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Thread: How long does it take for the marijuana cravings to go completely ? ( & my story)

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    NOMORENONSENSE Cannabis Rehab Guest

    Default How long does it take for the marijuana cravings to go completely ? ( & my story)

    Are there any ex smokers out there who have given up, say, for over a year , 18 months or even two years and still have cravings ??? How long till the cravings go completely ??? Do they ever go completely ???
    I have stopped now for just over 4 months and i'm starting to get cravings all the time again. I have stopped the drug and tobacco simultaneously after a totally messing up my life for 17 years. I started smoking at 14.
    I was an everyday smoker of on average 3-4 grams worth a day, although when i was feeling really shit (which by the end was quite regular) i could smoke the full quarter (7 grams) easy. The thing is though, for the last seven years i was mainly a solitary smoker. I would smoke one or two with my dealer then i would retreat back to my cript and smoke from night till morning, myself. I lost everything (wife, kid, intelligence, reputation, a couple of teeth, health and thousands of ££££'s etc,etc) and even then it wasn't enough for me to drag myself away from it. I have became a total loser although i'm starting to feel a bit better about myself these days which is cool !!! The only problem is - you can't ever really repair the damage. You just have to learn to live with it and try and move on. I'll tell you this though - it's a lot easier trying to forget what a f**k you have been when you're not stoned than it is when you are.
    I was a terrible smoker. I just couldn't function properly as soon as i had that morning toke. To be fair, most mornings i was still stoned from the night before and thus wasn't at my sharpest anyway, even before my first doob. When i think of the ridiculous things i have said and done, it makes me shudder. Some people must think that i'm a total mentalist. The thing is - they would probably be right !!!
    Not (so much) now though. It's a shame that (in my case anyway), you only stop when there isn't much more to lose. All i got to lose is my life. And sometimes i think because of the destructive behaviour i have endured for the last 17 years, i am already on my way there. That is the main reason i stopped. Health, and my kid. Sometimes i think i'll be lucky to see thirty five. Now how embarrassing, to die at such a young age and to have taken over seventeen years or so to have done what is effectively, committed a slow and lingering suicide. All the money i have wasted. F**k it, it's only money. For the last 17 years the drug has been my currency. It's crazy to think of it that way but it's the truth. I am hopeful that it won't have reached that extent but you never know. I've heard of a couple of cases, where guys in their mid-thirties have died of smoking and drinking too much. ( i used to be a heavy drinker too until the gange took over entirely in my mid twenties and i stopped going to the pub as much )
    Anyway, i need to get some (real) sleep. (i love dreaming again) To anyone reading this who smokes everyday , especially teenagers and guys in their early twenties, in fact everyone - please extinguish the joint right now. Go to the bathroom and flush the rest of the shit down the toilet. Do this immediately and don't look back. Do this now and you can save yourself a lot of pain and misery. Do it not and you may be on a path to destruction. If you've smoked it for more than a year, you are not going to get much more from it other than negative side affects. ( that doesnt mean that if you've only smoked it for 6 months that you should smoke it for a further 6 months !!! If you are reading this, it must be for a reason. Stop smoking and start living, please believe me )

    dope/ shit- the answer is in the name.

    PS - Sorry to those tokers who have had a pleasant experience with weed. I did too for the first year or two. I don't mean to be so bias. It's just that i (and a lot of my friends) took it too far. I couldn't see shit go past me. I had the chronic and couldn't say no. Even when my body and mind were telling me to please give it a rest, i couldn't/wouldn't. But to be fair, it is sad to think that we need things other than ourselves and family, or our non dope smoking friends to be happy.

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    When i read your story, i just saw myself 5 years later if i hadn't quit and recalled that i am really saving my life. I was one of the best physics student in Turkey when i start to a PhD in netherlands and also start to work here as a junior scientist. And just got married before coming here. And in two years in netherlands, i lost all my carrier to the drug and every hope in life. And if i had to go for it, my wife would also be gone. But fortunately, i achieved to detox around 6 months ago and now trying to built a new life. Although i'm not working at the moment and all alone staying at home during day, i'm not having cravings since 1 month. I'm actively searching for a job in a hightech company, reading, doing sports, watching film, seeing friends, i.e. trying to be active in life. I believe that, once our brains chemically recovered, it's our way of living the every day life that triggers the cravings. I mean, if you're working or keeping your mind busy with things than the less probability you will have cravings.

