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Thread: Life without pot feels profoundly BORING now... is this common? Will it pass?

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    Hi there,

    It is good to meet you. It sounds like you have found some interesting insights into your cannabis use and what you want your life to look like. It might be that you can reduce to smoking after a certain hour and that will work for you. It might take a period of abstinence to be able to find that new level, or it might be too difficult for you to hold your use within those kinds of constraints.

    In 2013, I was smoking all day, and got a bad batch and ended up in a psych ward, where I was forced to quit. That quit lasted about eight months, until I got tempted at a warehouse party, but after getting back into it, I was able to hold my use as an after 5 pm thing, and I did that for the next three years.

    Some people find that they can't do that though. It can be hard to hold your cannabis at a specific level, just like it is incredibly difficult to go back to occasional use, because our brains have all these dopamine or cannabinoid receptors that have been opened up due to our daily use and one smoke is enough to open all of them back up again. What do they want? Pot? When do they want it? Now. And at the same levels as before.

    It can be hard in the beginning to find the motivation to keep going with your quit, and this can be especially hard if you are living with someone else who smokes, or who wants to smoke. The withdrawal effects can be intense, especially if you are coming from full use to zero use in the space of a day, so it is understandable that this journey can take some time and practice to get right.

    My advice would be to try and be conscious of what cannabis is doing to you, and the things that you try or have tried to do to reduce or quit use. If you start to play around with it, you will start to find tools and methods that work for you, and then you can employ those strategies to get closer to your goal.

    I found that after a while of smoking after 5 pm, I still didn't really like the effect of the drug on me or my social life. Eventually, I started skipping days and then quit in March 2016. It really is the best thing to be so clear and connected and calm. Cannabis use can be a bit of a mess, in my experience. I felt that I was emotionally so much more fragile. It is good to be free.

    Let us know how you are going and good luck with the move.


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    Default Loss of motivation after quitting

    38 male, smoked for 20 years, I smoked heavy, I met a buddies Pops for lunch one day a while back, we were roasting and he said I had the life, smoke all day without consequence, most people have to wait til they're retired to do what I was doing.

    I have quit 3 times for approx 6 months each now quitting again, nothing changed, marajuana motivated me. Now I need to quit for financial and possible test reasons plus I don't like the smoker culture or many other smokers (I hate pot shops and most of the customers, which has kept me away from the shops, and smoking) I have been working toward a creative career for nearly 15 years and am at the cusp of success, but after quitting smoking my motivation has tanked, and I am not able to enjoy the activities needed to make it to the finish with my career.

    Seems most of these quitting stories are not that encouraging, has anyone who has been an all out smoker who lost motivation for their hobbies/career after quitting, regained motivation? How long were you smoke free before seeing a difference.

    I have tried the gym in the past, but it just turned into another addiction, then I started smoking again, plus many physical activities seem to kill the creative intellectual mindset.

    Side note, smoking non-cbd before quitting helps with not having withdrawals big time, no getting nauseous after quitting pure rec oil.

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    Hi there!!

    From what I have observed, having been active on this forum for a while now, is that probably more common than people not finding motivation for their hobbies again, is that often people don't give themselves the time to find out if their motivation comes back. It seems to me that a lot of people don't go the distance. Some people do, and they are obviously not the ones who are hanging around a cannabis rehab forum for the most part (I am doing it, because I want to get a better idea about what it is like to counsel people), so I guess your sample is a bit skewed.

    You have given up for six months, and that is double the time that I would expect for some improvement. In the past, I was scared that I wouldn't be able to write or dance if I gave up cannabis, but this time I was careful to write straight away, right out of the gate. It was a bit clunky for a while, but the very process of forcing myself to do it, even if I didn't feel like doing it, made it normal, and made it easier after a while. I do remember when I noticed that copywriting or writing for my job became a hell of a lot easier. At about 1.5 years I noticed that words came tumbling out, and I didn't have to make an effort to compose them for work. It seriously took that long.

    With the dancing, all I noticed, maybe 8 months in, was that I enjoy it in a whole new way than when I was smoking. It is cleaner, and more fun, even if it doesn't occur to me to do it all that often.

    If by 'motivated' you mean that high, kind of rush feeling that gets your brain to take flight and be creative, or to have ideas, I am happy to say that in my experience, that doesn't come back. I for one am happy to see the end of it. I would have the most incredible 'ideas' or 'plans', but perhaps unlike you, I never acted on them, so it was just a complete waste of time.

    After being cannabis free for some time, I started having lots of business ideas again, and I still enjoy sitting down with a piece of paper and planning out another great business idea, it is just that now, I often take the next step and try to validate them, or otherwise decide rationally that the idea doesn't have legs. The difference is that the thoughts are clearer, more based in reality and dare I say more creative.

