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Thread: Life without pot feels profoundly BORING now... is this common? Will it pass?

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    Default Life without pot feels profoundly BORING now... is this common? Will it pass?

    I'm a daily smoker and have had almost no intention of quitting. But, I just got hired for a job that I'm really excited about, both because its something I want to do and because Ive been unemployed for quite a while. As soon as they offered me the job (even though they said it was "contingent on reference checks and a Corre report"), I told everyone I knew about my new job and a lot of people are excited for me. Suddenly, though, while waiting for all the paperwork to process, it occurred to me that, even though they haven't mentioned it, they could hit me with a drug-test before I am able to officially start the job. I would be humiliated and terribly disappointed if I lost this opportunity because I couldn't pass a drug test, so I decided to quit smoking cold-turkey and start flushing my system with lots of water, just in case, figuring that once I'm in the clear I'll smoke again.

    Doesn't sound like it should be that hard, but as soon as I decided to "take a break," I became more aware of how dependent I am on marijuana.

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    The first day I "wasn't going to smoke", I caved as soon as hung out with one of my smoker friends. Then the anxiety about failing the drug test heightened, so I made a firmer resolution. The first day that I REALLY didn't smoke was hard, harder than I expected. I keep reaching for my pipe, longing for it, missing it. Everything seems so profoundly BORING to me. Life seems so dull and bland. Its like all of the vibrant and interesting thoughts I experienced when I was high have been replaced by a dull hum. The colors have turned to gray. I feel like my brain activity is minimal and I'm just shuffling through boring daily activities, without any sense of mental expansion or creative inspiration.

    I'm on day 3. Sucky as it is, its not nearly as bad as when I tried to quit smoking tobacco, because the cravings aren't physical. The nicotine cravings allowed me to talk myself into "just a puff," which of course turned into "just one cigarette" and then I was a smoker again. I remain anxious about the possible drug test, so I am determined not to undermine my chances with this job. But I wonder if what I am experiencing is just withdrawal, or if life without weed really is just much more boring??

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    I feel you man. I'm quitting because i'm realizing my habit is detrimental to every area of my life. If I quit, and quit for good, I KNOW I can excell in everything thats important to me.

    But I'm f*cking bored as hell right now. It's sunday, a beautiful day. No work today. I'm getting over larengitus after being stuck in bed for a week. My body wants to chill i'm not in the mood for running around. I'm tired of my xbox and my friends don't do much but smoke and/or sit around drinking watching movies.

    If I think about it though whenever I got high i'd spend hours literally doing nothing. Just driving around on blaze controll or sitting there swirling around in my own thoughts. Sitting here on my laptop is more constructive than getting high.

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    Before kids, I could not give up pot for this very reason...the boredom drove me nuts..and back to pot. I found nothing else made me happy and time without pot (e.g. time whilst waiting for my next deal to come) seemed to be meaningless. Its still a slight issue now i've given up, but I just dont have the time (phew) to dwell on it. In my opinion, life's not boring, but pot/weed seems to ruin any pleasure and enjoyment it can offer elsewhere..this is my main reason for giving up!! I KNOW life is a wonderful thing yet I could not feel it when stoned. I still struggle, but im only on day 12 now and already starting to feel the slight rumblings of pleasure about something other than pot

    So my advice is..keep going!!!! And, try and think about things you used to enjoy and do them anyway (even if its really hard work to do it) and maybe you'll find in time you are able to actually relax (not tense waiting for next fix) and enjoy it again?! If not the old hobbies, then try something new, anything...lol, just do anything but smoke stuff.

    Sorry for my rambles, just wanted to chime in a little and wish you all the best in your journey (i have no issue with this word, yup used lots, but thats because this really is a trip!)

    GL. Keep us posted
    Warmest wishes
    Earthkid x

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    Hi guys and welcome if I have not welcomed you yet,

    To be honest it is perfectly natural to experience a period of absolute mind numbing monotony for a good while after you quit, part of this is down to your brains chemistry having to readjust and part of it is getting used to your new lifestyle which you have to make a distinct effort to try and rebuild and put new things in its place, if you just sit around and do what you were doing before then it’s going to be absolutely awful and probably isn’t going to get much better, but once you find new things to do that you enjoy and the chemistry of your brain readjusts you will start to enjoy life again.

