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Thread: Life without pot feels profoundly BORING now... is this common? Will it pass?

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    Default Pondering

    Hey stoner fam. Iíve been smoking senior year in h.s. Iím 27 now. Itís been a while.. I know.. recently went out to hike with a couple jís Rolled up and got stopped in NJ. For a little bit of weed had to pay a major fine and going to get drug tested.. doesnít exactly seem justifiable to a guy just trying to hike and smoke a joint with Mother Nature, but then again a lot of things now a days donít seem equivalent. On my 6th day now, and have to agree with the original thread, life is dull as shit sometimes. Hear me out, itís not all of it. For example I never smoked during work or when I had plans to do something I know I wouldnít enjoy doing high. But itís the off days and the free time. Boy o boy does it seem blunt. No pun. I guess weed was just a really good past time for me. It made being just that much easier. Still have decent friends that ask to go drinking, but I was always a stoner never a drinker. I guess I realize tht I was depended on weed in a sense. Not the life or death kinda way but in the sense that, on my free time it was my go to. My drug test is in 2-3 weeks. God knows if Iíll even pass, even though Iím staying sober till the time comes. Iím not to happy that this country is so divided on the weed situation. I mean there a whole coast that legalized it. And on the other coast(east) it seems like itís being treated as a major crazy drug. Smh. Well thatís all I have for now guys. I wish everyone the best of luck if ur trying to stay away from it for whatever reason. And I hope more people get just a bit more lenient towards it.
    Peace and love

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    I am surprised at your situation of being fined for two joints. That seems really harsh and outdated. I'm pretty sure Maine and Massachusetts have recreational now. (I used to live in each of these states). I live in California now which has recreational, and as you say, along with several other western states. I think California has been pretty lenient toward it for years.

    Anyway, maybe this is a good experience for you to be off of it for a while to see the difference. I used cannabis for 20 years almost daily and loved being high. Loved going for walks in the woods, on the beach, etc. Then it turned on me and made me anxious and gave me insomnia. Just screwed up my brain chemistry. I quit about a year and half ago.

    This site is a good place to read about peoples' (bad) experiences with pot. I never realized people out there had such problems with it and withdrawing from it. It's good to know as much as you can about a substance that you are using. I guess most everything in life has good sides and bad.

    Good luck with your ordeal. I hope it turns out well for you!

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    Default 25 days clean... feeling great minus the boredom

    Thanks to everyone for sharing in here. Itís helpful to know so many people have battled with the issues Iím having. I was a very daily smoker for the past 18 years (Iím 36 now) and moved up to concentrates the last few years. I quit because my breathing started to get bad along with my digestion. I finally am starting to feel healthier I can feel my lungs starting to feel better and I find myself gasping for air a lot less. My digestive issues are also starting to clear up a little (terrible reflux).

    I think because it is health related I havenít had that hard a time staying quit, I just kind of made up my mind quit or die so I quit. The withdrawals were super real for the first 3 weeks for me ... tons of sweating, excess mucus, insomnia, complete loss of appetite, jitters.... the works minus headaches.

    I found this thread tonight because Iím just bored. All of the activities that have become part of my daily life are not interesting or fun anymore. Iím faster smarter clearer more energetic ... I mean I feel like an all around better person without weed, but Iím having the hardest time with boredom. Thanks to everyone who commented ideas to get through it... Iíve been exercising more.... but at a certain point I get wore out and when I get home thereís just nothing that feels fulfilling. Everything makes me feel anxious, like I have boundless energy and nothing to do with it. All of my friends are weed heads just like Iíve been forever and all they do is smoke...and it is hard to hang around them. Its sort of weird the perspective change Iíve had ... i realize now just how much weed has made me and my friends all failures at most of life. Iím truly happy to have quit .... Iím just so freaking bored.

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    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but you smoked a long time so you will probably be bored for months.

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    Default I'm 39 now, posted early last year, fell back off the wagon.

    Hey, hope you guys are doing OK, keep it up, it's just more of the same once you fall off, a real pain. To those who are bored, I was clean for a year after 20 years of heavy use only quitting a couple times for 6 months each before, this last time the boredom was not so bad after a few months, but at about the same time I started drinking more regularly, then earlier this year I fell off. I posted before, that I have been working toward a creative career for 15 years and was getting closer, well I'm closer still, but it feels like an impossible dream now, a few years ago I made a pact with myself I was going to get the job I'm after or die trying, I spent all my savings, will be homeless soon, and its starting to seem my only option for the future is going to be the later, I will be surprised if I make it to 40. Moral, I really don't know, maybe that life is just boring, and this thing we like just makes it seem better, and not so crappy, otherwise, why do I always end up back in this situation I really hate, is it all worth it for some freedom away from your own head?, if it was free and socially exceptable Yes, since it's not, I don't know.

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