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Thread: Terrible Hot Flashes N Night Sweats After Quitting Weed!

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    Hi there pipsy,

    Congratulations on three weeks! That is amazing It must have been quite challenging to quit both cigarettes and cannabis at the same time. Although, from your post it sounds like you only smoked cigarettes with weed?

    When I quit cannabis I did have some sleep disruption, but not the extent that you mentioned. I set a goal of six weeks clean to reassess how I was going at that time, and I did notice at the six week mark that things did improve quite a lot.

    The biggest thing is that those night sweats and sleep deprivation will definitely not last forever. As you mentioned it can be really difficult to function when you don't have enough sleep, so I hope that you can be kind to yourself and not sweat it if you can't meet all your responsibilities for the next few weeks.

    I found that I got to a point when I was really worried that the withdrawal symptoms would never go away, but I read a lot of other people's stories online and very soon my symptoms did turn a corner.

    You are doing a great thing! Life is so much better without cannabis in it Post whenever you need to. Research as much as possible. There might be some natural remedies to the sleep problem like melatonin that could help you!


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    Quote Originally Posted by pipsy View Post
    Hi all, well I've smoke weed and cigs together for approx 24 years until 3 weeks ago today. I stopped both.
    I'm doing good, I'm very proud of myself and have even started a gym class but I am totally struggling with these night sweats like a lot of people 2-3 times a night I'm changing my t-shirt and flipping my pillow urghhhhh.... I'm actually exhausted now and seriously starting to think if this continues then I think I'd rather smoke the weed. I can't function without sleep and think I've probably only managed a total of 2 hours a night since I stopped. Can anyone give me any hope that this will stop? Ever? I'm so tired and as I write this I'm dreading another night. HELP someone tell me something good, how long do these horrendous nights last? Thank you... well done to everyone on the same journey who is coping better than me. Xxxxxx
    I quit just over 2 weeks ago, after 17 years of nightly smoking ..

    For assistance with finding a reputable and accredited Marijuana Rehab Service Provider in the USA you can call the US Government’s FREE SAMHSA’s National Helpline on:

    1-800-662-HELP (4357)

    What I've done for sleep ... I'm taking L -Tryptophan, 5 htp (a precursor to serotonin), and melatonin before bed, I also am taking a prescription for itching, which causes drowsiness (I think it's better for you than a sleep aid) called Atarax, it's a small dose and helps quit a bit. I've also bought a book called " I can make you sleep" by Paul McKenna, it includes a CD that had helped me ALOT.

    I also do 30 of cardio every day now, a double benefit.

    After getting the prescription and reading the book I've slept every night at least 6 or 7 hours.

    I was to the point of not sleeping well even when smoking, I had to make a change, I had wanted to quit for some time, my motivation was in the gutter for years, my memory sucked, and many other negative aspects had cropped up.

    I'm surprised I have zero desire to smoke, even with an O in the pantry, I've had no withdrawal symptoms other than not sleeping before taking what I do now, and the night sweats.

    Best of luck, your life will improve drastically off the weed, keep at it!

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