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Thread: How long does it take for the marijuana cravings to go completely ? ( & my story)

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    Default 17 years

    Hey I was brought up in a family of smokers my mom my dad my step dad grew it so naturally at a young age (12) I started myself a joint here an there it didn't take long to become a daily habit I didn't see the problem with it at the time but as time passed my addiction became worse and worse people around me wear suffering and yet I was still there puffing away at 23 my partner at the time left I wasn't sociable I had no interest in interacting with other people apart from to get weed I didn't go out unless to score some bud an then I would be back home not talking or interacting with her an yet when she left I still didn't understand the problem which trust me she very verbally laid out for me this break up caused me to escalate even further I was smoking before work on my breaks and then till the early hours anyway I met my wife a couple of years later and it picked me up a little I cut down to a cheeky joint here an there but as cannabis goes it soon crept back up to a habit I couldn't keep a hold of and continued Whitch again caused relationship problems but my wife found out she was pregnant and then closely followed by another which kind of put our problems well I should say my problem on the back burner.... so my oldest was two when I realised that I didn't want this kind of life for them yes it took me two years to figure this out thanks cannabis but them little lads are my world plus the wife I didn't want to lose them like so many others I seemed to push away it took me 17 years to realise what this drug does I was depressed anxiety my lungs still to this day feel like shit I had no friends a complete lack of self esteem it took nearly six months from deciding I was going to quit to actually doing it I still have cravings like tonight little things like messages on here help in a huge way getting things of my chest little moral boosts actually spending time with my kids without worrying about my next joint being able to hold conversations with my wife I never realised what an emotionalises shell I had become things are getting better every day I wish you all the best of luck on your journeys trust me when I say it's not easy but nothing in life is....GOOD LUCK... PS sorry for the spelling and punctuation

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    Hi Unregistered (17 years)

    Your story is very moving and inspiring. You should feel very happy about quitting a long time habit.

    It also sounds like you have good strategies for dealing with the cravings. Not sure how long you have been cannabis- free but from what I read, the cravings disappear over time. I am about 2 and half months cannabis-free after about 20 years of almost daily use. While I have been dealing with some unpleasant withdrawal symptoms, I am lucky in that I have no desire to use it. Like, ever again.

    I am grateful that piece is not a struggle for me. BUT I like to write it down and say it frequently because I don't want a nasty little insidious craving of some sort to suddenly pop up down the road and catch me off guard. I feel the more I say it and write it, the more it becomes engrained in my mind.

    Keep up the good work! I am sure you and your family are much better off!


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