    I also experienced that the urge of smoking, or getting obsessed about the concept of smoking, came like waves (lasting sometimes for 1 week) for the first 4 months. I think everyone's experience is unique and the period of the cravings will depend on many things like your own brain chemistry, your psychological/social situation, your neuroplasticity, i.e.. but one thing i know is your brain will eventually recover

    Just stick to it and see how it goes and as your experiences grow, you will grow to be stronger i believe.

    Take care and keep us posted on how it goes..
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    Hi Nomorenonsense and welcome.

    Yeah it’s amazing just how long some people can find their cravings can last. I too was a heavy smoker, usually around an eighth a day but there were times that I too finished off a quarter in just one day, I think the more you smoke the more you feel it when you quit, it stands to reason I guess.

    It made a pretty bad mess of me too, a real bad mess for something that’s considered to be a “soft” drug, I too had a great time for a good few years, but it all turned to sh*t in the end. I too only stopped once it got that bad that I had pretty much lost everything. I have recovered a fair bit but I am still a bit of a shell of what I once was, but maybe my kind of case isn’t that common, I think many probably recover better than I have, but 4 months is still fairly early days you may recover more than you think but it may take a bit more time.

    Take care, thanks for posting and please keep us posted.
    Cannabis Rehab Admin

    If you wish to Use then Use, Your Body Your Choice, You're NOT a Criminal and I wish you well!

    My Choice is to be Drug Rehabilitated for 13 years because I Chose to be free from its Control on me!

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    Unregistered Cannabis Rehab Guest

    Default My son

    I just read your thread.I'm a mother of a 15 yr old son who is a basketball player.He loves to play.Has enough to get a college education free but loves pot more.He has been smoking for three yrs.Now he has to have 6 to 10 a day.I have him in rehab right now.I'm so scared that he isn't going to help him.I love him so much.I need to know how I can help him.Please

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    Default :D

    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    I just read your thread.I'm a mother of a 15 yr old son who is a basketball player.He loves to play.Has enough to get a college education free but loves pot more.He has been smoking for three yrs.Now he has to have 6 to 10 a day.I have him in rehab right now.I'm so scared that he isn't going to help him.I love him so much.I need to know how I can help him.Please
    Ma'am I hope you are well. I am sorry to hear that. Pot and bball don't mix. I embarrass my self all the time trying it . Your love in the end will be enough though. When kids get into it they think about the times when they had fun high and think they can apply that fun high to every aspect of life. Enter the weed crutch. This is far from the truth though. The more you smoke the more your brain adapts. The more your brain adapts the harder it is to quit. This is because of your brains up keep with the dopamine levels. When the need for dopamine has been filled but there's still some left over your brain will produce new transmitters to place it. When there's no weed left all those transmitters are just sitting there begging for more. How ever if the person is willed enough to quick and stops the process reverses. Your brain is the master at tracking what you put in it and reacting to it. Shaping everything about your waking life. Do research on the effects of weed and sports and show it to him. How ever... just so you know over half the NBA is estimated to smoke pot. Most believe it helps with the stress and grind of being a physical athlete. Most do it in the off season. The problem is though it takes your brain off the reactive track of the game and puts it on weeds roller coaster which will pull down his stats. And 15 is wayyyy to young mama. Its best to wait tell after 23 because the brain completes its physical developmental process and if weed is introduced after that mark it has no problems shrugging off the with draw. Do it before 23 and your breaking unstable passages in the brain early and will scope a very dependant reality. When he sees your love and sees what it means and how it brings you down I hope it breaks his heart and he quits. Weed allows us to be superheroes and stars in our mind. But that is such a false reality. Being sober and able will make you a star in the real world. Don't be scared to dog him about it "scared you can't do it not high?" Intimidating but in a kind hearted way as if presenting a challenge resonates with younglings. Just make sure he knows. Him on pot will pull his stats dooowwwn. Make every game and practice harder and will eventually cause chronic fatigue. Especially in a school athlete.I wish you the best. Don't let his failures be the reason he quits. Make it the wanting for success. Your brain is gifted beyond measure anything is possible never give up. Peace mama

