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Thread: How long does it take for the marijuana cravings to go completely ? ( & my story)

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    Default 17 years

    Hey I was brought up in a family of smokers my mom my dad my step dad grew it so naturally at a young age (12) I started myself a joint here an there it didn't take long to become a daily habit I didn't see the problem with it at the time but as time passed my addiction became worse and worse people around me wear suffering and yet I was still there puffing away at 23 my partner at the time left I wasn't sociable I had no interest in interacting with other people apart from to get weed I didn't go out unless to score some bud an then I would be back home not talking or interacting with her an yet when she left I still didn't understand the problem which trust me she very verbally laid out for me this break up caused me to escalate even further I was smoking before work on my breaks and then till the early hours anyway I met my wife a couple of years later and it picked me up a little I cut down to a cheeky joint here an there but as cannabis goes it soon crept back up to a habit I couldn't keep a hold of and continued Whitch again caused relationship problems but my wife found out she was pregnant and then closely followed by another which kind of put our problems well I should say my problem on the back burner.... so my oldest was two when I realised that I didn't want this kind of life for them yes it took me two years to figure this out thanks cannabis but them little lads are my world plus the wife I didn't want to lose them like so many others I seemed to push away it took me 17 years to realise what this drug does I was depressed anxiety my lungs still to this day feel like shit I had no friends a complete lack of self esteem it took nearly six months from deciding I was going to quit to actually doing it I still have cravings like tonight little things like messages on here help in a huge way getting things of my chest little moral boosts actually spending time with my kids without worrying about my next joint being able to hold conversations with my wife I never realised what an emotionalises shell I had become things are getting better every day I wish you all the best of luck on your journeys trust me when I say it's not easy but nothing in life is....GOOD LUCK... PS sorry for the spelling and punctuation

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    Hi Unregistered (17 years)

    Your story is very moving and inspiring. You should feel very happy about quitting a long time habit.

    It also sounds like you have good strategies for dealing with the cravings. Not sure how long you have been cannabis- free but from what I read, the cravings disappear over time. I am about 2 and half months cannabis-free after about 20 years of almost daily use. While I have been dealing with some unpleasant withdrawal symptoms, I am lucky in that I have no desire to use it. Like, ever again.

    I am grateful that piece is not a struggle for me. BUT I like to write it down and say it frequently because I don't want a nasty little insidious craving of some sort to suddenly pop up down the road and catch me off guard. I feel the more I say it and write it, the more it becomes engrained in my mind.

    Keep up the good work! I am sure you and your family are much better off!


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    Default Donít make excuses for Drugs

    I had been on weed 15 years grew up with it in the home. Problem is when a situation is done by your parents we think it is right .That is a joke we basically have to watch who our role models are .I have 3 sisters 1 never smoke drank or drugs so I guess Iam more influential.Thought I wasnít a follower till I look back . My mom drank did cigarettes an weed and so did I .The doctors wonít infest in chemical in balances enough or they will lose money but these weaknesses are definitely mentally related doctors scare me they addict u too dope too now canibis it like the casino owners they donít prove to us that they have to pay for electricity but we know it deep down that they canít let us win a certain amount. How could they pay for that building there light never go off.But ours do if we gamble as addicted.We got to be true with ourselves we canít face reality so those that donít hate it enough will relapse I ve been off cigarette 5 years alchol3 years last weed 7 months an because I donít hate hate it realize I may fail the others I hated an quit. I got love myself to take care of my temple and keep praying for my mentality because we are our own worse nightmares.You want the prize go get it I mess up for years my success an still canít finger point the problem or maybe I donít want to be success an this my crutches. Good luck God bless he can help believe me we need instructions from somewhere to regroup our minds cause itís been fried when we say drugs of any sort donít hurt us.

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