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Thread: 5th Day of Quitting Cannabis

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    Default Day 5 aswell

    Hey guys im also on day 5 , 19 years old weigh 125 lbs 5'7 . ive been smoking for a total of 5 years , but about 4 years consistently from wake until sleep. I'd probably go through close to an eighth a day and on the weekends maybe even a bit more. I decided to stop 5 days ago cold turkey because im sick of the haze it has out me in. Ive always LOVED weed the culture, the social aspect , every little thing about it im a known stoner in my town and ive always glorified weeds attributes to everyone and anyone defending it until the grave. I have no pre existing anxiety ( that i know of? Lol) but around 2 months ago i started developing anxious like thoughts to the point where id begin to have attacks and just feel totally out of it. I tried blaming everything but weed , and i just couldn't put a damn finger on what else it could be . life has always been super awesome to me i have an amazing family, a tremendous amount of friends , a very loving girlfriend and an amazing job opportunity lined up for me . So where this anxiety came from i have absolutely no clue . Ive always been (IMO) an extremely deep thinker i have dabbled with psychedelics , but not in a long while so i know its not contributed to this anyhow i have never ever feared a thought or the way i viewed the world until a month ago i began overthinking every thought getting scared of my own ideals and eventually thinking very irrationally . After a while of this and continuing to chronically smoke i decided that it had been the weed after a few hearty Derbs of some fresh colorado shatter. I woke up and put down the ganj. Since then my anxiety has almost ceased to exist . Since day 1 i have felt clear headed and 10x better than i had while smoking .. Its un real i can assess my thoughts and finally put them back into perspective . Ive expierenced little no withdrawal besides appetite and the occasionally boredom but thats only because i have been sitting around watching South Park LOL . Ive always had incredibly vivid dreams so the dreams to me are nice and i enjoy having them back full force. I'm not sure why i am not expierencing the withdrawals the way some are . Im able to sleep, and interact completely normally the only symptom i seem to have is a wave or two of feeling a slight lingering anxiety anyhow , very excited for the future if im feeling this good at day 5 who knows how I'll feel at day 30, 40, 50?! Drugs are not the answer my friends being sober is the best drug of all hang in there everyone and stay POSITIVE . You have to make a serouise mental decision that it in fact IS impacting you negatively if you over use. Weed is an excellent source of medicine for some , and an awesome recreation for others in moderation but over doing any thing is quite awful for you physically and mentally. Hang in there guys drink water and take vitamins ! I take b complex aswell as fish oil daily for the last month . Also good tip if you find yourself craving go down and grab yourself some quality CBD oil will stop all cravings in there tracks goodluck to all lets beat this bullshit aye?
    - Jake

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    Default Aligned

    THE TRICK IS TO KEEP DRINKING TEA. I'm on day 5 and I'm doing awesome. I could fall asleep earlier, and stay asleep longer, but I do get decent sleep. I've tried quitting in the past and have been able to quiet for 9 months once. I've learned that sometimes what is coded as a craven, is really discomfort from gas or being dehydrated or hungry. TEA IS YOUR BEST FRIEND - TRUST ME. When we get discomfort we usually crave that which we use for comfort. Tea keeps you relaxed and comforted at all times. Just try it. I ONLY USE CAFEEN FREE TEA - does not matter the type - JUST DRINK TEA.

    I find drinking tea throughout the day, a lot o water and making sure you eat even a little at a time.

    The tea really helps with relaxation and hydration while managing gas as many people are unable to eat.

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    Good to hear that you have found something that helps.

    I am a huge tea fan as well. I used it as a reward when I was quitting. It worked for me too. Now, I have tins of the most beautiful Lapsang Souchong, Earl Grey, Rooibos, Pomegranate, Chai leaves. There is nothing more satisfying.

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    Cool Day 6 pick up stix

    Oh, ok so day 7 tomorrow. I’ve quit before for about 4 years when I was 17-21. Best decision of my life at that time. At 22, I started smoking weed again. Now 31, I absolutely hate weed. Can’t socialize, paranoia, health issues, lack of motivation etc. it’s really sad because there are a lot of people who have addictive personalities and I fall into that category.

    I’ve had the sweats, chills, massive headaches, anger, resentment, no libido, all side effects. I can tell you that it gets easier. I plan on quitting for many years but she always gets ya back, doesn’t she?

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    Hey there,

    Good luck with your quit. You are right, it does get easier, and there even becomes a point when it doesn't have any kind of psychological or physical pull whatsoever, any more. It is great.

    Another member of the group NowRNever is about at the same stage of her quit as you. I would suggest messaging her or otherwise getting in touch on the forum, because perhaps you will be able to support each other.

    I think you are doing a great thing. Good luck!


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