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Thread: How exactly do you go about quitting marijuana???

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    Question How exactly do you go about quitting marijuana???

    Ok I have read some of the success stories of overcoming marijuana addiction and I hope to get there some day. My question to everyone on this board who has overcome marijuana's grasp is HOW DID YOU DO IT. What were the steps? What did you do instead of smoking marijuana? What happened the first couple of days? How did you overcome it. Certain foods you should try? How do you convince yourself not to smoke? How do you do it?

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    I'm in my 32nd day.. I decided I was done. After 35 yrs of being a chronic pot smoker, I had enough... I finished up my the drug and put away my vaporizer. I went around the house and threw out roaches, bags and papers...
    The first few days I felt a void, I was sad, like I broke up with a close friend.. i didn't want to do much, but I did read everything I could on the board.
    I googled NA and read the steps.. The first step is important. After 5 days I went to a meeting. There I meet fellow addicts and connected with people that had alot of clean time.
    I went to different meetings and found one I enjoyed. It's in a very poor area and I wouldn't go there at night... but the people there have passion. The speakers tell their story with
    excitement... I drive 60 miles a day total each morning. I found other meetings to be boring. I was falling asleep in them.They are very close to my house, but I need help, not convenience. I struggled with the "Higher Power" because frankly I didn't believe in one.
    I spoke up at a meeting and told them after about 3 weeks... That was a good idea, I wish I did it sooner... A women pulled me to the side and explained... your lower power is your drug... anything that keeps you off the drug is your higher power.. I thought NA... Now I don't care how many times they say god...It's all good...
    The withdrawals are better now.. but I'm not gonna lie... It's a b-tch. Insomnia, nausea, anxiousness, agitation, sadness, feeling a void..You might feel like a zombie the first few days.
    My void was filled after I started meetings, the nausea and sick stomach lasts about 2 weeks... insomnia can last 3-4 weeks.. People are different.. I take meds for RLS so I had no insomnia. But I remember it from last time! I tried to detox a year earlier with no face to face support group... I caved after 3 weeks..
    I went to the Park last week and took a hike with my music... I was gone 3 hrs and had a ball... I was shocked that I could actually have fun with out smoking before I got there and while I was there... I didn't have to avoid the people there because I wasn't doing something wrong... I felt relaxed and happy... Crazy, huh?
    If you truly want to quit, don't do it alone and you will have a better chance of being successful.

    Best of luck to you..


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    I find the best thing to do is to just keep yourself busy and try your best not to think about weed! You want to detox for a reason, so stand by that reason and dont let yourself get in contact or in a situation where your most likely to smoke. I have terrible insomnia for a while after I quit and huge cravings, its a unpleasant feeling but you have to keep at it. One thing that I cant stress enough staying sober, everytime I have quit usually between 2-3 months I reach this point where I tell myself ive done pretty good one bag wont hurt.. then it all starts again and all that time you have spent trying to detox has been eradicated. The thought of quiting is scary but if your on CannabisRehab.org wanting to detox im sure its the best thing you could do! Good luck to you.

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    It's been a while since i have been sober. I forgot what it's like. How do you deal with the time? Being Bored. Convincing yourself not to smoke?

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    Get a hobby of some kind to get your mind off it. You wanted to detox for a reason so just keep reminding yourself why.. maybe right down a list of pros and cons of smoking focusing on the cons.

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