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Thread: Headaches and marijuana withdrawal symptoms

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    I have been smoking for last five years not a chain smoker but 2-3 cigg per day and marijuana for last 3-4 months not regularly but on weekends but in last 3 weeks i smoked weed daily and now i am trying to quit. i quit smoking for last 40 days but i had to smoke today bcz it gives relief to headaches. the headache starts every mornings until night. i dont know when it will stop. I cant concentrate on my work. I cant go to a doctor bcz i am from india and the doctor would probably shout at me. In india marijuana is considered very dirty thing. Please tell me any home treatment. sorry for bad english i really cant concentrate on anything.

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    Sorry to hear that you are suffering from headaches. Are you drinking enough water? Maybe could you try some pain killers like panadol or something a bit stronger?

    It will pass, I promise. Try to concentrate on eating well and exercising. I don't know any home remedies for headaches, except for those mentioned above. Maybe someone else will chime in with a home remedy.

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    shannon Cannabis Rehab Guest


    hi daniel, you have no idea the relief i fealt reading your comment as bizzare as that may sound, i quit cold turkey 4 days ago so its still early but the anxiety/panic attacks are extreme where i think im actually dying i have been in and out of a&e all weekend with my symptoms thinking there is something seriously wrong with me, i saw 4 different doctors including my own gp, 2 a&e doctors & an out of hours doctor and i was convinced that the next doctor i went to would find out what was wrong with me.
    i thought i was the only person who felt like this, everysingle pain i got in my body was another major thing wrong with me in my head.
    well done on how far youve come hopefully these terrible symptoms pass soon and i can start to feel human again.

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    Hi Shannon,

    I have been through that experience of thinking that there was something terribly wrong with me, , , not in relation to cannabis withdrawal, but other matters (while I was still smoking). In my experience if the doctors can't find anything wrong with you, there is probably nothing really wrong, and your symptoms will resolve themselves in time.

    This is especially the case with anxiety / panic kinds of symptoms. Anxiety is caused by over breathing, that is why you see people suffering anxiety, breathing into paper bags. You are breathing too fast, and shallow and you are getting too much oxygen in your blood - voila! A panic attack. Please try to do some breathing exercises - and really focus on 40 slow, deep breaths a day.

    Good nutrition can help a lot, but that was my experience anyway. Good luck! Google deep breathing exercises for anxiety! (or something like that)

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    1-800-662-HELP (4357)


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