I read a book recently called "The Millionaire Mind". But thats NOT my key.

Quite simply it was a study about how people think, and what separates rich people from the non-rich people.

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The main idea of this book i found implies to life in general, and MOST OF ALL to drugs.

SELF-CONTROL. please keep reading.

If you really want to take control of your life, and make your own choices not based on emotional outbursts or sudden urges, you need to start analyzing why you do things, and have the self-control to say no. This is difficult, but again, thats a mental thing.

I'm testing myself. And we will see if im successful on tuesday. And im sure i dont need to explain why this tuesday is relevant.

I want people to post on here. Saying that they will take control of their life, and on the 20th, THEY WILL NOT TOUCH THE STUFF.

I feel that if i am able to get past tuesday without toking, then i know i have the self-control to tackle anything i put my mind too.

who's with me.