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    Hi I can relate to your post. I am a 22 year old female and have been smoking since I was 15 (my mom got me into it). I have never felt any dependency to tobacco, alcohol or pills however it has been extremely hard for me to not smoke weed. I have been a high functioning addict as I am an honor student and exercise daily; my doctors wanted me to stop smoking since it makes my meds not work (I am bipolar) and have been having really bad depression. I didnt realize I had a problem until I tried to not smoke and couldnt even cut it down to 6 times a day! It got so bad last year that I had to take time off of college to go to rehab, which was very difficult to tell my family since they dont believe weed is addictive and are very liberal. I went 35 days sober in my rehab program but as soon as I got out my mom convinced me to smoke and I went another year not more than 6 days in a row sober. I was in denial since it wasnt as bad as before and it took me leaving for a study abroad trip for me to realize how much its affecting my life. I literally could not cope and became suicidal while overseas and almost left half way through my study abroad program just so I could go home and smoke. I am 46 days sober as of today but am worried because I leave France and will return home tomorrow and am worried I will smoke again. I know that I am better when I do not smoke, for my mental health and because I isolate but it is so difficult. I am having cravings and dont know how long I can go like this. Whoever said weed isnt addictive doesnt know its impact on some people.

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    Hi vballgirl,

    It sounds like you are in a tricky situation with people around you encouraging you to smoke, especially your mum, that must be really hard. Of course she loves you though. Perhaps you could confide in her about how badly it messes up your life and perhaps her motherly instinct will kick in. It sounds like she needs to get some education regarding weed herself.

    46 days is an amazing achievement, and you should be proud of yourself! No one can make you pick up a joint and smoke it though. We have to learn to ignore our minds, which will often tempt us with cravings and thoughts of weed, so perhaps the people around you are just an extension of that?

    I really hope you can stay clean when you get home. It sounds as though you are already feeling the benefits. Stay close to the rehab group to get a good dose of motivation for protecting your quit and let us know how you are going!


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    Faith Cannabis Rehab Guest

    Default Giving up

    Im a 23 year old female , i have been smoking
    Daily for about 4 years (2-6gram per day) .. I didnt realise how addicted i was untill recently i was ill and had 3 days in bed with no weed, the withdrawal symptoms were terrible, sweating clenching my jaw, emoshniall ... After this i decided to do stoptober im now on day 4 and still having the urge to get high.. How long before i stop feeling like a joint? im pritty strong minded and know i can stop just wondering when it gets easier ? ... The years ive smoked ive never had a bad experience, regretted or been in trouble because of the drug, its an amazing drug if u use it right, saying that its hard to just be a social cannabis user the high and relaxation you feel is addictive and you slip very easy to waking up and rolling a joint... there is nothing rong with smoking some people choose wine,beer,food as a form of relaxation some choose weed everybody is diffrent . stop when you want to not because your being told to . That will never work !! Thanks

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    Hi. I'm a 24 year old female and I have smoked constantly for atleast 10 years. I use to love it and think of it as my stress relief and sanity but now all these years afterwards I have lost all my respect for Mary jane. There is nothing beneficial to gain from smoking and if anything it has taken control of my whole life and everything that I once had dreams and goals for. I woke up today and told myself this is it. No matter how hard it seems and how strong my cravings get, I will not give in. I have tried this many times without success I hate hearing people refer to rehab as a solution because I know if I have to escape it to stop it then once I return I will relapse. I want to use nothing but willpower.

    P.s- it is almost 1pm and I have not smoked anything so far. I have a feeling it gets harder because this is a little too good to be true right now.

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    Default Quitting weed

    Hey guys I'm a 21 year old male and I've been smoking for almost 8 years. Weed ****ed me pretty hard, it gave me really bad anxiety that I don't even know will go away. To the point where I'm ****ed I could barley go out and do normal things at all. I recently tried to stop 2 weeks ago, but I only lasted 30 days and I relapsed because I passed a drug test. I've tried to stop many times over and over telling myself, that I'm actually kinda afraid that I can't stop. Idk 🙁 But gonna try to stop again today, forever. Smoking last blunt

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