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Thread: i was quit weed for two weeks and relapsed last night how do i stay quit?

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    Default i was quit weed for two weeks and relapsed last night how do i stay quit?

    hey guys, i was quit weed for two weeks and last night the cravings got the beter of me i knew that if i made one call i could have it and it would make me feel better at least for the time being. and i woke up today and i feel so dissapointed in myself and regret what i did. its just sometimes i cant handle the withdrawl symptoms so i say **** it and go get one. my question is is there any advice you guys can give me to try and lessen the need for smoking? or any pills that might help . your advice would be appreciated at this point i feel totally helpless to my addiction...i cant believe two weeks of progress just so i can **** it up again....

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    Hi daniepkj2012 and welcome,

    It can be tough, very tough for some people in fact and in many respects it is just a matter of time, it’s a bit like getting better from an illness you just have to whether the storm, the trouble is you can relieve the symptoms by relapsing which is obviously what makes it so hard.

    There are supplements that are designed to ease the kind of withdrawal symptoms many people experience when quitting marijuana, but being as one of them is our forums main sponsor at present we try and avoid discussing specific brands as we do not want to appear as if we are showing any kind of favourable bias towards or just trying to promote our current sponsor, so you will have to research this area yourself really but I am sure you will have no trouble finding such things. Oh and obviously psychiatric medication like anti depressants some may find can also relieve such symptoms, however obviously not everybody wants to go down such a route unless they are having an especially tough time.

    All the best,
    Cannabis Rehab Admin

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    iv noticed a lot of people on here saying to not take sugar. i would like to know more about why this is the case? sugar free life sounds good in general and am happy to do this regardless, but am wondering what the connection is with detox and cravings?? walking off the cravings is traditionally what i do when i get real anxious about it all. im a sucker for just getting a little bit for the night, then waking up guilty and disappointed in myself the next day. what i do like about giving up (once past the initial sleep deprivation), is waking up without bong-overs. i try to focus on some positives about what i like about not smoking. i also have a pile of things i would like to do (e.g. read books, volunteer work, calling friends on my phone, start a vegie patch, yoga, etc) but i dont cos i get wasted all the time and then cant. brain works well on reinforcing it with rewards, so rewarding yourself for not giving in will eventually trick the brain into thinking it would rather not smoke. however, the reward has to be healthier option and not another drug preferably. chatting on CannabisRehab.org and reading post also helps subside feelings like you cant do it. good luck

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