I been keepin my self that busy i been unable to keep updatin my progress but pleased to say i still ant caved and apart from a tense headache and been short tempered recently im doin goood. (Its only fare i stress wiv in reason cos theres four childrrn in this family so its obviously gonna rattle me a bit) ive cooked a bbq for more then ten people today as well as paintin my garden fence so now im shattered. Anyways ive taken up joggin yesterday so i slept great last night.
Its weird bcos last time i tried to stop i struggled real bad felt crap and couldnt sleep at all hardly. This time round seems so much easier not sure if its bcos i new what to expect or just bcos im so fed up of smokin ten spliffs a day average whilst off work. Either way still a fare way to go hope every1 else is keepin strong. N good luck to all.

Just remember its worth quitin for every reason possible.

For assistance with finding a reputable and accredited Marijuana Rehab Service Provider in the USA you can call the US Government’s FREE SAMHSA’s National Helpline on:

1-800-662-HELP (4357)