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I quit smoking the drug about 6 weeks ago, and have had serious dizzy spells, heart racing etc. I feel strange pressure in my eyes. ITs wierd, I actually feel high at times, like those highs that arent good, when your too effed up. Its almost like that point in an acid trip when you've had enough, and begin bartering with God for a moment of sobriety. Is there something wrong with me? I expected ths at first, but its been a few months now, and it just isnt getting any better. Has anyone out there experienced this? what did you do to deal. How long does it last?
Thanks !!
Yeh, I had the weird eye thing last few days, but just went away after three days I think. First in my right eye, then in both starting about three weeks after I stopped. Though part of me feels it’s just that my body recovered enough to feel that theres pressure in my eyes, I think it’s just more resetting of the body. Cannabis affects the eyes, so as part of that reset it makes sense to me that they’ll be a push back of some sort. But if it persists, like that other guy said, fo get checked out.

To the other questions: yes, the weird shitty feelings are totally to be expected. I had heart racing, right-chest, bloated gut, no hunger for two weeks, insomnia, sweats, chills, random flu symptoms that disappear after a few hours, sinus pressure, acid reflux, moments of sadness/helplessness. It all this stuff went almost as quickly as it came, only to return in 36 hours but much more gently. It’s a bloody weird process, but trust me you’ll start tk feel better and better until you actually feel good, positive, energetic!

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Here to talk! Good luck guys!