Hey Mxfy,
apologies for the late reply, I was not in a great place myself last night, so I couldn't support you, but I am here now. Are you willing to do some work?!
you are right about the 'dopamine science' - that is exactly what is going on with the anhedonia. The most practical way through it is to stimulate your dopamine reward system in other ways. It can be hard when 'nothing feels good' to actually consider other small things that could make you feel good, but here are some suggestions:
-a few songs that you absolutely love,
-a warm shower,
-burning incense,
-a cup of lush fragrant tea,
-a jog around the park,
-patting a dog or going to a dog rescue shelter and patting a dog,
-watching cute cat or dog videos on the internet,
-watching a stand up comedy skit from your favourite comedian,
-the very act of 'smiling' (if you actually turn your mouth into a smile and hold it there for a few seconds, it will actually send a message to your brain that you are happy),
-a swim in the ocean or the pool,
-turning the cold water on in the shower for a cold blast, etc.

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It is not an exhaustive list, but the number of times that your dopamine (reward system) gets stimulated the easier it will get to find joy and motivation in everyday things and activities.

It is great to hear you are doing yoga and meditation. I think that is really positive and will help you a lot.
I know exactly what you mean about 'getting started' too. I find that sometimes with work, even now. Sometimes I can change up the perspective a little, but doing the 'easiest' thing first. If you have a task that needs to be done, I find it can be helpful to break this down into tasks and then work backwards from the easiest task to the hardest. Also, if you can change your perception by looking at a piece of art, reading a blog article or doing something to distract yourself from the fact that you 'don't want to start' you might find it easier to then take that first step. From what I have found though, the best course of action is simply to 'force myself' to do the task. I used to find this with washing my dishes or cleaning my house. Often, I really don't 'want' to do this and as you say 'starting is the hardest part', but I find that once I am absorbed in the activity it is not nearly so bad, and so I have learnt to just suck it up and do the thing that I don't want to do, because it will get easier.

I wish you all the very best with your recovery. Keep going!! It is so worth it to be free :-) I will never go back. I am 100 % sure of that. Life is sooooo much better without cannabis. It just takes time and you need to rewire your brain. Good luck!
Alice :-)