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Thread: 31 Days Off it After 11 & Half Years .

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    cHilsOH Cannabis Rehab Guest

    Default 31 Days Off it After 11 & Half Years .

    Ive Gone 31 Days without smoking cannabis after 11 & a half years use. Im 27. Within that time I Quit for two 2 week periods and a 1 week period. And a day or 2 when I Couldnt Score. Before I Stopped I Think it was nearly a whole year solid on it. I Only smoked at Night and would Only get through a 8th - quarter a week. So not a massive amount but enough. I Decided to stop. First Week was restless, a bit Tearfull and no sleep more or less. second week was broken sleep and full of very scary vivid dreams. Not good. By the third week Id done it unaided but got quite drunk that weekend and ended up whiteying out ! In the 4th week i had a small glass of white at night, 3 days out of the seven and 8 over that weekend. the last 3 nights ive had a small glass every night. Ive also been smoking 5-7 cigs in a 24 hour period for the first 2 weeks, thats now 7-9 in a 24 hour period. Although my circulation in my legs has improved and my mood is alot better generally towards my loved ones and Im more motivated in many ways I Still feal Im not getting anywhere with it, Treading Water. I Believed id change alot but deep down i new i wouldnt really, and that thought was right. Im still pushing ahead with this and determined to stay on this path aslong as possible ideally forever. Im worried im going to be drinking a glass of white every night, ill make dam sure its no more then that. and keep the cigs at 9 max but thats not good really isit ? that old behaviour is stil there under the service ! Ive received councilling thinking this would help me maybe go back in my past and deal with some underlying problem but they assesed me and said im low risk and my mental health is generally good which is true. I Believed Id meet a girl who is t total by now to fill my time and keep me on the right track. i was in a 9 year on and off relationship with a female but that ended for good 9 months ago. shes still smoking. ive been as social as possible lately but i was made redundant last year and the part time job i have means working weekends at bad times. so its killed my social really as i used to get weekends off. so one night stands are on a drowt or ideally meeting someone else is two. ive had to stop spending time with certain freinds who are still using. they now hate on me. Im regaining contact with old freinds i lost contact with over the years, and that was very positive and we are going to make it a regular thing. Im also working on enlargeing my social circle with peeps i kind of kno. thats coming along great and dates are set. I Just feal am i wasteing my Time? shall i go back and just smoke one mild joint a night instead of the wine, which would also cut the cigs down to 4 a day. Im torn. I Kno deep down ive got to stay off it, maybe Im just feeling weak at the Moment. The cannabis has never stopped me acheiving, ive got plenty of qualifications and im a qualified tradesman, im planning to start a part time course soon, also voluntary work as i cant find a full time job right now. also applieing to go to uni in september. what im trying to say is it hasent made me a waste man, i just got to a point were i needed to stop ! deep down im thinking for ever ! if i was to meet the right women very soon who dosent drink or smoke i kno i could quite happily live a clean life forever. but thats an if. I Am torn really. Maybe Im exspecting to much to soon,nearly 5 weeks after 11 and a half years ! but to me that nearly five weeks is along time. I Will persist with this. A Batch is ready in under 3 weeks time, there offering me a whole one of northern crossed with 3 ways. i kno im safe til then as all the rest who pitched to me ive shunned. so that will be the test. its there if i wont it but i will have to ask. ive instructed them not to offer. any thoughts ? be apreciated

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    Hi cHilsOH and welcome to the forum.

    It’s quite common to use one drug to substitute the use of another, it’s a very easy habit to fall into, but generally not a healthy one, unless it’s a drug that you need to take for genuine medical reasons, it’s usually not a good idea and can be a very slippery slope to developing another habit. If it is a choice between continuing to smoke the drug or drinking a glass of wine a day, I am not really sure which will be the better option, they can both affect you in different ways, the wine will be better for your lungs, the drug will be better for your liver and although drinking a glass of wine a day isn’t necessarily that much of a problem, just like smoking one joint a day isn’t necessarily a problem either, it can depend on how you as an individual are reacting to it and the way in which you are using it, like I say if you are just swapping the one habit for another, then you haven’t really made any progress and the slope you have hopped on to can be just as slippery if not more, as the one you have just left. There is still the risk of your use, whatever the drug is, escalating and becoming a problem. Alcohol addiction can be worse and you don't want to jump out the frying pan and into the fire.