    All the best,
    Cannabis Rehab Admin

    If you wish to Use then Use, Your Body Your Choice, You're NOT a Criminal and I wish you well!

    My Choice is to be Drug Rehabilitated for 13 years because I Chose to be free from its Control on me!

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    I agree weed tends to suck the joy out of life's simple pleasures. Weed becomes the greatest pleasure

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    You filled your time with weed. You strung your mind out scrapping every little bit of dopamine, serotinin etc out of it daily. Your natural neurochemical levels will re-balance in time. What you have to realise is that before you were boring. You did nothing but smoke weed as your 'activity' (maybe not, I imagine you have hobbies etc but you know what I mean). THAT is dull. Right now I'm filling my time with writing, painting, looking for a new job, seeing non-stoner friends, walking. These are normal activities that are in fact very enjoyable.

    You have to realise that you made everything else seem boring because of weed. But actually...when you smoked...what did you 'do'? What did you achieve? My bet is very little.

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    Default Cant see the light after quitting weed


    My story sounds alot like everyone elses...quit weed for 4 days now, after smoking every single day for over 6 years...there was a 2 month period in between there when i was travelling that i went without but back home i was able to source weed for FREE and function in normal society. im a 24 year old female, i have friends i can hold down a job and im 2nd year university doing fine. the worst bit is that no one knows, no one realises.....my friends , we all used to smoke hardcore together, most grew out of it, some remain the same..but i got worse...i have anxiety normally but since quiting i havent strangly enough but i am just really fkn bored and sad...i guess i used weed to reward myself for everything, to escape from a shit day, i use it and i get excited, i like planning my days around that satisfying bong at the end of the day. However, the last few months , i began not to feel , anything...this is not depression...ive had depression before, this was numbness. music sounded the same, i never craved food i was even beyond the munchies. i want to feel again, i want to connect properly with people without substances and i dont want addiction to rule my life. this is my decision for quitting and im happy with it , but i cant deny the sadness i feel, like ive lost a good mate that was always there for me and understood. Im finding it hard to cope around the usual stoner situations so im avoiding them which leaves me here...reading forums/blogs to feel im not alone. im also reallllly over people saying its not addictive. im studying nursing and i know it is perhaps not physically addictive ( thank god...) but it is psychologically no doubt about it im living proof, any habit that takes over your life you will withdraw from, for whatever reason. Physical symptoms can come from quitting, i cant sleep, my dreams arnt even good lucid ones, they are scattered and not nice in general. Im mainly just sad. thank you for everyone for sharing, i hope my story helps people too..a small tip for anyone trying/thinking about quitting, write down why you are doing it, so when you are in a moment of weakness, you can see those words and not justify smoking again....besides i dont want to relive these 4 days thats for sure...i know my happines will return and i cant wait to lose that pang of addiction and know NOTHING can control me and that will beat any cone ive had im sure of it. maybe ill take it up again when im 50 but until i achieve everything i want in life, i dont want to wake up one day and realise my life went up in smoke and a haze of would be dreams. good luck everyone..choose YOU. xx

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    Dear Guest,
    What you are experiencing is more common then not. When I first quit I lost all interest in everything. For me, that void lasted several months.

    It's been 11 months now and I have renewed my interests in alot of things.


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    Default Bored but stay focused!

    Ive smoked for 16 years and quit cold turkey once before when I became pregnant. Now I got a job in line that Ive alwaysed wanted and would hate to know that I lost it because of this. Failure is not an option. My spouse still smokes daily so there is always a constant reminder there and also with my daily activites like this would include a Joint before bed. Now 8 days clean and counting. Im detoxing and cleasing daily but now my fear is what if they take hair and ive went through all of this and dont have enough time. Im staying positive that I will not fail! Im bored as hell so I write or types on forums like these. Right now I cant do the stuff I use to do lon CPU because it remides me of missing out on my J and Play time.

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    Thumbs up title

    Wow, I didn't realize other people felt the same. I just quit smoking for a job that tests and Idk if I'm even going to pass but I want it. I try playing video games, boring. I try meeting up with an ex girlfriend, probably not the best idea, boring. I try talking to family, boring. I came across this post and I feel a little better. A little hopeful. Thanks to everyone on here.

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