    Could you please try to describe the motivation that you seek? Also, what creative industry do you work in?

    In terms of the creative, intellectual mindset, quitting cannabis has been the best thing that I could have ever done. There was a period when I felt as though I had broken my brain and this kind of thought was never coming back, but it did, and it has improved in leaps and bounds.

    I feel like you want to hear from other people, to hear how their motivation came back, so I hope that if anyone is reading this. . . (CRA??) you could chip in about your motivation levels?


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    Thanks for the reply, it is helpful to know that it may take a while longer than 6 months to feel the effects of not smoking. I have been forcing myself to produce, but before it was compulsory, what didn't feel like work before just feels like difficult and frustrating work now; there seems to be no personal benefit to my actions, where the process was entertaining in the past. I really hope it all comes back.

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    I really think that it will. The problem is that dopamine is a motivation chemical, so your brain needs to start producing its own again.

    If you can find anything that feels good, that can help to rebuild your circuits. Small (non smoking) rewards can be very effective in this way. I treat myself to a kombucha, a nice tea, something else yummy, a warm shower, incense, a movie. Those are the things that stimulated my reward system, but your rewards are likely different. I think it really helps. Just not porn, because that is addictive too!

    Pot has a way of making even the most mundane things seem entertaining, but in my experience, real, sincere pleasure is absolutely possible. I remember grinding through some kinds of work when I was in the withdrawal stages, but I find pleasure in so many things now. Housework is one example. I used to hate it. Now, I find nothing nicer than putting on some tunes and cleaning my house. It still takes a bit of a motivation to get started, but my dopamine reward system definitely came back.

    You are building a new neural network. Think of anything possible to give yourself a little reward, and you will help a lot. Good luck and let us know how you are going.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post

    My story sounds alot like everyone elses...quit weed for 4 days now, after smoking every single day for over 6 years...there was a 2 month period in between there when i was travelling that i went without but back home i was able to source weed for FREE and function in normal society. im a 24 year old female, i have friends i can hold down a job and im 2nd year university doing fine. the worst bit is that no one knows, no one realises.....my friends , we all used to smoke hardcore together, most grew out of it, some remain the same..but i got worse...i have anxiety normally but since quiting i havent strangly enough but i am just really fkn bored and sad...i guess i used weed to reward myself for everything, to escape from a shit day, i use it and i get excited, i like planning my days around that satisfying bong at the end of the day. However, the last few months , i began not to feel , anything...this is not depression...ive had depression before, this was numbness. music sounded the same, i never craved food i was even beyond the munchies. i want to feel again, i want to connect properly with people without substances and i dont want addiction to rule my life. this is my decision for quitting and im happy with it , but i cant deny the sadness i feel, like ive lost a good mate that was always there for me and understood. Im finding it hard to cope around the usual stoner situations so im avoiding them which leaves me here...reading forums/blogs to feel im not alone. im also reallllly over people saying its not addictive. im studying nursing and i know it is perhaps not physically addictive ( thank god...) but it is psychologically no doubt about it im living proof, any habit that takes over your life you will withdraw from, for whatever reason. Physical symptoms can come from quitting, i cant sleep, my dreams arnt even good lucid ones, they are scattered and not nice in general. Im mainly just sad. thank you for everyone for sharing, i hope my story helps people too..a small tip for anyone trying/thinking about quitting, write down why you are doing it, so when you are in a moment of weakness, you can see those words and not justify smoking again....besides i dont want to relive these 4 days thats for sure...i know my happines will return and i cant wait to lose that pang of addiction and know NOTHING can control me and that will beat any cone ive had im sure of it. maybe ill take it up again when im 50 but until i achieve everything i want in life, i dont want to wake up one day and realise my life went up in smoke and a haze of would be dreams. good luck everyone..choose YOU. xx
    Love this post. Can relate to this. I am also a 24 year old female who has smoked since a teenager. Over the last few months I have smoked way to much due to a trauma in my life. On day 12 now almost day 13. Feel lost on a daily basis, can't plan anything as I just want to take things one day at a time. Hopefully it will get easier every day because at the moment I just feel like I'm living in a bubble.

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    Hi Soph,

    Good for you for quitting! 12 days is great but it will take more time to feel better. It is a progressive process. Taking things one day at a time is good for now. Try to ocupy your mind with things on a daily basis. Many people on here talk about distracting/keeping the mind occupied. I think it's a good thing.

    For assistance with finding a reputable and accredited Marijuana Rehab Service Provider in the USA you can call the US Government’s FREE SAMHSA’s National Helpline on:

    1-800-662-HELP (4357)

    Hang in there and let us know how you are doing!
    All the best,

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