turkey here too-i'm only 8 weeks off it and i thought like u in the past-that i had done some serious unfixable damage to my brain-now its not as bad-i think i'v damaged my personality more that my brain-if that makes sense-now i need to counsil myself into venturing back into the world and not being a paranoid bag of nerves-we'll see how that goes

    i think its normal for us to think about the damage we might have done-its a way of helping to sort out the mess we'v left ourselves-i'v went from dont give a f'uck to pessimist to optimist-all we can do is look forward and hope for the best-

    u'll get days wen ur brain will make u question wat ur doing wether u want to or not-know that this is the addicted part tryin to bully the other parts into gettin its fix-its part of the procress-say no to it and it'll deflate bit by bit-

    good luck-one week-ur over a part of it-nice one!!

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    Thanks Needabreak,that`s encouraging.When I look back over the years it`s pretty easy to see the decline,but I`ve always found other things to blame like stress ect.Knowing what I know now(it was actually a cop who laid it out and explained all of this to me when I asked why such efforts were being expended on suppressing a 'harmless' drug,thanks officer Bill),there is no way on earth I will go back.I`d die first!Recovery and healing are the only sights on my horizen at the moment.Thanks for the replies.

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