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Thread: Great reasons to quit marijuana (Add any you can think of)

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    better memory
    better focus
    not feeling like a complete idiot all the time
    closer relationship with family (my poor mom was so loving to me my whole life and during the time i'm high for 4 years str8 i totally ignored her)
    closer relationship with friends (lost almost all my friends because of being stoned all the time and not doing anything)
    not being a total airhead (putting something down and 1 second later forgetting where i put it)
    so many more....

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    so steve, has your memory system fully recovered?

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    A better immune system all around (from not smoking). Specifically for me a better chance of fighting off HPV and not having cervical cancer recurrence.

    Not waking with dark bags under your eyes every day.

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    I'm not sure if I missed it or if nobody mentioned but a HUGE and very IMPORTANT reason for me was

    being able to gain weight while working out

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    my doctor told me (and its blatantly obvious) that some people can have major decrease in weight while smoking weed and tobacco, apparently some models use it for these specific reasons. i was always kind of skinny and when i was told im skinny by a couple girls, it really took my nerves for a shock. i tried eating and working out, but having been addicted to weed still, it had little to no effect.

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    Whiter teeth (have definitely noticed this benefit already).

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