    So if I was you I would probably try to go for a while without either and see how you cope, if you can do that I think you will have made real progress.

    Take care and please keep us posted on how it goes.
    Cannabis Rehab Admin

    If you wish to Use then Use, Your Body Your Choice, You're NOT a Criminal and I wish you well!

    My Choice is to be Drug Rehabilitated for 13 years because I Chose to be free from its Control on me!

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    Rapturepus Cannabis Rehab Guest


    Alright mate. Your story sounds quite similar to mine - I'm on my 5th week off the weed, after smoking about a quarter a week. I lost my job in November and I just couldn't afford it anymore (had been mulling over quitting for ages anyway, waited till Chrismas and New year were done with). I've had to kick my stoner mates into touch - I only ever heard from them when they wanted me to get them ganja anyway...
    I would have to advise against using alcohol to wean yourself off, as there's a good risk of cross addiction - I should know, as I was addicted to booze and got my dope habit as a result of quitting that - I've been off the drink for 8 years and been stoned for 8 years and I can tell you that the booze is a much bigger problem than the dope - put it this way, I was able to hold down a job and a relationship on the drug and that didn't happen with the drink!!
    You need (and I need!!) to get to the root of the problem that makes you want to hide from life - I wouldn't worry too much about smoking the fags just now, one thing at a time (I'm still smoking about 20 a day...)
    Anyway, cheers for this forum, it's been keeping my head together for the past few weeks, it's half 3 in the morning and my sleeping pattern's all over the shop - it's a lonely place to be...

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    cHilsOH Cannabis Rehab Guest

    Default Part 2

    It was my birthday yesterday. weve had snow again. I work fridays 2pm-10pm, Harsh ay ! Anyway couldnt move the car so called in, they asked me to call back when i had decided what my decision was. so I Dug the car out and went in. When I Finished work my mate asked me to go meet him for a drink. I went home and got ready and went out. I Had a couple of white wines, we then went to our local club. I Had more wine and we had a laugh. we decided to leave and go into a local pub that stays open late. we met peeps we knew and had a giggle. we bumped into a girl we use to socialize with a couple of years ago. we all chatted, then my mate was like she likes you, get in. I Exsplained to him that it never really took off for her and I Back then but we got talking again. shes very cool and a decent person, alot in common. us 3 left and went back to my mates drunk in the early hours. we chatted. my mate went to bed and she was like your more then welcome to come back to mine and stay there (and have a smoke) I Said no to the smoke but agreed to go back. we jumped in a taxi. Got back to hers, she put the heaters on and kindly made me a pint of juice. I Ran my mouth as usual while she sat on her bed and built a joint. I Ran my mouth more while she toked and the room filled with smoke. by now I was drunk and she offered it up, I Excepted and Smoked. Im not sure if I Smoked a quarter or half of it. We got into bed and my head span a bit but not much. I Regretted tokeing it and while I Was I Wasent Craveing it. Both woke up today and my head hurt but I Believe it was more the Alcohol. So basically I Relapsed I Suppose. Thing is Im not craveing it now. I Havent drunk anything the seeve and Im not going too. A Mate of mine and his girlfreind were dissapointed when I Told them, So was I in a way, With myself. we disscussed how an addiction to alcohol is worse then one to weed. He dosent agree but then he drinks. He believes the only reason statistics on alcohol are worse is because its legal so many more use alcohol and if the drug was legal that would have worse statistics. fair point. my point being this week Im not going to drink the white wine at night and push on as before with the cannabis and leave it alone. just the cigs. And see how I Fair like that, If I do a week, I will do another and so on. aint gunna be easy! Thanks for your comments, they made sense. cross addiction isnt moving forward ! I Shall keep you updated ! Peace

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