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Thread: Great reasons to quit marijuana (Add any you can think of)

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    Default Great reasons to detox marijuana (Add any you can think of)

    I thought this might make a good sticky, if Rehab Admin would be so kind as to oblige.

    For assistance with finding a reputable and accredited Marijuana Rehab Service Provider in the USA you can call the US Government’s FREE SAMHSA’s National Helpline on:

    1-800-662-HELP (4357)

    Add your own thoughts, lets see how many we can get.

    I'll Start:

    Increased lung capacity
    Decreased risk of lung cancer
    Mental Clarity
    Better social life
    Increased motivation
    Self respect
    Money saved
    More energy
    Whiter teeth

    Your turn..........

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    I'll add a few more to get the ball rolling :

    More colour in your skin
    More confidence
    Tidier house / flat / room
    More restful and regualr sleep

    Come on guys don't make me do all the work !

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    Some of that work is mine!!!

    -Increased motivation
    -Tendencies to me more honest
    -You have a more open life
    -You don't have to do that unattractive five minute gagging in the morning
    -You spend your time doing more worth while things besides just sit around and get high
    -Instead of saying you'll do stuff, you will acutely do them when you quite
    -How much pot you smoke, own, sell or buy will not become the center of your pride anymore
    -You will have friends who befriend you for who you are, not how much the drug you supply
    -You will find yourself a soul mate and keep them
    -In crease happiness and peace that comes from with in

    Add more peanuts, I can't write all of them down

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    No problem R3XXY I have made it sticky.

    How about:

    - Not coughing up shit all the time.
    - Improved memory and cognitive abilities.
    - Less paranoia.
    - Better mental health.
    - Been able to dream again.
    - Not having to worry about when you are going to have your next hit. Not having to rush off to take it.
    - Not having to worry about picking up. Not having to panic when it goes dry.
    - Not having to wait around while picking up. Not having to mix with drug pushers.
    - Not living in fear of the law.
    - Been able to drive without been under the influence.
    - Not been viewed as a druggy.
    - Not having to live a secret life.
    - Been able to travel more easily.
    - Been in control of your life again.

    I could go on. Great thread R3XXY thanks for starting it.

    Take care and all the best people.
    Cannabis Rehab Admin

    If you wish to Use then Use, Your Body Your Choice, You're not a Criminal and I wish you well!

    My Choice is to be Drug Rehabilitated for 12 years, because I Chose to be free from it's Control on me!

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    I would just say; "being yourself again"

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    Real happiness,
    Stonger willpower..
    Being sure about stuff (i.e. Remembering what you said and why).
    Being able to look people straight in the eye (nothing to hide)
    No munchies.. thinner body healthier eating habits
    Waking up early and rested
    Caring for your personal apearance
    No burnt cloths or sofas, cause of the lighted debree of pot
    Increased productivity
    faster metal capacities

    I could keep going but gotta work.... oh yeah being able to stay focused lol!

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    bottom line..No apathy!

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    break3bendysgrc Cannabis Rehab Guest

    Default Reasons...may not apply to everyone

    - you'll rediscover yourself instead of being numb and high all the time
    - you'll let emotions and other things surface so you can work through them and like life again
    - you'll be able to attract worth while life partners and friends that won't drag you down by also being stoners, which makes you not want to stop

    - you'll get you damn memory back and not forget things even when you're not high

    - you won't feel so robotic

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    i am working my way up to quitting. here is the list I envision without having quit yet...

    money - almost 400 dollars a month
    kids might respect me more
    read books again
    make it out of the house occasionally
    perhaps I'll be able to get a job!
    no more coughing
    no more peeing my pants when I cough (seeing as we're being honest here)
    better memory
    able to see if my memory is bad because of dope or because of some cognitive impairment
    ditto for speech, I slur because of all the dope, but maybe I slur because I have MS but I just think it's the dope!
    much better example for my now teenage children
    perhaps my husband will think I'm a good example and quit drinking!
    maybe I'll meet some people

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    I got so used to holding it in, I would often forget to breathe during the day (not for very long, but still). Looking forward to better lung capacity and normal breathing.

    Better social life
    More time for EVERYTHING else
    Not being tempted to have a hit before work and then be paranoid someone will know!
    Not wanting to leave family or other in order to get high
    Not worrying that my roommates will be bothered by it
    Remembering stuff!
    Feeling in control of mylife
    Doing other, better things with that money
    Actually experiencing my feelings
    Increased motivation and sex drive
    Not spacing out while driving
    Reduced irritability (while habitually on pot, I would sometimes surprise myself by flying off the handle)
    Not messing up your hormones
    Not having to seek out friends/lovers who are into pot
    Being present for myself and others
    Not having this weird barren look in my eyes

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