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Thread: Life without pot feels profoundly BORING now... is this common? Will it pass?

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    26 year pot smoker here- so glad to hear others talking about this!!! Bordem is the # 1 reason I always go back to pot after I quit. I hear a lot of people say things like- well, your body is used to getting the rush from the pot and it eventually produces its own high- maybe. But I have never quit long enough to find that.
    I am currently on day three of a quit (quit 4 days smked three and am now 3 days into a quit) and bordem is the # 1 symptom. Honestly I don't know that I am going to be successful I n quitting. made myself not get any when I knew my connection is away for a week so I force myself to have sme sober time. But I would love to get high right now. Yes it has a lot of problems that go with ti--- but I know when I am getting high all the time I think being sober will be the greatest thing and I will start doing everything I ever wanted to do--- but really I get pretty bored.
    One thing I do miss form being stoned all the time is dreaming though. And I hate being addicted and having to have it, but I love love the feeling of it. sigh.

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    I've been smoking for over 10 years.. I'm 26 now and I want to start a family. Today is this first day I haven't smoked and yes I'm completely bored! I tried finding things to do but nothing interests me. My emotions change drastically every other hour. Like now I want to cry my eyes out because I feel this numbness that just lingers and makes me feel alone. Even though I'm not alone it just feels that way. I would have to say to everyone reading this Stay Strong! I'm going to fight to stay sober but nothing is easy. Wish me luck..

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    Default Quitting

    I completely understand how you all feel. It's been 2 weeks since my last smoke and I've been pushing my friends away cause it just seems so boring. Henceforth I feel alone. I want to smoke, but I know in the long run I need to quit. This helps me a lot you guys. I don't feel so alone since soapy other people feel my pain.

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    I felt that way when I first stopped but now it's like I am seeing things that I was too brain dead to notice before. I started to read again and I haven't done that in awhile because I had no interest in it. My mom is my best friend and she is so happy that I quit doing drugs. She has been keeping me busy and trying to keep me from sitting around doing nothing which is when things get a lot worse for me and I slip back into old thoughts.

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    little over 4 weeks sober here, it starts to fade but I think I've permanently damaged some hobbies for myself. Computer games pot was a huge crutch for me, made the boring parts seem interesting and the fun parts even better. I've recognized that it's a trigger for me, so I haven't really played in the last month at all. Try to find something new to do or something to take your mind off of it. One upside I've found is my concentration is improving and I can actually read books again without zoning out. I don't think I'll ever go back to "normal" but it is slowly improving over time. This is the price we paid for our habit IMO.

    Wow didn't notice how many of us started reading again after quitting, guess that is pretty common.

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    I'm 25 and I've been smoking since 13. I have tried many times to quit but failed because of boredom. Now I've been sober since a little more than a week. I stop because I know it's a non-sense for my health and my brain in the long run. It is difficult like all the other times but this time I think I can make it because I've lost contacts with all my pothead friends and for the first time in years I live alone - free of pothead roomates.

    It is crazy how weed affected my motivation all around. Just a week ago I was spending hours upon hours making music, drawing and doing all creative stuff until I had no time left everyday(until around 1-2 am when waking at 7 for work). Now I have not touched any songs since I stopped. I don't hear the call for it anymore. I feel like going to bed at 10-11 since I'm just wandering, looking for something to do, but nothing seems interesting...
    Reading some people here gave me hope. Tomorrow I will force myself into it and I hope I will enjoy it again sooner or later. Like some said maybe my chemistry has to adjust. On the bright side I'm feeling more motivated to do stuff I was reluctant to do because of time consuption (elaborated diners, cleaning stuff, etc.)

    Thanks for your thoughs, they are giving me hope. I just got to give my brain some time to adjust so I can start enjoying life again like it should be.

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    Hey all, ur1 here,

    You guys both mentioned that you started smoking at a very early age. 13 ? Yeah that's very young. You may have some permanent or very long lasting damage because your brain was not given the chance to develop. I am not a neurologist but I think you are going to have to be extremely patient with yourselves. The boredom, as rose pink mentioned, is due to the fact that your mind hasn't created dopamine on its own in a long time, probably since you were 13 ? Dopamine is what gives you feelings of excitement, enthusiasm, pleasure etc. my best advice is to be patient, just try and hang in there. If you don't smoke today, then today is a good day. Think of it that way. Don't expect too much from yourselves, the damage your brains have sustained will take a really long time to heal, I won't be pessimistic and say it never will. It will, but you are going to have to pay your dues and in your cases it could take many years. The problem is that going back to normal wont be easy because you've never really had a normal. Take it one day at a time, and power through it, try not to dwell on how you feel. You are definitely making the right decision to quit so don't give up!

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    By the way, yes it is extremely common to feel boredom after quitting. I doubt there is any pothead alive who hasn't experienced boredom when they tried to quit. I would probably go so far as to say, any drug addict will experience it.

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    Default Find hobbies

    Here's my theory on it (and I say this with quite a bit of experience being high): when you're high, everything is interesting--even things that would be boring when you're not high. As a result, if you get high a lot, you end up sitting around, watching movies, playing video games, going for walks, just talking with friends, staring at walls, etc. When you're not high, these things aren't enough to keep you entertained. Being high makes it easy. You can just sit around and not be bored.

    So, now that you're not smoking weed, if you continue to do the same things for fun that you did when you were high, they will seem boring. Sitting around watching TV is actually really boring. If you were getting high a lot, then you probably know what to do to entertain yourself in a non-high state. After being high a lot of the time, you're just really out of practice at finding things that are actually entertaining.

    You need to re-learn how to find entertaining things to do. I've got a friend who doesn't drink or do any drugs at all. He has a million hobbies. He's always going mountain biking, or scuba diving or to a concert or something like that. He's always out there doing activities. When he hangs out with friends, he doesn't just sit around with them. He plays a sport or a board game, or multiplayer video games. There's always some kind of active entertainment--not just sitting around. He's not bored in life, but he's not bored because he works hard at not being bored.

    So the answer is to get out there and do things! Go sky diving, take up boxing, whatever it is that you think would be really fun, go out and do it. In a sober state, you can't expect sitting and watching TV to keep you entertained.

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    I've been smoking for 16 years from around 18 to now 34. I get seriously bored without it but I'm nearly at the two week mark since stopping smoking. One week from having a hash cookie. I've had to throw myself into other things to stop getting bored I.e doing exercise, eating better (I ate a lot of junk), relaxing yoga/meditation and not staying up as late. I still don't have any social life (lost touch with most of my friends to choose weed) so watch a lot of tele but have got used to adjusting and now I don't find things as boring as the first few days when I quit. I work during the day so that's not a problem but it's the evenings that get me.

    I read a lot now and go on forums like here to occupy me and I'm slowly adjusting to this new lifestyle without weed and it's really nice. Don't get me wrong, I still love a smoke but I was finding that whenever I smoked I would get very negative feelings inside and would feel really guilty about it. It was also a smokescreen for the fact that I had very little else going on in my life and now I don't have it I can see that there's loads of other stuff I should be doing with my time.

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