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Thread: Quit smoking cigarettes and marijuana at the same time, Help me. I'm falling apart.

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    Default Quit smoking cigarettes and marijuana at the same time, Help me. I'm falling apart.

    Sorry if this is a little scattered, but thats just how my brain is functioning at this period in time. nevertheless, i sincerely appreciate you taking the time to read this.

    Just over a month ago, i decided i was going to take control of my health and drop my addictions. it felt like the best decision of my life. now its starting to feel like my worst. my mind is ripping apart at its seams. i know many people don't think that these two substances are substancial as far as addiction goes, but i must say i disagree.

    Ever since i have quit, i have been an emotional and physical wreck. i am constantly tired, always out of it, and have changing levels of anxiety and depression. it feels like my mind is in total shock. Every day i still feel like i am stoned and/or half asleep, which i can only relate to being de-realization issues from my mind being is such a state of chemical shock. and i must say its the worst feeling ever. i have been to numerous doctors who have checked me out physically and say im perfectly healthy, so im guessing my issues lie solely inside of my brain. I haven't been able to get into a psychologist yet, but that is my next step.

    Day to day for the past month, when i wake up from my night of sleep...i never really wake up. i'm in a dull/fuzzy/sad/stoned state of mind all day, even when i try to pull myself out of it, which in turn makes me feel anxious and depressed. my mind continuously races, stressing me out to the point of tears. i feel like i will never escape this feeling it feels weird to go outside, the sunlight hurts my eyes. i don't hang out with anybody, and i don't do anything because i can't seem to muster up the energy..all i want to do is sleep, and even sleep is horrifying, filled with the most horrid nightmares i've ever had (to the point of waking up crying)

    For assistance with finding a reputable and accredited Marijuana Rehab Service Provider in the USA you can call the US Government’s FREE SAMHSA’s National Helpline on:

    1-800-662-HELP (4357)

    I feel alone in this I've scanned the internet in hopes of finding someone like myself with similar experiences, but have only been able to find a few relatable things

    I need help, but i cant find any
    De-realization is painful it mixes badly with OCD and hypochondriasis(which i do have) and makes me feel like i have some deadly disease like mad-cow disease or some shit, which in turn makes me anxious and depressed as well( its a vicious, vicious cycle)

    Has anyone been here before? does anybody have some helpful, reassuring words of wisdom? GOD i could use it right now.

    Long story short i've quit my demons, and De-realization(if thats what it is) is making me go crazy. i feel like im stuck in this forever. and i can't find help.

    sorry if this is all choppy and doesn't make sense, i tried really hard to right this. tears have been coming down my face the whole time, and yet i still feel like there are a million words that i dont know how to say

    If you have taken the time to read this, you have done more than most, and i thank you for that

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    Dear N1k0Gf3En,
    All these symptom are common with withdrawal.
    Just know, it will get better and eventually you will live your life without them.

    Try taking walks, even though you don't want to.

    Please keep posting!


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    no you are not alone and I have gone through this 6 months ago but I am not normal and better than ever. My mind was going crazy too but everyone has their own specific symptoms, I have also met people with some of the same ones you have (depression, crying spells) but mine were more anxiety and panic attacks.

    The main thing is you will be find within months, but you will get better slowly just hang in there and read some of the posts in http://www.forummatters.com/forums/s...-symptoms-last

    your not alone!

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    Thank you so much for this. I'm going through the same thing and this has helped so much. I wanna add to spend time with a loved one it has helped me like nothin else.

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