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Thread: Crying - Is this part of the marijuana detox process?

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    Default I'm a cryer now

    Yes to the crying. I'm at day 7 and I'm cried at least 50 times in the past week. I'd just tear up or knot in my throat. It should pass. I'm not too worried. I never cried before. My symptoms are easing up. Inching better day by day. Stick with it, stay strong, you can and will do it. We are here for you. For me the communication and reading of others experience helps especially when anxiety or panic is high. We can all do this.

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    Default So much crying

    Wow, feels good to read people are crying as much as I am. Just like some others here I've only cried a few times in the last decade... I'm on day 15 and cry almost daily if not several times a day! It's usually short and feel some relief after. I'm 36 and was raised in a "men don't cry" house so it's humbling to feel so weak even though our culture is fortunately changing to be much more accepting of men who cry. I quit once before many years ago and had the same crying fits and they did pass so I know this won't continue forever. It feels like forever right now but in the big picture it's not that long. Besides if I do cry a little more moving forward in my life that's ok, it feels good knowing I have emotions again. It's an essential human trait!

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    Default Yes to the Crying

    I started reducing the number of hits, from 7ish hit per high down to 1. Around 5 hits per high my body started to withdrawn and detox. I was getting high every 2-3 hrs, totaling 5-7 highs per day. I was keeping an almost constant high. I lost 45 lbs in that month. The thing that surprised me the most was having full blown, full body, best orgazms ever and crying through it, that freaked my wife out.

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    I'm at 2.5 months sober and the occasional cry will still sneak up on me.

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