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Thread: My Road To Quitting Weed..........For good this time!

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    Default My Road To Quitting Weed..........For good this time!

    Hey guys, im only 18 years old and i've only smoked since I was 15. I don't smoke cigs, and i drink on occassion. However, my weed habit is uncontrollable. Its either i smoke everyday or i don't smoke. I used to sell back in highshool which is probably how i got so bad--being able to smoke as much free weed as you want is deff not good. So anyways not thati have anything against smoking weed its just as if i feel i was raised better than that, my parents always pushed me to strive for my goals and even though i try to keep myself in check its just not enough. I dont want to be a failure in life, im an extremely smart kid and when i dont smoke weed i get all A's in college no problem. however, wen i smoke weed im so lazy that it affects me some way or another and i have to put in double the effort just to attain a B average. in the 3 1/2 years that i've smoked the longest i've went was 3 weeks, that was about two months ago, i smoked with my friends and i was asking myself why i even liked it that much- it just wasn't the same. ofcourse thats it for me, once that streak of say 3 weeks is broken i dont have anything to look forward to and keep me motivated because i eventually get bored and give in and go right back to whhere i was within a week. I recently just ended a relationship withh a girl that lasted a month and i tried almost a whole year to get her. long story short we mutually agreed to end it because of a big ass pointless fight (shes a year younger and still in highschool they like to play mind games) so anyways, shes deff. the cutest girl ive ever got and i still want her back but i told myself i cant let her play games with me. SOO one of the huge motivations i got right now to quit smoking is to focus on finding even a hotter ***** than her, also for working out and school.

    For assistance with finding a reputable and accredited Marijuana Rehab Service Provider in the USA you can call the US Government’s FREE SAMHSA’s National Helpline on:

    1-800-662-HELP (4357)

    Just wanted to give a little background info about me guys, i love talking with people about my problems that understand and can relate it really helps me cope. please feel free to comment and give me that motivation i need to be done for GOOD this time

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    You said it yourself, you get better marks at school when you are clean and you are a smart kid. If you really are smart, you know that you need to stay clean before you can hope to have a genuine relationship with anyone. I think you can do it.

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    You sound like a mini-me! How's it going?
    C_M xx

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